May 1, 2000

Movie Review: Down Austin Lane


Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Lane Fuller, Austin, Nino Bacci, Clint Cooper, Alex Wilcox, Tom Adams, Luke Savage, Luke Sabre, Dean Phoenix, Chad Savage, Dillon Pierce, Shane Rockford, David.

Austin isn’t the first gay man to need therapy, and he surely won’t be the last. But in Down Austin Lane, the blue-eyed cutie is dealing with all sorts of issues related to his repressed sexual thoughts and desires. And for some reason, he’s convinced they are related to his forgotten past lives. That’s why he seeks out the help of Dr. Nino (Bacci). When he tells Nino that he wants to have a “normal life”—you know, a wife, kids and a house—the studly shrink decides to attempt regression therapy. This process forces Austin to dig deep within himself, and somehow he winds up as Lane Fuller giving head in a San Diego peep show!

The doppelgänger that is Austin/Lane begins in this first sex scene and continues throughout the movie, right down to the title. (Get it?) And while it may not make a whole lot of sense, when the guy you’re sucking off is Clint Cooper, who cares? Fluffy Fuller and big daddy Cooper go at it, and they even manage to draw a crowd, enticing a fine selection of gay stereotypes from their booths. There’s a sailor (Luke Savage), a businessman (Luke Sabre) and what appears to be a Latino migrant worker (David). And together, they provide a memorable fiveway. Fuller mostly sucks Cooper’s cock while the others jack off. Then Cooper flips him over and eats his lovely butt before fucking it. The Village People rejects shoot appreciatively on Fuller’s back, then he and Cooper jerk off together. Cooper’s cum shot is explosive, to say the least.

But where does this leave poor, psychotic Austin? He is still having those “odd feelings,” which lead him to a video store where he purchases a gay-porn tape (bearing, in a bit of tacky self-promotion, the All Worlds logo). Back at home, he pops in the tape and proceeds to fall asleep. Once again he turns into Fuller, who this time is blowing Alex Wilcox. (Hey, no fair! Austin’s former self gets to have all the fun.) Wilcox feeds Fuller his large cock, then he fucks him in numerous positions on a tasteful beige couch. (Guess Lane likes to keep things all in the family; in Falcon’s recent FULLFilled, his lover, Kevin Williams, was also fucked by Wilcox—and a large dildo at the same time.) Eventually, Wilcox shoots on Fuller’s pretty face while the blond beauty does it himself.

At this point, we learn that Dr. Nino is having some problems of his own. He confesses to his boyfriend (newcomer Dillon Pierce) that he feels sexually and emotionally connected to Austin. Dillon tries to be supportive, but he’s too busy rushing Nino out of the house to really care. He is waiting to indulge in a fiveway of his own. The action quickly cuts to Pierce blowing Shane Rockford, which turns into an all-out orgy in the yard. Tom Adams plays with himself seductively in the pool, while All Worlds exclusive Dean Phoenix (pictured, top) gets busy with Chad Savage. Pretty soon, Phoenix has his legs in the air and, in the scene’s highlight, all the guys take turns eating his perfect ass. Then, they pound Pierce and cum on him. This is another group scene that gets high marks. Two hot fiveways in one film is really an embarrassment of riches.

Finally, we get back to Austin, who is about to embark on the next stage of treatment with Dr. Nino when he realizes that he is looking for answers to “an unsolvable riddle.” He decides that his gay tendencies are normal after all and Bacci’s balls are what he needed all along. Throwing his professionalism to the wind, the good doctor proceeds to give Austin a good fucking. And the blond smoothie returns the favor, playing flip-flop in this sensual scene that is probably one of Austin’s best. In the past, although he boasts a chiseled face and a gorgeous body, Austin hasn’t always been the most exciting performer, but in his sole sex scene in Austin Lane, he is actually quite animated. It’s too bad the same can’t be said for his acting; his speaking voice is flatter than a board, and his performance rarely rises above wooden. But you can’t have everything. When he and Bacci shoot simultaneously, they are sweaty and exuberant, and in a porn movie, that is what counts.

Down Austin Lane comes complete with a surprise ending, which we won’t spoil. Well, actually, we wouldn’t mind spoiling it, if only we could figure it out. No matter, director Chi Chi LaRue has delivered another fine fuck flick. There is just enough story to keep our interest, and more than enough hot men and steamy sex to get us going. Austin Lane is one street we wouldn’t mind cruising down. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from Unzipped magazine (2000)

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