August 31, 2009

Short Takes: Jarics Hit a High Note…and More

Falcon Studios’ exclusive fun couple Aden and Jordan Jaric (above) are expanding their artistic horizons—or they have put out a dance track anyway. Who knew they could sing?! But it seems that after meeting drag diva RuPaul and hanging with her buds Tom and Ben at Triads Music Recording, the pair decided to cut a song titled “Hit Me Up.” Hey, it beats spending their time getting unnecessary cosmetic surgery. The duo also stars (and swaps undies) in Falcon’s latest, Dripping Wet 2. The single is available on iTunes now.…Pacific Sun Entertainment and Diamond Pictures have announced the release of their new bodybuilder movie. Shot on location at a real gym, Sex Trainers 1 & 2 is the latest epic from director Csaba Borbély. It stars his usual cast of Hungarian gym gods, including Mad Stefano, Ron Jammer, Nicola Delacruz, Justin Angel and Eduardo Mendez. The three-disc set features a full feature, a solo Muscle Sex Workout (sounds like fun!) and extras, such as outtakes, bloopers, interviews and more. For more information, visit…He’s baaacckkkk! Even though Jason Adonis (below) recently swore that he was done with the jizz biz, now Jet Set Men is saying that they lured the studly porn star out to Los Angeles last week to film two scenes, one a solo and another in which he topped Dakota Rivers (his DVD bottoming debut, in case anyone is keeping track). Adonis also sat for an in-depth interview—all this for the upcoming Jason Adonis: Unseen, which follows the popular Brett Mycles: Unseen compilation. Hmmm, maybe he’ll explain himself in that interview. “Jason started in porn as a hot, young muscular kid,” Jet Set head Chris Steele says. “Now he’s come back a man—ripped, shredded and hairy-chested!” The collection, which features reedited and digitally remastered versions of some of Adonis’s best scenes for the studio, will be released this fall. For more, visit

August 28, 2009

Movie Review: Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiatti Twins


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Peter Shadow, Enrico Bellagio, Fernando and Fabrizio Mangiatti, Flavio Valentino, Jack Laurel, Fabian Vincenzo, Rick Bauer, Steve Hunt.

It’s back to Budapest for Lucas and his crew. This time, he brings along the Mangiatti twins (Fernando and Fabrizio) to headline a major scene that is the centerpiece of this installment. But first, Rick Bauer snoozes while his buddy Peter Shadow decides to play with his rump. Of course, this awakens Bauer and begins a hot 69 session. These two flexible models even manage to do some 69 ass eating! Shadow tops (some great deep penetration shots here), and both guys jack in the end. Next, Flavio Valentino distracts Jack Laurel from his book with some cock sucking, which leads to a nice flip-flop fuck and Valentino being the taker of the loads.

But the main scene involves hairy Steve Hunt getting very intimate with the Mangiatti twins—and with them getting very intimate with each other. The scene starts with a sloppy threeway kiss that lasts way too long and feels way too icky if you stop to think about the bro’s relationship. But the duo soon moves on to blowing Hunt in perfect harmony, then he stuffs his mouth full of twin cock. They both go bottom’s up so Hunt can eat their identical holes. He even does double shrimping duty! It’s kinda creepy the way the twins move in unison, and the scene has a very staged and choreographed feel to it. There is no spontaneity in the action or among the performers. Hunt administers a double dildo up the guys’ asses and they moan together. Lucas enters the scene, perfectly lit and looking like a dream. He tops one of the pair while Hunt does the other. And they all shoot on one twin—don’t ask us which. Bonus disc includes a brief pissing scene, cast interviews (the twins admit to Jonathan Vargas that they do steroids) and behind the scenes of the brothers getting their holes prepped for that dildo. Mama must be so proud. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

Movie Review: Derec’s Dilemma


Director: Edward James.
Cast: Derec Stone, Ty Colt, Marcus Steel, Cody Summers, Travis Hardman, Gabe Tyner.

Derec’s Dilemma ain’t exactly Sophie’s Choice. Muscle hunk Derec Stone’s big decision in this film from director Edward James centers around who he’s gonna screw at his bachelor party. Will it be the skanky stripper hired by best man Ty Colt? Or, when she won’t put out for the agreed-upon fee, will it be his accommodating bud Gabe Tyner? But before the groom gets to have his fun, his friends prep for the big night. Tyner and Cody Summers blow up balloons while Colt goes on a beer run, but soon both men are blowing straight guy Ty. Gabe sucks him in the kitchen, which leads to a dull, by-the-numbers fuck. Summers gets his fill of Colt cock in the bathroom, and does a much better job on the bottom. He moans appreciatively while riding cowboy style, and he also takes a nice cum facial.

Later, at the party, Southern stud Marcus Steel gets horned up by all the action that Stone has been promised, so Summers helps by sucking him and husky Travis Hardman, too. Cody bends over for Travis and takes more jizz from both. The final scene has Stone and his guests screening a porn movie, which inspires Summers to suck and bottom once again—after the other guys politely excuse themselves so the groom can get his nut.

The lame dialogue seems mostly improvised, and the party sequence, in which each guest toasts Derec, goes on longer than Benjamin Button. But Stone and Colt have gorgeous bodies (and both have been snatched up for exclusive contracts with Jet Set Men and Falcon Studios, respectively, since this film was shot), and if they’re not the greatest performers yet, those well-muscled physiques go a long way. Extras include behind-the-scenes footage in which Colt gives a shout-out to his girlfriend. So much for typecasting. (Edward James Productions/Pure Play Media)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

August 27, 2009

New Release: Jesse Santana Collector’s Edition

Porn star Jesse Santana is back in bed with Jet Set Men, at least for the new Jesse Santana Collector’s Edition, a definitive compilation of Santana’s award-winning work during his years as an exclusive for the studio. “Without a doubt, Jesse Santana is and has been the most talented and popular bottom in gay porn in the last few years,” Jet Set head honcho Chris Steele says. And he would know—Steele directed Santana in many of his best Jet Set movies.

Included in the set is Santana’s 2008 GAYVN award-winning performance for Best Threesome (along with Jason White and Nickolay Petrov) from Just Add Water and the final scene from the Chris Steele-Chad Donovan blockbuster On Fire! with porn superstar Dean Phoenix. The Collector’s Edition also includes two scenes each from Ass Cruisin’ and Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2, as well as a scene with then-real-life partner Guy Parker in The F Word.

Santana, who is currently under exclusive contract with, will appear in a scene with Ben Bradley in Chris Steele’s new movie, Tackle. “Ben and Jesse have hot, angry sex in the locker room, which gets a rough-and-tumble movie off to a roaring start,” Steele adds.

Jet Set Men has also begun a key business alliance with Jesse’s Boys, the new modeling agency that Santana recently launched. “We are proud to announce that we were the first company to book a model with Jesse’s Boys,” Jet Set CEO Nick Boyias says. “We think that Jesse’s Boys has started with a fabulous roster of models and we have no doubt he will continue to scout out the best guys in the business. We wish him all the success in the world!”

For more information, visit

August 26, 2009

Web Watch: Jason Sparks Launches New Site

Porn star Jason Sparks has announced the launch of his new Web site, The gay adult producer-director-model and founder of Jason Sparks Entertainment has appeared in numerous films over the past few years, including Lucas Entertainment’s Gigolo and its stinky Farts! Lately, he has been busy filming new content in Atlanta following a recent U.S. tour. “Fans of fiery adult action will definitely get a jolt out of this new material,” Sparks says. “The fresh new content on the site is the hottest we could put out and features some of the sexiest, most seductive guys working today. And we will surprise members with some fresh new faces and bodies as well.”

Subscribers to the site get unlimited access to all content, including full privileges to six sites in the Jason Sparks Entertainment lineup, including content from the man himself. The models are handpicked by Sparks and his team for their good looks and, er, “special talents,” and the site, which is updated weekly, currently features more than 20 hot new performers who have worked for top studios. The original scenes are shot by Sparks and his crew and feature cutting-edge sound and production qualities. Members will also have access to live performer Webcams and an exclusive porn entertainment blog.

“Going into this, I wanted to make sure that the content we created for our subscribers was top-notch,” Sparks adds. “Today’s adult Web entertainment fans are on the lookout for the highest-quality entertainment and that is exactly what we are giving them.”

For more information, visit

August 25, 2009

News: Kyle King Renews Hot House Contract

Long live the King! Hot House exclusive Kyle King has decided to renew his contract with the San Francisco–based studio for another year and a half. “His skills as a truly versatile performer and his fresh good looks made him an instant fan favorite,” studio chief Steven Scarborough says. “We quickly signed him to a contract and cast him in our high-end Hot House movies and his career has taken off.”

The studly King started out working in scenes for Hot House’s Web site and soon moved on to featured roles in films such as King Size (bottoming for Dean Phoenix), Locker Room, Trunks 5 and Wood Work. He also won a Grabby Award for Best Newcomer. His recent releases include Skuff 4: Downright Fierce and Movers ’N Shakers. For more information, visit

August 24, 2009

Short Takes: Best of Dean Phoenix…and More

Porn superstar Dean Phoenix recently returned to the fold with two online scenes for Jet Set Men’s Straight Edge Web site. Now Channel 1 Releasing is hearing the cry of Phoenix fans worldwide and treating them to the stud’s first-ever compilation. Dean starred in 16 films as an All Worlds Video exclusive after he was discovered by director Dirk Yates in the late 1990s, and The Best of Dean Phoenix brings together scenes from some of the finest, including Diggin’ Deep, Spiked, Untamed and his memorable performance as a military man in 1999’s God, Was I Drunk (still love that title!). Some of his co-stars include a who who’s of gay porn’s top stars of the past, such as Joey Hart, Zach Richards, Drew Peters, Spike and Nick Young. In other Best of… news, porn legend Joey Stefano (who passed in 1994) is getting similar treatment from the studio. His collection features scenes from classics such as Billboard, Hard Steal and Man of the Year. For more information on both films, visit… is hitting the airwaves—or Vince is anyway! Journalist Vincent Lambert has been booked as a guest on The Derek and Romaine Show on Wednesday, September 2, in the 7 pm hour. You read the latest gay porn gossip here every day, and next week you’ll be able to hear it live on Sirius OutQ 109. Vince will also be taking phone calls from crazed porn fans with burning questions, so be sure to listen in and dial up!…Porn star Zack Randall wrote to us last week to set the record straight. It seems that our item (and every other gay porn blogger’s item) about the breakup of his relationship with longtime boyfriend Derek Rivero was not accurate. It turns out that it was simply the work of some evil unnamed porn studio that forced Derek to make and post that infamous video on YouTube. (Did they also make him act like one of the Stepford Wives?) “Most of its content if not all was fabricated by external influences other than Zack and myself,” Derek says in an exclusive interview with our blog buddy Marc Wynter at The cute couple showed up together (below) at the Freshman of the Year party thrown for Zack by Unzipped Media in honor of his new title last week in Los Angeles. So it must be true! To read Zack’s side of the story, visit

August 21, 2009

Movie Review: Straight Studs Stroking


Director: David Daju.
Cast: Vin Sin, Scorpio, Kyle Stone, Jamie Blue, Jay Walker, Brandon Lakes, Jake Wolfe, Johnnie Carvajal, Peter Michaels.

All nine models in Straight Studs Stroking make a point of saying just how straight they are, but since when do heterosexuals tweeze their eyebrows, dye their hair and shave off their pubes? No matter, at least most of the guys here fulfill the “stud” part of the title. Cleverly named Vin Sin (or he seems to think so anyway) has a smooth, taut physique that the camera lovingly lingers over, giving viewers plenty of time to admire it—and perhaps take their attention away from his weird greasy hair. Scorpio is a scrawny Latino who thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Too bad this is gay porn. Next, Jamie Blue does a cheesy striptease that might pass at a Chippendale’s audition but is less than a turn-on here. The rest of the crew pretty much performs standard jack-off scenes, with the exception of sexy real-guy Brandon Lakes (below), who has a natural furry body, pierced nips and leaks tons of pre-cum, showing just how excited he is to be filming his standout solo. Model Johnnie Carvajal is more, er, mature than the others, but he is also hung big and delivers a violent orgasm for the camera. Chicago-based Corkscrew Media Group and director David Daju seem committed to producing quality porn, but these Studs, regardless of their sexual orientation, can only take them so far. (Corkscrew Media Group)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

August 20, 2009

Web Watch: Lucas Launches Men of Israel Site

Lucas Entertainment is winning kudos—and might even have a shot at a GAYVN Award if they have a show next year—for the highly publicized Men of Israel. Now, the New York–based studio has launched, the official homepage of the controversial hit movie. The site features exclusive content, including director Michael Lucas’s production blog from the film that was shot on location in Israel with an all-Jewish cast, behind-the-scenes video clips and images, and profiles and photo galleries of the stars. (Lucas liked two of the models so much that he’s already signed cast member Jonathan Agassi and Lucas look-alike Matan Shalev to exclusive contracts.)

The two-disc, five-scene release, which has received mainstream coverage from New York Press and The Los Angeles Times (which erroneously dubbed Lucas a “former porn actor”—ooppss!) and was even debated on the Chelsea Lately show on the E! network, started as a personal project for the Russian auteur. “I travel to Israel at least twice every year,” Lucas says, “and I knew that Israel would provide a group of gorgeous newcomers and breathtaking vistas to film in. This is an important film not only for our industry, but also for Israel itself.”

And the movie has proven to be so popular that Lucas has announced his return for another major shoot on location in the country. The feature, titled Inside Israel, will begin shooting in October and will include models from around the world.

In other Lucas news, the company is expanding its international presence by opening an office in Paris. The headquarters in France will serve as a central location for production services, including casting, filming and promotions. The first film, Paris Playboys, was shot there last month. Stateside, Lucas himself bid on and won a walk-on part on the TV series Ugly Betty during a charity auction for the Stonewall Community Foundation. He is expected to film his spot, which will air this fall, soon. For more information, visit and

August 19, 2009

Guy Candy: Ryan Russell

Who the hell is Ryan Russell? And how did he get such a sweet butt? It turns out that the Canadian cutie is new to the industry. He recently started tweeting and launched his own Web site, Now the 29-year-old Toronto native has landed parts in two upcoming Titan Media productions. We always knew that Canada has some hot porn stars—Pierre Fitch (the exciting blogger who is now practicing to be a DJ when he’s not eating sushi), Jeremy Hall and Eddie Stone all come to mind—but a whole new crop seems to be emerging with Russell and precocious teenager Jeremy Feist, who is also a wiz on Twitter and in the kitchen. Check out his yummy antics at Oh, and we love how polite those Canucks are too!

August 18, 2009

News: David Anthony Signs With Titan Media

Lat week it was JR Matthews, this week Titan Media is announcing the signing of David Anthony to an exclusive multi-year contract. The 41-year-old model will make his debut in the upcoming Eye Contact, followed by another Brian Mills–directed film, Toolbox. Next, the fetish top will star in the third installment in Titan’s Rough fetish line titled Bound and Beaten, which will be released at Folsom Street Fair in September.

“I remember seeing David on the cover of Men magazine,” director Brian Mills says. “I thought he was one of the hottest men to ever grace their cover. When David approached us, he made it clear that he wasn’t interested in working with any other studios. He loves the men we feature in our movies and the kind of aggressive play they engage in. Working with David is a lot of fun, because he’s such a nice and intelligent man. He has the kind of confidence that only a mature man can have. He’s also a complete exhibitionist and pig. This guy walks around nude all the time. It’s distracting! This guy is going to be very popular!”

Anthony says, “I decided to join with TitanMen for a few reasons. Personally, I find that TitanMen films are the best in the industry. Meeting with the TitanMen team for the first time gave me a positive impression about their organization. Lastly, actually working with them was a great experience and I’m looking forward to more work in the future.” For more information, visit

August 17, 2009

Short Takes: Hello, Levi…and More

The guys at Unzipped Media know a good op—photo and otherwise—when they see it. Following a week in which he whored himself out to Kathy Griffin for the Teen Choice Awards and an appearance on The Larry King Show, Levi Johnston (above) stated in an interview on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live that he would be willing to get naked if the dollars were there. In the blink of an eye, the publishers of Men, Freshmen and Unzipped magazines whipped up a letter and extended an invitation to the notorious youth who made former vice-presidential candidate (and overall nuisance) Sarah Palin a grandmother. If they have their way, Levi will pose for a cover story and a full nude photo layout. “We’re thrilled by the opportunity of having Levi Johnston pose for Unzipped magazine,” says Rick Andreoli, new executive editor for Unzipped Media. “The gay community’s outpouring of support and adoration for Levi Johnston has been loud and clear since he burst onto the political scene last fall.” Unzipped took a similar tact with embattled intern Beau Breedlove in the May issue of the best-selling mag. Let’s hope hunting man Levi will put down his shotgun long enough to unzip for the cameras. Think that will further annoy train wreck Palin? You betcha!…It’s been two years since Raging Stallion stud JD Slater released some new music. His last album, Naked, was a mix of tribal beats and exotic rhythms. Now Slater has refined his focus for a new project titled Western Skies and Eyes of Blue. The music on his 10th collection mirrors his earlier works in its emotional intensity. Slater—who wrote, arranged, produced and mixed—says that the album’s musical roots lie “somewhere between Joshua Tree and Burning Man” (whatever that means!). For more information, visit…To maximize awareness for its new Dripping Wet 2 sequel, Falcon Studios has unveiled a micro site that is inspired by the popular Adidas Jersey Swap. Only the models here are swapping undies and are totally naked! The underwear in the second installment of the Wet series was provided by /baskit/, so seemed like the perfect tie-in. “This partnership is a win-win situation for all of us,” says Falcon’s director of promotion Troy Prickett. The all-sex film was shot in Palm Springs and features Aden and Jordan Jaric, TJ Hawke, Turk Mason, Spencer Reed, Bobby Clark, Jason Pitt and Heath Anthony. Falcon exclusive Erik Rhodes (if he’s an exclusive, then how come he just shot a solo scene for Randy Blue? Just asking!) did behind-the-scenes material for the DVD extras. For more information, visit and

August 14, 2009

Movie Review: My Brother’s Hot Friend, Vol. 3


Director: Jim Steel.
Cast: Victor Steele, Jason Michaels, Marcos David, Nash Lawler, Emilio Sands, Tommy Defendi, Jack Ryan, Marcus Steele, Chase Evans, Holden.

Director Jim Steel is back with a group of hot guys who get down and dirty then furtively whisper, “Don’t tell my brother!” Volume 3 of My Brother’s Hot Friend starts on a high note with cover models Victor Steele and Jason Michaels cavorting in a pool. They soon move to a lounge chair where they make out and rub cocks. Michaels gets his face fucked by Steele’s rock-hard cock before Steele (and his gorgeous body) top the hairy little cutie. Next, Nash Lawler is visiting a property his sibling suggested and is being shown around by a hefty Marcos David. These two end up kissing, with David doing the brunt of the sucking and then bottoming for Lawler, who needs to give the trite porn dialogue (“Yeah, you like that big dick, don’t you?”) a rest. Tommy Defendi also must have attended the school of bad porn acting, based on his scene with Emilio Sands, who supposedly forgets his brother is on vacation but shows up to seduce his roommate anyway. Defendi has a big cock and fucks nicely, so we’ll forgive his flat line readings.

Putting both Lawler and Defendi to shame is charming porn vet Jack Ryan, who is as attractive as ever and makes his setup with Marcus Steele (another Steele!?!) totally believable. It’s the morning after game night at his brother’s house, and Ryan bets roomie Steele that he can win his belt in a friendly round of dominoes, which is just an excuse for Ryan to rub Steele’s crotch before blowing him. Steele tops with ease and ends up jacking a facial onto Jack while getting his balls tongued. Our only complaint is that Ryan’s own hot bod and sweet cock are not given enough screen time. The final scene offers twinks Chase Evans and Holden moving boxes before they get into some sex play. Eventually they both jack into their own mouths. Wonder whether that’s a trick their bros taught them! (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

August 13, 2009

Press: Spencer Reed Makes Men Mag Cover


Men magazine’s September issue has sexy newcomer Spencer Reed on the cover. Actually, when he recently guested at the all-new Cocktails With the Stars hosted by Scotty B. at Micky’s in West Hollywood (below), Spencer told us that he has made more than 30 films, including Hot Jocks, Nice Cocks, Volume 2. So, he ain’t that new, but this Washington, D.C.–based stud has obviously been hiding his many talents! Anyway, also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of Hot House Entertainment’s Dickin’ Around, a story of poolside love and lust. Here’s an excerpt:

Ethan Wolfe arrives at the pool party, which seems to have only one other guest: Johnny Gunn. As Ethan soaks up the rays, Johnny offers some hospitality in the form of a major knob job. He springs Ethan’s monster dong from his swimsuit and proceeds to suck and deep throat the superthick beauty. Ethan has pierced nips and a couple of lovely tattoos on his smooth chest, but his legs are surprisingly hairy as he opens them for Johnny. After he’s had his fill of dick, Johnny shucks his own trunks and offers his man meat to Ethan, who also sucks long and deep. Before the sweltering sun melts them both, Johnny bounces on Ethan’s oversize cock and Ethan also gives up his own tail.…

To read the full review, pick up the September issue of Men. Oh, and that tat on Spencer’s yummy tummy reads “Pain Is Sacrifice.” Hmmmm. You think?

August 12, 2009

News: Raging Stallion Announces Focus Cast

Sounds like Raging Stallion Studios has another blockbuster in the making. Following epic wins for both the military drama Grunts and the Western To the Last Man (not to mention the romantic The Drifter) at every awards show for the past two years, the San Francisco–based company is taking on the genre of film noir with Focus/Refocus. Think classic Hitchcock with a hard cock! This year’s big fall blockbuster film, which the studio says has a budget of $177,000, will be a four-disc extravaganza that is being shot in and around SF. And the first-rate cast fits a production of this proportion. Sexy newbie Cole Streets (above) has been hired for the lead role. Exclusives David Taylor, and supercouple Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond have been cast as supporting players. Ricky Sinz, Scott Tanner, Ryan Raz, Austin Wilde, Wilfried Knight, Adam Killian, Jason Crew, Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho, Tristan Jaxx, Conner Habib and Alejandro Fernandez are also featured in the film. Several new models will also be introduced.

“I am very, very excited by this cast,” Raging Stallion president Chris Ward says. “These guys not only look great, but the combined acting talent here is amazing. This will be a major movie of top quality. Cole Streets is going to do a great job—he is going to become an instant superstar with this role.”

“I can hardly believe it!” Streets enthuses. “[Co-directors] Chris [Ward], Ben [Leon] and Tony [Dimarco] have put a great deal of trust in me to carry the lead role in this movie. It’s going to be a challenge, but I am excited and can’t wait to get started. Now I just have to memorize 50 pages of dialogue!”

The Focus/Refocus script was written by Dan Rhodes, and RSS promises some controversial elements in the steamy crime drama. Perhaps the way the over-the-top violence in To the Last Man generated controversy—and sold copies and “dead” porn star calendars. A shocking grand finale to the film is promised, and the models and crew have been sworn to secrecy. And they better keep their mouths shut until Thanksgiving weekend, when the movie is released! For more information, visit

August 11, 2009

News: Titan Media Signs JR Matthews

Titan Media has announced the signing of JR Matthews to a new multi-year contract. The 24-year-old California native makes his debut in the just released TitanMen film Full Access. “This guy is a fantastic performer,” director Brian Mills says. “He’s build like a tank, can suck his own dick and delivers some of the biggest, thickest cum shots I’ve ever seen. JR has proven himself to be enthusiastic and curious to try new things. I can hardly wait to see what he can show us over the next couple of years!”

Matthews adds, “When I first worked with TitanMen last March, I had an amazing time. My scene in Full Access was a fantasy come true! I was excited to be asked by the best company in the biz to join as an exclusive performer. Working with Brian Mills and, currently, Joe Gage is incredible. I’m happy to be part of the TitanMen team!”

Following his debut in Full Access (in which he displays his impressive self-sucking skills), Matthews will star with Titan exclusive Dean Flynn in Folsom Maneuvers, the official leather/fetish film of the 2009 Folsom Street Fair. Then it’s on to another as-yet-untitled Brian Mills–directed film featuring a double-headed dildo scene. For more information, visit

August 10, 2009

Short Takes: Zack Randall Wins…and More

Freshmen magazine has announced that porn star Zack Randall (above) is 2009’s Freshman of the Year. Randall, who has appeared in numerous films and recently signed a deal with the SaggerzSkaterz Web sites, previously received this honor in 2007. He got the most votes from readers, beating out Kirk Cummings, who came in second place. Models Trent Davis, Marcus Mojo and Dylan McLovin were among the top-five finalists, and all the guys will be featured in new layouts in the September issue of Freshmen. Randall will be officially crowned at the Freshman of the Year party on Thursday, August 20, at Tigerbeat in Hollywood. Congrats, Zack!…It’s that time of year again, kids. Cybersocket magazine has opened the nomination period for its 10th-annual Cybersocket Web Awards. Surfers are invited to nominate their favorite Web sites for consideration. (Ahem.) New awards in the Surfers Choice division include Porn Movie of the Year, Best Massage Site and Best Mobile Site. “We feel that it is essential to honor these individuals and companies as being technological entrepreneurs, important agents of free expression and cultural change,” Cybersocket co-founder Morgan Sommer says. Online nominations for both the surfer and Webmaster divisions will close Thursday, September 24. Oh, and if anyone feels like nominating for Best Adult Blog, click here. Cheers, thanks a lot! For more information, visit…Dean Phoenix fans, rejoice! The award-winning porn superstar is back in two new scenes (no, not movies). Phoenix (below) has just done two scenes for Jet Set Men’s Straight Edge site (he appeared in the hit film On Fire! for the studio last year), and he even bottoms in one of them! This is only the second time that porn vet Dean has gone bottoms up (the first was with Marcus Irons in COLT’s classic BuckleRoos in 2005). This time, newcomer Hayden Stephens does the honors. The other Web-only scene features Phoenix back on top with Cayden Banks. For more information, visit

August 7, 2009

Event: Industry Moves to Eleven in Weho


It was just last week that promoter Jason Sechrest announced that his popular Industry event, which had been going strong at Numbers in West Hollywood for almost a year, would be ending. (Word is that the place is going straight! What are they thinking?) Now comes good news: Sechrest and his funky bunch are moving down the street to Eleven Lounge & Restaurant (8811 Santa Monica Blvd.). And the big change happens this Saturday, August 8, from 6 to 11 pm.

“We had a lot of venues vying for the opportunity to take on this event,” Sechrest says. “We decided on Eleven as the perfect place because it has the best of all worlds: a restaurant, a bar and a dance club! The boys will be go-go dancing downstairs at the bar and hosting/canoodling upstairs at the restaurant. There’s also a private VIP area in the back where we’ll offer lap dances.” They’re even adding a special dinner menu for the night that includes a new Porn Star Dessert, which is a banana split fed to you by the porn star of your choice—with or without nuts!

This week, the men of will be headlining along with the 10 nearly naked gay porn stars who always work so hard. On a recent visit to Industry at Numbers, we mingled with (from top): co-promoter Josh Griffin; kink king Wolf Hudson; new co-stars Jeremy Bilding and Vance Winter; host Sechrest and singing screen star Shane Risk; director Gino Colbert (right) and a sexy friend. For more information, visit

August 6, 2009

Movie Review: Road Trip 6: Temptation Ranch


Director: Peter Romero.
Cast: Ridge Michaels, Jared, Nick Cross, Lee Stephens, Wade Wilder, David West.

The sexy young stars of Jocks’ Road Trip, Volume 6 head out of town and wind up at Temptation Ranch, a lovely rustic location where they dispense with plot and get right down to business in four lively scenes. Hot-bodied Jared (one name only) and cutie Nick Cross hang out on a picnic table and chat a bit before Cross performs major head on Jared’s big dick. This excellent oral leads to Jared fingering then topping Cross. There’s great chemistry here, and Jared seems quite experienced despite his tender age. Cover models Ridge Michaels and Wade Wilder are also young and cute. These two sweat it out in the bright sunshine and Michaels expertly fucks Wilder’s face before getting to his ass.

Next, there is some staged footage of the cast swimming and frolicking at the scenic ranch. It all feels kind of forced and unnatural, especially when followed by the six-man orgy in which the guys perform sex in a totally real way, pretty much oblivious to the camera. Our favorite move is when the three cocksuckers simply stop sucking and rotate to the next big cock! Again, top men Jared and Michaels steal the show with their sexual skills. There is a fourth scene in which twink David West and nasty Lee Stephens get cozy by a red train, but it feels tacked on because they are both part of the previous orgy. Yet that’s a small complaint, considering the other treats this Road Trip has to offer. Picture quality is fine, though the sound could have been better in places and some dialogue is lost to the blaring rock soundtrack. (Jocks/Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

August 5, 2009

Guy Candy: Fratman Linde

They did it! The guys over at managed to find a cute young guy who actually has a hair on his body! Score! Linde is the latest supercutie to join the family, and he’s got a hot bod and a sweet patch of chest hair that he loves to show off. Move your eyes down and you’ll also see his amazing washboard abs. Keep panning downward and…oh, gee, Linde also has a big uncut cock that he enjoys stroking. For more of Linde, visit

August 4, 2009

News: Hugo Milano Signs With Cockyboys

There’s a new boy in Cocky town! Online studio has announced the signing of 21-year-old Hugo Milano to an exclusive contract. Milano, who hails from Arizona, makes his debut in a solo scene that goes live on Thursday, August 13. This will be followed by his first duo in which he tops Scottie Brooks. “Hugo is the real deal,” founder Kyle Majors says. “He’s a real stud with lots of stamina.” To see how much, visit

August 3, 2009

Short Takes: Gus Mattox Returns…and More

Veteran star Gus Mattox (above) is making a return to performing—just not porn. We’re hearing that the star of films such as Through the Woods, Dangerous Liaisons and Big Rig will be bringing his one-man show to Dixon Place in NYC on Wednesday, September 23. (We recently caught him in a campy “legit” acting role in RuPaul’s stinker Starrbooty on Logo.) Before that, Mattox, who was named GAYVN Performer of the Year and then packed it in a couple of years ago, will be a guest at Will Clark’s Porno Bingo on Wednesday, September 9. Gee, maybe Gus got tired of living in the woods and doing manly stuff, like building houses. Welcome back, stud!…Channel 1 Releasing has announced that exclusive model Vance Winter will be bottoming for the first time in Vance Winter’s Taking It In. The new Rascal film, which just wrapped production in Palm Springs, features Vance being topped by C1R exclusive Jeremy Bilding. Winter has four C1R titles to his credit, and he plays top man in all of them, but when he was approached by director Doug Jeffries for the scene with Bilding, Winter instantly agreed. “It was uncharted territory for me,” he says. “I practiced with some toys a few times before the shoot, and once Jeremy and I were on set, I just relaxed and everything went very smoothly.” If only real life were like that! For more information, visit…Athletic Model Guild is sending fans back to their iPhones. Following the release last month of the studio’s first application, AMG Brasil Boys, the new AMG Beefcake! brings the best work of photographer and AMG founder Bob Mizer to a digital format. The images show bodybuilders, military men and blue-collar workers clad in posing straps, briefs and bathing suits. “Bob’s black-and-white work has become synonymous with a certain period in gay photography,” studio president Dennis Bell says. “We wanted to celebrate his photography, but at the same time move it forward by delivering some of his best work on a 21st-century platform.” AMG Beefcake! is available for 99 cents in the iTunes app store. For more information, visit and