August 6, 2009

Movie Review: Road Trip 6: Temptation Ranch


Director: Peter Romero.
Cast: Ridge Michaels, Jared, Nick Cross, Lee Stephens, Wade Wilder, David West.

The sexy young stars of Jocks’ Road Trip, Volume 6 head out of town and wind up at Temptation Ranch, a lovely rustic location where they dispense with plot and get right down to business in four lively scenes. Hot-bodied Jared (one name only) and cutie Nick Cross hang out on a picnic table and chat a bit before Cross performs major head on Jared’s big dick. This excellent oral leads to Jared fingering then topping Cross. There’s great chemistry here, and Jared seems quite experienced despite his tender age. Cover models Ridge Michaels and Wade Wilder are also young and cute. These two sweat it out in the bright sunshine and Michaels expertly fucks Wilder’s face before getting to his ass.

Next, there is some staged footage of the cast swimming and frolicking at the scenic ranch. It all feels kind of forced and unnatural, especially when followed by the six-man orgy in which the guys perform sex in a totally real way, pretty much oblivious to the camera. Our favorite move is when the three cocksuckers simply stop sucking and rotate to the next big cock! Again, top men Jared and Michaels steal the show with their sexual skills. There is a fourth scene in which twink David West and nasty Lee Stephens get cozy by a red train, but it feels tacked on because they are both part of the previous orgy. Yet that’s a small complaint, considering the other treats this Road Trip has to offer. Picture quality is fine, though the sound could have been better in places and some dialogue is lost to the blaring rock soundtrack. (Jocks/Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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