August 14, 2009

Movie Review: My Brother’s Hot Friend, Vol. 3


Director: Jim Steel.
Cast: Victor Steele, Jason Michaels, Marcos David, Nash Lawler, Emilio Sands, Tommy Defendi, Jack Ryan, Marcus Steele, Chase Evans, Holden.

Director Jim Steel is back with a group of hot guys who get down and dirty then furtively whisper, “Don’t tell my brother!” Volume 3 of My Brother’s Hot Friend starts on a high note with cover models Victor Steele and Jason Michaels cavorting in a pool. They soon move to a lounge chair where they make out and rub cocks. Michaels gets his face fucked by Steele’s rock-hard cock before Steele (and his gorgeous body) top the hairy little cutie. Next, Nash Lawler is visiting a property his sibling suggested and is being shown around by a hefty Marcos David. These two end up kissing, with David doing the brunt of the sucking and then bottoming for Lawler, who needs to give the trite porn dialogue (“Yeah, you like that big dick, don’t you?”) a rest. Tommy Defendi also must have attended the school of bad porn acting, based on his scene with Emilio Sands, who supposedly forgets his brother is on vacation but shows up to seduce his roommate anyway. Defendi has a big cock and fucks nicely, so we’ll forgive his flat line readings.

Putting both Lawler and Defendi to shame is charming porn vet Jack Ryan, who is as attractive as ever and makes his setup with Marcus Steele (another Steele!?!) totally believable. It’s the morning after game night at his brother’s house, and Ryan bets roomie Steele that he can win his belt in a friendly round of dominoes, which is just an excuse for Ryan to rub Steele’s crotch before blowing him. Steele tops with ease and ends up jacking a facial onto Jack while getting his balls tongued. Our only complaint is that Ryan’s own hot bod and sweet cock are not given enough screen time. The final scene offers twinks Chase Evans and Holden moving boxes before they get into some sex play. Eventually they both jack into their own mouths. Wonder whether that’s a trick their bros taught them! (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2009)

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