August 28, 2009

Movie Review: Cruising Budapest V: The Mangiatti Twins


Director: Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Peter Shadow, Enrico Bellagio, Fernando and Fabrizio Mangiatti, Flavio Valentino, Jack Laurel, Fabian Vincenzo, Rick Bauer, Steve Hunt.

It’s back to Budapest for Lucas and his crew. This time, he brings along the Mangiatti twins (Fernando and Fabrizio) to headline a major scene that is the centerpiece of this installment. But first, Rick Bauer snoozes while his buddy Peter Shadow decides to play with his rump. Of course, this awakens Bauer and begins a hot 69 session. These two flexible models even manage to do some 69 ass eating! Shadow tops (some great deep penetration shots here), and both guys jack in the end. Next, Flavio Valentino distracts Jack Laurel from his book with some cock sucking, which leads to a nice flip-flop fuck and Valentino being the taker of the loads.

But the main scene involves hairy Steve Hunt getting very intimate with the Mangiatti twins—and with them getting very intimate with each other. The scene starts with a sloppy threeway kiss that lasts way too long and feels way too icky if you stop to think about the bro’s relationship. But the duo soon moves on to blowing Hunt in perfect harmony, then he stuffs his mouth full of twin cock. They both go bottom’s up so Hunt can eat their identical holes. He even does double shrimping duty! It’s kinda creepy the way the twins move in unison, and the scene has a very staged and choreographed feel to it. There is no spontaneity in the action or among the performers. Hunt administers a double dildo up the guys’ asses and they moan together. Lucas enters the scene, perfectly lit and looking like a dream. He tops one of the pair while Hunt does the other. And they all shoot on one twin—don’t ask us which. Bonus disc includes a brief pissing scene, cast interviews (the twins admit to Jonathan Vargas that they do steroids) and behind the scenes of the brothers getting their holes prepped for that dildo. Mama must be so proud. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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