May 31, 2007

Movie Review: Undressed Rehearsals, Part One


Director: Marty Stevens.
Cast: Sebastian Bonnet, Joel D’amici, Josh Elliot, Pascal Etty, Luke Hamill, Tim Hamilton, Roman Chaykin, Davy Paxton, Bolek Polanski, Oleg Tarkowski, Marc Vidal.

The Bel Ami guys are busy jetting around the world, shooting movies and having fun. Sometimes, though, they need to kick back, relax and have some recreational sex. Undressed Rehearsals, Part One takes viewers behind the scenes of a few movies that were shot three or four years ago. We travel to South Africa, Greece and Brazil with the crew and discover in six scenes what really went on when the cameras stopped rolling (and a different set of cameras started!). Roman Chaykin and Oleg Tarkowski were filming Out of Africa in 2004 when they met up for their lighthearted session with director Marty Stevens. They tease and play, suck and fuck. Roman even jumps up to pee in the middle of it all. Guess that’s what makes it a “private affair,” as the box promises. Tim Hamilton and Luke Hamill sunbathe at the beach then retire to a plush sofa so Hamill can “experience live” what he has already seen Hamilton do onscreen. Josh Elliot and Marc Vidal tell the cameraman they have something “interesting” to show him, and they deliver with some great 69 action. Vidal rides Elliot like a cowboy until they both explode. Bolek Polanski and Davy Paxton hit the showers for a sexy massage, while Hamill returns for a sweet wrestling match with Pascal Etty. Finally, Sebastian Bonnet flashes his gorgeous smile for Joel D’amici in a hot tub romp that leads to a sunlit shower BJ and more. Beautiful models and photography abound here, as usual. Nice sets and glamorous locales only add to the overall high quality. The picture looks great, and every foreskin and freckle are lovingly captured. Director Stevens, along with producer George Duroy, know how to put on a show, even when the players are supposedly off the clock—and cock! (Bel Ami)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

May 30, 2007

New Release: Boners

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May 23, 2007

Event: Will Clark’s Grabbys Weekend

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New Release: Cabin Fever

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May 20, 2007

Sneak Peek: The Intern


Lucas Entertainment is in the midst of production on its first sex comedy, The Intern. Lucas exclusive Ben Andrews (pictured, top, with his soon-to-be-released dildo and new pooch Pierre) conceived the movie, and with the help of producer Michael Lucas (who also co-stars as a Devil Wears Prada-inspired boss) and writer-director Tony Dimarco, it will soon become a reality. Today, Lucas exclusive Ray Star and newcomer Christian Cruz shot a bonus scene in the company’s midtown Manhattan offices for the film, which will be released in July. was on the set to bring you these EXCLUSIVE photos. Stay tuned for more information or visit

May 19, 2007

New Release: Roid Rage

Raging Stallion Studios in association with JD Slater’s Centurion Pictures XXX presents the latest evolution in massive macho muscle madness. For this journey to the outer limits of sexual excess, Slater recruited Raging Stallion Man of the Year Jake Deckard as his co-director and tour guide through the landscape of debauchery. Together these giants of sex and sin have produced a monument to the sheer power of animalistic erotic energy. They searched the planet for the perfect cast, then draped them like great art across the backdrop of a forgotten wet dream. Starring Xerxes, Huessein, Trojan Rock, Piero Sias, Hank Dutch, Brock Hatcher, Brendan Davies, Trey Casteel and Shane Alexander. For more information, visit

May 18, 2007

Should Do Porn: Rusty Joiner

His body looks like a gift from the gods, and his face ain’t bad either! Gorgeous Rusty Joiner is a fitness model who has appeared in numerous ad campaigns, TV commercials (he has one for Excedrin currently running in which he jogs through a lake) and on magazine covers. He has even acted in a few movies, including Dodgeball with Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. You can get his arms and abs workout DVD at Last we heard, this Alabama native was slinging drinks at a West Hollywood gay bar…which doesn’t make it a long jump: Should Do Porn!

May 16, 2007

New Release: Lust Resorts

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May 11, 2007

News: Specialty Publications Up for Sale

Specialty Publications, the Los Angeles–based producer of Unzipped, Men, Freshmen and [2] magazines, is being put on the block by its owner. PlanetOut Inc. announced today that it is considering putting the adult division up for sale. In a statement to investors, executives from PlanetOut, which also owns mainstream gay publications Out and The Advocate, said that the possible sale was due to the fact that Specialty’s titles did not fit the ad-revenue-driven model of the other PlanetOut businesses. But they also stressed that the division was a “highly separable business and an excellent acquisition opportunity.” For more information on the publisher, visit

In a related story, the San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that PlanetOut Inc. is now fighting for survival. The San Francisco owner of the media company disclosed this week that it will run out of money before the end of the year without a major infusion of cash. The dire situation is a consequence of PlanetOut’s declining subscriptions for personal ads, a shortfall in advertising revenue and trouble booking passengers on its gay-oriented cruises. A dismal first-quarter earnings report on Wednesday hammered home the reality.

“This is deeply disappointing and concerning to me and the rest of the management team,” Karen Magee, PlanetOut’s chief executive officer, said in a conference call with analysts Wednesday. “We’ve got major work to do at PlanetOut to generate the healthy revenue growth and solid earnings performance that I believe this company is capable of producing.”

News: Paladin to Release Men of Odyssey Return

Gay company Paladin has agreed to distribute Jim Steel’s Beach House Diaries, the first release from the newly relaunched Men of Odyssey.

“There was never a doubt who I wanted for this production,” says Bob East of Odyssey. “From the day we first talked about starting up, I said, ‘We need a top-notch distributor that specializes in gay material behind this line.’ Paladin was the immediate choice based on our previous track record with them.”

Paladin was the exclusive distributor for Men of Odyssey in its first incarnation, only ending its association when the company closed in 2003. During that time, it distributed hits such as Idol in the Sky, Ryker’s Revenge and The Journey Back. Paladin also released the award-winning Echoes and Carnal Intentions.

Jim Steel’s Beach House Diaries
stars Jesse Santana, Luca Alexander and Brad Benton (pictured, above), in addition to Christian Owen, Tory Mason, Barrett Long, Cole Ryan, John Wright and Romario. It is scheduled for release in July. For more information, visit

May 9, 2007

News: RSS Comments on Roman Ragazzi Scandal


Following his outing on Page Six of the New York Post, Raging Stallion exclusive Roman Ragazzi has issued a statement through the studio. In a press release, the company says that Ragazzi was “unshaken by the news” of his resignation from the Israeli consulate in New York City and is “eager to get fully behind” his new career in porn.

His first film is Collin O’Neal’s Miami, due out on May 11. His second feature, and first for Raging Stallion, is Michael Brandon’s Tailpipes, which is scheduled for a June 15 release. Ragazzi will also star in Chris Ward’s military epic, Grunts, which is set for filming this summer. Ragazzi is also slated to appear at IML in Chicago later this month and at San Francisco’s Gay Pride in June.

“Roman is really in the hot seat right now,” says Ward, president of Raging Stallion Studios. “He is getting lots of mainstream media exposure, which is almost all negative. There is a great deal of pornophobia and homophobia in the reporting. I am proud of Roman for standing up for his own sexual identity. He is a proud, sex-positive gay man who has earned my respect and admiration. On the upside for Roman, he will make a lot more money working for us than he did for the consulate!”

Movie Review: Men in Action 3

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May 7, 2007

New Release: Dad’s Automotive

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