February 28, 2000

Movie Review: FULLFilled


Director: John Rutherford
Cast: Kevin Williams, Lane Fuller, Tom Chase, Travis Wade, Drew Damon, Matt Skyler, Luc Jarrett, Billy Kincaid, Dominic Russio, Michel Mattel, Ivan Talman, Alex Wilcox

Kevin Williams is looking for a man, and not just any man. As the blond superbottom pores over the pages of the personal ads—and a copy of Unzipped—in the opening moments of Falcon’s latest, FULLFilled, it soon becomes apparent that he is looking for a very special kind of man, “a hung top,” to be specific. And soon enough, he is working the phones, seeking out a “masseur” who can fit the bill.

Williams is interrupted by his nerdy neighbor (Lane Fuller), who is hand-delivering a piece of mail that went to him by mistake (oddly enough, a gay porn magazine). But cutie Kevin can’t be bothered with the bespectacled geek. He’s in search of big dick, and it’s about to arrive in the form of Unzipped discovery Ivan Talman. Yes, the smoldering Latin hunk who graced the cover of Unzipped last year has taken his act to the small screen. And with his dark good looks, wavy hair and sexy goatee, Talman is the perfect complement to Williams, a porn veteran who still personifies the clean-cut, all-American boy. This perfect pair doesn’t waste any time. They mumble some unintelligible dialogue and then Talman begins feeding Williams his big uncut piece. Williams seems to enjoy the ample foreskin and is soon bending over so Talman can probe him with an oversize dildo. The look of pleasure/pain on Williams’ face and the shared intimacy between him and Talman provide some of the film’s most sensual and intense moments.

After this rousing first scene, Fuller appears on Williams’ doorstep once again, this time to borrow a cup of sugar. The adorable dork is baking cookies and he’s fresh out. Williams obliges, but visiting friend Tom Chase (who is now a lifetime Falcon exclusive—whatever that means) decides to have some fun with the shy guy. He follows Fuller to the bathroom and forces him to undress. But when Chase gets a gander at what lurks beneath Fuller’s shirt and tie, he whips out his huge cock and Fuller chows down. The action moves to the bedroom, where Chase alternately fucks and eats Fuller’s ass. And then, once again, a huge dildo is produced, and Fuller sits on it as Chase lovingly nibbles on his knee. (Hmmm, wonder whether it’s a Tom Chase dildo.) Although the fucking tends to go on for a bit too long in this scene, both Chase and Fuller deliver stirring performances and hefty loads.

As Chase leaves, he tells Williams that Fuller is hot stuff and he really should give him a try sometime. But Williams still isn’t interested; he has another “appointment” scheduled. This time newcomer Alex Wilcox gets the enviable task of massaging Williams perfect ass. After some run-of-the-mill cocksucking and armpit-eating, Wilcox pulls out—you guessed it—yet another dildo, and Williams takes it up the butt. Wilcox then fucks him at the same time. Although this double-penetration shot is somewhat of a novelty, the scene lacks any real spark.

All this dildo play tires out Williams, because he never shows up at the party he’s been invited to by Travis Wade. Not that he’s missed. Wade and six of his big-dicked friends make due on their own with some steamy group sex in what looks like a basement. Guess these boys aren’t into party decorations—but they are into fucking and sucking. We get several different combinations of guys (including Billy Kincaid, Luc Jarrett and Michel Mattel) getting down and dirty as Wade and a very verbal Drew Damon dominate the proceedings. All of which leads up to the highlight of the scene: Wade, Damon and Dominic Russio taking turns fucking the daylights out of bottom boy Matt Skyler. At least no one uses a dildo. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, if you ask us.

In the final scene, Williams finally comes to his senses. After spying a shirtless Fuller jogging down the street, he just can’t ignore the boy next door. He knocks on Fuller’s door and is, of course, invited in. Unlike the viewers, on whom Williams closes the door with a sly grin. Surprisingly, these real-life lovers like to keep some things private—at least for now. We can’t help but wonder whether a sequel is in the works, and considering the fine videography, top-notch production values and hunky performers, you can sign us up. Next time, just leave the dildos at home. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from Unzipped magazine (2000)

February 27, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Caesar


In the world of porn, there’s always some fresh-faced cutie who blows into town and wants to rule the roost. Well, take note, guys, because there’s a hot new contender for the crown, and his name is Caesar. With his sultry good looks and perfect physique, the one-named wonder has made a big splash in a short time. Packing plenty of muscle on his 5-foot-10 frame, the 26-year-old Midwest native debuted last year in Studio 2000’s Cadet before headlining in Catalina’s Hail Caesar and Jocks’ Sprung. And the buff blond, who says he’s “part Scottish, part Cherokee Indian and a bit of Heinz 57,” recently completed Catalina’s Voyager, which was filmed aboard the Pillage & Plunder Cruise, and Falcon’s Bad Behavior. Speaking from his home in the Midwest, sexy Caesar talked about his latest films, his multiple tattoos and the body part that was once his favorite obsession (hint: it measures about eight inches).

So, the usual first question: How did you get your start?
Well, I started in a movie for Studio 2000 under the name Derek Michaels. I guess you could say I was in the hands of bad management before I met [director] Chi Chi LaRue. She took me and introduced me to Raul Rodriguez at JumpStart Casting and Production. He became my agent and took care of my business. Then I became known as Caesar.
How did you meet Chi Chi?
Well, I was working as a personal trainer. I had a strip group called Sugar and Spice, which is a three-man touring group that performs in clubs and bars. I met Chi Chi about two years ago at a club in the Midwest where I was dancing. She approached me and said she wanted me to be in a movie.
And what did you think?
I thought it was cool.
And what was the name of that first movie?
It was Cadet for Studio 2000.
What was it like doing that first scene?
It was pretty scary. I was nervous because of my living arrangements at the time. You know, living in the Midwest, being a porn star isn’t that accepted here. So I was worried about the repercussions.
Have you ever had any problems there because of your work?
Oh, sure. It’s one of the reasons I’m thinking of moving to San Francisco. I’ve been in fights here. But the fact is that I’m bigger and I always win (laughs). I’ve been in martial arts and the Marine Corps. You see, straight guys have a certain stereotype of what a gay man is—feminine and weak. But I don’t live up to that. I am who I am, and people just need to accept that.
When were you in the Marine Corps?
I got out in 1996. I was in for four years, doing all that military stuff.
So, what made you want to do porn?
I thought it would be fun. But once I got there on the set and it was time to actually do it, I started thinking of the reality (laughs). You know, that it’s not erasable. It will be there forever. But then I decided to do it. What could be a better job?
Who did you work with in that first scene?
I think I did it with Matt West.
What did you do in the scene?
I bottomed.
Was that a problem?
No, I was more nervous about the situation than about what I was doing.
No worries about the sex?
C: None (laughs).
How do you identity—as gay or straight?
Bisexual. Since I was young, I’ve fooled around with both guys and girls. Actually, boys were first.
How old were you?
Oh, about 12.
And what did you do?
Fucking. I was the top.
When did you start jerking off?
Oh, very young. After I discovered my penis, I was obsessed with it (laughs). I always liked my penis.
How big is your dick?
Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve never put a ruler to it. I would say about eight inches. It’s a bit better than average. By porn standards, though, it’s average (laughs).
Did you use any special technique for jerking off?
Anything I could stick my dick in, I did. I rubbed it on the bed. You know, typical teenager stuff.
So after Cadet, you did Hail Caesar, which was centered around you. Was that a daunting prospect?
I don’t think I understood the importance of it at the time. I didn’t think that people would like me (laughs). I never thought I’d end up on the cover of a magazine or a video. I was doing it to make money and have fun. I’ve gone further than I ever expected to.
Was it easier to do the second film with Chi Chi directing?
Yeah, it was more relaxed. It was still a little weird, but it was all good.
What is your favorite thing to do onscreen?
I like everything.
Do you have a favorite partner?
Well, I like Addison Scott and Marcus Iron. We just worked together in a movie for Falcon called Bad Behavior. We just connect. It’s not even physical; it’s more mental.
Do you have a certain type that turns you on?
I prefer athletic or built guys, my age or older. But most important, he must be in tune with himself and his sexuality. A lot of gay men aren’t that comfortable with being gay. That can be a problem.
Are there any fantasies that you’ve gotten to live out in your movies?
Well, in Bad Behavior, there’s a scene with multiple guys, and we use toys. That was a fantasy.
Is there anything you’d still like to do?
Being in a sling and getting fucked—actually from either point of view, getting fucked or fucking. I’d like to do that. I can get into both aspects—being dominant or being submissive.
Tell us about your tattoos. How many do you have?
I have five tattoos. I got them several years ago when I was in the service.
Did you always want them?
I always liked tattoos. I thought they were cool. Plus, when I left home, it was one of the rebellious things that I did.
How do your fans react to them?
I get mixed reaction from fans. Some like them, some don’t. I hear both. I do know that they limit my work. People think of me as being more of a thug or more street because of them. But I think I can do a lot of different things. People who don’t know you tend to categorize.
You also have some piercings.
I have four body piercings, but I recently took them out. I got tired of them. My tongue is still pierced, though. I still like that.
Is it true that tongue piercing enhances certain sexual activities?
They’re definitely sexual (laughs).
You have such an amazing body. You must work out constantly.
I work out about five days a week. It’s hard when I travel so much, but it’s fun. I enjoy it. And the better shape I’m in, the more work I get. I used to compete as a bodybuilder. I even won a couple of competitions.
Do you follow a special diet?
I eat a high-protein diet, but I do eat junk food occasionally.
Really? What is your favorite junk food?
Chocolate-chip cookies (laughs). The soft kind. But then I do a lot of cardio when I go on an eating binge!
What do you think is your best movie?
Well, I had a lot of fun making Sprung. I liked the people a lot. I think my movies keep getting better the more I do.
Did you ever watch porn before you got into the industry?
As much as I could (laughs)—both gay and straight.
Did you watch and think, “I could do that”?
Yeah, I did think that. It was always in the back of my head.
Do you ever watch your own movies now?
Yeah, I do, and I can see myself improving. I’m my own worst critic. I see everything that’s wrong. It is a little weird to watch yourself, though.
What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done sexually?
Probably having major orgy sex in a bathhouse. Safe, of course. That was fun.
VL: What image do you think your fans have of you?
I never thought they had any until now (laughs). I’d like them to think that I’m down-to-earth and easygoing. And they shouldn’t be afraid to talk to me in a club.
Where do you see yourself going in the industry?
I’d like to go as far as I can. I didn’t start out to be a superstar. I’m along for the ride, having fun and meeting people. Just having a good time. When I’m done with the industry, I’d like to open my own gym. I still do personal training when I have the time, but with my personal appearances and making movies, it’s hard right now.
And you have your own Web site, of course.
Yes, www.caesarworld.com. If people join, they get a newsletter, lots of nude pictures, my touring schedule, my workout, my diet, some penetration shots from my films, and I will be offering a special jack-off video for members only.
Are you surprised that you’ve been so successful?
Surprised and happy. I know I’m getting a lot of attention. I accept it, but I didn’t expect it (laughs). And I do like it. Who wouldn’t? I guess I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

Reprinted from
All-Man magazine (2000)

February 13, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Enrico Vega


Sultry Enrico Vega is the latest Latin stud to heat up the screen. The 28-year-old New York native has made seven movies in less than two years, working both the New York and Los Angeles porn scenes with such major releases as Hip-hop Body Shop, I was a Teenage Hustler, Bang and Voyager. And the horny Puerto Rican with the dark probing eyes and manly goatee has more films—and hot raunchy sex—in store. We recently caught up with Vega at his home on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he talked about his big uncut pinga, his need to penetrate and what really turns him on in a guy.

So, how did a nice New York City boy get into the world of L.A. porn?
Well, I’ve worked in both places actually. See, I was on the Internet one day and I saw an ad that was looking for black and Latin models. I answered the ad, not thinking they would hire me. The interview was on a Monday. I went in and they asked what I liked to do sexually and they took a picture of me. Then, on that Thursday, they sent me an e-mail saying that they wanted to use me. I couldn’t believe it.
Had you always been interested in porn?
I think everyone is interested in porn (laughs). I had been heavy at one time and I had lost a lot of weight, so I thought I would give it a shot.
Were you nervous about doing that first film? Any fears that you might not be able to perform?
Nervous and excited. I was a bit nervous about performing until I saw the other models (laughs). They were hot! One was Panamanian, and the other was a good-looking Puerto Rican. I had no problem getting it up.
Is that your type?
I don’t really have a type. If you have a totally ripped body, it helps, but if someone can make me laugh, that is what really turns me on.
So, what was the title of that first movie?
It was called Rican Reform School.
And what did you do in your scene?
I played a teacher, and I had to discipline my two students. I took out my dick and they both sucked me off, taking turns. Then I fucked both of them.
Did you watch a lot of porn when you were growing up?
Not really. It didn’t turn me on. Of course, if I came across a video, I’d jerk off to it. But even today, I don’t watch it that much.
Did you jerk off a lot as a teenager?
I jerk off a lot now (laughs)—every day, two times a day sometimes! When I get home from work, I have one hand on the door and one hand on my zipper (laughs).
Do you use any special technique?
No, I don’t even use lube. See, I was blessed; I have foreskin (laughs)—natural lubricant. There was a time when I was embarrassed about having foreskin, but so many people are into it now. I love people who love my foreskin.
So, how big is your dick?
Eight inches, uncut, six around. But dick size isn’t all that matters in this business—if you aren’t an easy person to work with, you won’t get called back.
How many movies have you done here in New York?
Well, after Rican Reform School, I moved on to the Latino Fan Club, which is where I got my confidence and experience. [Director] Brian Brennan gave me a chance and helped me excel. I did Hip-hop Body Shop and I was a Teenage Hustler for him, and some more are coming, so I’ve done a few.
What is your favorite thing to do onscreen?
So, you are a top?
I’m a top who loves sucking dick. I’ve tried getting penetrated, but I’m just not good at it. But I like a guy who can take it.
What is the hottest thing you’ve ever done onscreen?
One of my favorite scenes was in Teenage Hustler. I worked with G.Q., and when I penetrated him, he could really take it. The scene took about an hour to shoot, and after a while, they had enough footage and they told me, “Whenever you are ready to cum, you can cum.” But I was having too good of a time (laughs). I didn’t want to cum yet, so I kept going. I really pounded him.
Is there anything you haven’t done yet that you’d still like to do?
I’d like to play the role of a doctor checking out a patient, giving a physical, and then seducing him. You know, putting on a glove and checking out his butthole, his prostate, using my own tool to probe him (laughs). That is a fantasy based on something that actually happened to me.
Anything else?
I also like raunchy group sex. Oh, and whenever I do a scene, I always request to do a docking scene, which is when you take your foreskin and cover another guy’s dick head with it. That is so hot!
Tell us about some of the movies you’ve done in L.A.
Well, I did Bang with [director] Chi Chi LaRue.
How did you meet Chi Chi?
Well, I got her e-mail address, and I sent her some pictures of me. She e-mailed me back and said, “I can use you.” I sat in front of my computer in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, she is a big-time director.
What came next?
Then I did Voyager for Catalina, which was filmed on the Pillage & Plunder cruise to Key West, Florida. That was great. Again, I couldn’t believe it. I was working with the top guns of the industry: Steve Rambo, Ray Harley, Tuck Johnson. After that, I did Bad Behavior for Falcon.
What did you do in that one?
It was a raunchy group scene—a lot of ass-eating, spitting. I’m a pig (laughs). And I got to suck Scott Matthews’ dick, which is unbelievable. It’s huge! Then back in New York, I did Cruising for Bruising with [director] Michel Lucas. For that one, I did a scene with four guys in a hotel down in Greenwich Village.
Since you’ve worked in both places, how do you compare the New York and L.A. porn scenes?
Well, on the West Coast, there is more work and they pay more.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
I do (laughs). My favorite thing to do is to bring home a trick and pop in one of my videos. We start getting busy, then all of a sudden I’m onscreen and they rub their eyes. They can’t believe it’s me.
Does your family know about your work?
Oh yeah, I have a big supportive family. I tell them some of my lines in the movies and we laugh. They want to see my movies, but I don’t think I can do that. I mean, these people changed my diapers! (laughs)
Do you have a boyfriend?
No, and I probably won’t get one because of my work. But I don’t think I want one anyway. I’m too busy. But I do have a lot of sex buddies (laughs).
Do you plan to continue in the porn industry?
Yeah, but I don’t plan on making a career of this. I’ll just do it until they get sick of me (laughs). It’s a part-time career. I’m not gonna quit my day job or anything, but it’s a good side job. I mean, what better thing is there than to make money for doing something you enjoy?
How would you define your image?
I’m just a regular guy next door who happens to do porn! (laughs)

Reprinted from Latin Inches magazine (2000)