July 4, 2000

Porn Star Interview: Bobby Blake and Flex-Deon Blake


When beefy Bobby Blake met his lover, Flex-Deon Blake, a couple of years ago, he had already starred in a number of films, bringing his own special brand of he-man sexuality to the screen. But after the two studs dated for a while, sexy Flex also ended up sharing his manhood with the world in movies. Clearly, this was a match made in porn heaven. Originally from Memphis, 43-year-old Bobby is 236 pounds of solid muscle. Standing tall at 6-foot-2, he delivers the word of God as a minister when he isn’t busy making fuck films. Flex, 38, hails from Miami and served a 13-year stint in the Air Force. The 5-foot-11, 215-pound hunk currently works a nine-to-five job and is also a musician. Together, they have performed in numerous films, including Black Ballers, Blatino Party 2, Black Tie Affair and their favorite, Get Hooked on This. The buffed couple spoke to us from their home in Miami.

Tell us how you guys got together.
Flex-Deon Blake: We met in L.A. at a club on Wilshire Boulevard. I was dancing as a guest male stripper, and Bobby was there hosting a party that weekend.
And when was that?
FDB: Almost two years ago.
Bobby, what do you remember about that night?
Bobby Blake: I was doing promotion for a Blatino sex party. I was on my way out the door, and I saw Flex. I thought he was a beautiful man. I believe we spoke.
Flex, did you know who he was?
FDB: I had no idea. I had heard of the Blatino parties and the guy who hosted them. I didn’t know he had done movies, though.
So who called who first?
BB: We made the connection in L.A., then I was in Washington, D.C., hosting a party and I saw him. He gave me his number, but I didn’t call. But during the party, I looked at him and said, “You know, you’re going to be my lover.”
FDB: And that drew a lot of attention. It was three months later, and I had done some homework. Now I knew he was a porn star. I got a little shy.
Bobby, what made you say that to Flex?
BB: I just knew. I just felt it inside.
FDB: But he still didn’t call! (laughs)
BB: We never exchanged calls. It wasn’t until a couple of months later that a mutual friend reintroduced us. That is when the communication began.
Now, Bobby, you had been making movies for a couple of years already.
BB: Yes, I started in 1998 and have done about 100 movies.
Was it something you had always wanted to do?
BB: Yes, it was something I wanted to experience, and in doing my first movies, like Ebony Night with Gene Lamar, I enjoyed it.
Were you always a top?
BB: Of course.
And in real life?
BB: There are some things we like to keep private. What goes on in our bedroom is private.
And Flex, you weren’t involved in porn at all?
FDB: No, I had been a stripper for several years. When I was younger, I saw porn videos and I was always attracted to it. I thought I might like to try it. Then when I met Bobby, I expressed my desires to him and he said he would help. I jumped at the opportunity.
Bobby, did you think Flex had the potential to be a porn star?
BB: Of course. I knew he had the body and the dick. I think you have to allow a person to do what he wants.
What was the first movie you did together?
FDB: It was called Black Power.
Bobby, what was it like working with your lover?
BB: It was just like working with someone else. When I am on the set, my mind is focused on what I have to do.
Flex, was it intimidating to do a scene with him?
FDB: Well, Bobby inspired me in the beginning to do porn. He has his own style, and I don’t want to copy him. We try to maintain our own personalities on and off film. I didn’t want people to get the wrong impression that I was competing with him. When we work we are attuned to our own thing. We are enjoying the moment.
BB: I am a very physical, dominant, in-control individual. I’ve been asked how I created this character, but people don’t realize that this is me. This is what turns me on. A lot of people love that—they like to be manhandled. I’ve been on sets where I scare the hell out of people, and I have to warn them. I fucked someone once until he almost passed out.
Flex, what is it that turns you on?
FDB: I like a masculine guy who is in shape, not necessarily all muscles, but someone who is not inhibited and is free.
BB: My turn-on is looking strong and powerful and evil and the most finest, and then looking a guy in the face and making him my bitch. Saying, “You are at my feet and you will do what I want you to do.” Plus, I love ass. (laughs)
So how big are you guys—in the dick department?
BB: About 10 and a half to 11 and thick.
FDB: About 10 medium, and I’ve got a Prince Albert.
When did you get that?
FDB: Oh, about two or three years ago.
And your tattoos?
FDB: About 10 years ago. I like body art.
Bobby, are you into that?
BB: When I accepted him, I accepted the whole package—piercings, tattoos and all. I was in love with the person, not the accessories. It didn’t bother me.
Is that why you now have pierced nipples and tattoos?
BB: No, not because of Flex. I always wanted to get tattooed, but I never had the nerve to do it. Flex gave me the courage to do it.
Okay, let’s get back to sex. How about jerking off? Do you guys do a lot of that?
BB: I have to, sometimes five or six times a day. I could have sex all day. (laughs) I just think about what I’ve done and I get turned-on.
FDB: I do it a lot too. Since I’ve been in the industry, I’ve cum a lot.
Do you ever watch your own movies?
BB: I glance through them to check the quality. That’s it, and never again.
FDB: I critique them at first, then every once in a while I’ll watch one, but not to get off. I don’t get off on my own movies.
Is there any fantasy you’ve yet to act out onscreen?
BB: My desire is to go into more hard-core scenes: more leather, more fisting, just being able to be myself without limitations.
FDB: I want to do some straight movies. I’d like to try that.
Bobby, how do you feel about that?
FDB: I support him in whatever he wants to do.
So where do you see this going?
BB: Well, I was saying I was going to retire, but there are some things I want to do before that. I want to reveal the best of Bobby Blake to the public. I’m also involved in the political arena, getting minorities in the industry the attention they deserve.
FDB: I want to experience all that I can in the industry. Learn about all of it. Go as far as I can go, and create an avenue for young black models. I want to be able to give something back, and there are a lot of things we can contribute as gay men. People will listen to a hero before an ordinary person. As a porn star, people listen to me more. I want to use that as a tool to educate.
And personally?
BB: I love Flex to death, and I can say I love him more than anyone I’ve been with. Of course, we’ve had ups and downs like any couple, but I am grateful he’s been there for me. I look forward to having him in my life until I die. And our two dogs, too. (laughs)
FDB: I want to have a good relationship and live life and be happy. We enjoy life together.
Do you ever feel the pressure of being role models in the black community or the gay community?
FDB: In some areas, people do look up to us, and as a black couple, a lot of guys write and say, “You don’t find too many brothers in successful relationships.” So yeah, young African-Americans look up to us. That we have careers and are doing well. We have a responsibility to bring something positive.
BB: There’s no pressure, though. I’ve always been in leadership roles as a child and as a minister. So I’m used to it.
Bobby, let’s talk about your work as a minister.
BB: Well, I was reared in the Christian Methodist Episcopal church. I’ve worked in hospitals as a chaplain with AIDS patients. I have a personal relationship with God, and that is who I answer to. I want to do more of that work.
FDB: We both believe that everyone should be proud of who God made them. Don’t let no one take that away from you. Respect yourself.
Any message you’d like to send out to your fans?
FDB: “Cum and get hooked on my dick!” (laughs) That’s what I always say.
BB: “Bow down, bitch.” They know what’s next.

Reprinted from Black Inches magazine (2000)