April 30, 2008

Web Watch: Drew Warner Takes JABB at Site

Award-winning director Drew Warner has been in and around the porn industry for more than 10 years as a director, producer, editor and videographer. He has worked for many of the major studios and also created his own Sports & Recreation Video line, which released such hit titles as Cornfed Boyz 1, Open Trench and Exhibition. Last year, Warner started JABB Management, where he is director of touring and bookings. Porn star clients include Dean Phoenix, Jeremy Hall and Reese Rideout. “I wanted talent in the gay adult industry to feel like they have someone taking care of them when they are performing on the road,” Warner says. “It is important that the models are treated like any other performer at a nightclub venue, and that is our primary concern.”

JABB also has several porn tours on the road, including the Hot House Head Hunter, Inc. Live Tour with Hot House exclusives Ross Hurston and Ty LeBeouf and co-star Vinnie D’Angelo, and the RandyBlue.com Boys of Summer 2008 Tour, now in its second season. Recently Warner and company entered the blogosphere with the Get JABBED…Hard! online blog. It features information on client tours and appearances, links to model profiles, industry news and gossip posted daily for fans, performers and members of the biz. “It’s really a fun clearinghouse for some of the things that hit our desks here every day from people in the adult industry and nightclub business,” Warner says. “Plus it gives me a chance to share some of my personal goings-on and post pictures of hot guys!” For more, visit www.jabbmanagement.blogspot.com.

April 29, 2008

Rewind: Model Behavior

This 1993 release from Catalina Video is notable because it was the first time that porn superstar Zak Spears teamed up with director Chi Chi LaRue. Newly issued on DVD by Channel 1 Releasing (which purchased Catalina last year), Model Behavior finds Spears competing for a modeling job with Brad Eriksen, who attempts to blackmail the hirsute hunk with damaging footage of him doing the nasty with Wes Daniels. And what great footage it is as Spears and Daniels have a hairy encounter on the stairway, which leads to the bedroom, where Spears bottoms and displays what became his trademark verbal style. Handsome Alex Carrington also flip-flop fucks with Spears in a hot tub, and the late Matt Gunther shows up for a threeway with Michael Chads and Alex Thomas, bringing back fond memories of his chiseled face and body. The whole production has a wonderfully cheesy quality that reeks of the early ’90s, right down to the dated sets (we spotted a typewriter!), bad haircuts and kitschy Muzak soundtrack. Spears (who has said that his porn moniker is a combination of the name of the lead cutie on Saved By the Bell and look-alike porn star Randy Spears) and LaRue went on to work together many times (Bolt, Total Corruption, Boot Black), but this was the movie where they did it first. Also starring Brock Hunter and Joey Morgan. For more information, visit www.C1R.com.

News: Director Jean-Daniel Cadinot Dead at 64

The good folks at GayPornTimes.com have confirmed that veteran French porn director Jean-Daniel Cadinot has passed away. He died of a heart attack on April 23 and was 64 years old. Cadinot wrote, produced and directed more than 60 films over 30 years, including Tendres Adolescents, Safari City and Nomades, and founded his own production company called French Art. He won numerous awards, including Best Director from the GAYVN Awards for The Traveling Journeyman in 1991 and Best Director from the Venus Awards in Berlin in both 1997 and 2001. He was also inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame in ’01. For more information, visit Cadinot’s site at www.cadinot.fr/home.php.

April 28, 2008

Event: UndieTwinks.com Launch Party in PS

Last week, we wrote about the launch of the underwear fetish site UndieTwinks.com. Now, everyone is talking about its White Party events in Palm Springs last weekend. The site gave away 3,000 free memberships to fans over two days, and the Saturday afternoon pool party (hosted by Dirty Sexy Money star Candis Cayne, who recently ditched NYC for L.A.) brought out the boys and the briefs. The underwear contest was a highlight as newcomer Vinnie Santelli (top photo) walked away with a $1,000 prize and a contract with the new site. Not bad for a day in the sun—and he didn’t even have to dress! For more information, visit www.UndieTwinks.com.

April 25, 2008

Movie Review: Code Violators


Director: Andrew Rosen.
Cast: Nickolay Petrov, Derrick Hanson, Blu Kennedy, Matt Cole, Cam Kurtz, Carter Longway, Tyler Saint, Sebastian Young, Romario.

A bevy of sexy guys—not to mention a twink poolboy—are working at Matt Cole’s house in Code Violators. When inspector Tyler Saint shows up to check on the paperwork, it turns out that Cole hasn’t complied with the proper building codes, so he has no choice but to give a wet, sloppy blowjob to the muscular Saint. Of course this leads to Cole riding Saint in three positions until they jack to completion. Adorable Blu Kennedy turns up looking for a friend at the house and ends up hooking with former Jet Set exclusive (and current crime suspect) Nickolay Petrov in the kitchen. This scene brims with sexual energy and excitement as Kennedy lovingly chows down on Petrov’s bulbous dick head. They move to the living room for hard-core fucking (Petrov on top), where Kennedy ends up covered with jizz (amazing long-distance cum shot from Petrov). Exclusive Sebastian Young and Derrick Hanson pretend they are brothers to lure Cole’s buddy Cam Kurtz into a threeway. Pool boy Carter Longway, who has been saving himself all day, finally gets together with Cole’s hubby, Romario, who returns from work for some oral and anal action. Although his acting is a bit awkward and line readings stiff, Romario has a beautiful body and hard uncut cock, so all is forgiven. In the end, Cole joins his partner and poolboy in bed and drifts off to sleep in their happy home.

Director Andrew Rosen (The F Word, Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2 and Workload) has concocted another perfect porn plot with just the right amount of story line and dialogue to drive the sex. Great production values, lighting, editing and location make for a classy show. Many shots are so artfully composed that viewers get a fresh perspective on some of the usual positions. It’s nice to see such care and attention to detail taken in porn—although we could have lived without Cole’s Hitler’s mustache pubic hair. That might be a bit too much attention to detail! (Jet Set Men)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2007)

News: Tony Dimarco to Direct for Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion Studios has announced that award-winning writer/director Tony Dimarco has accepted a new position as a staff director at the San Francisco–based studio. He will be relocating to the Bay Area and start his new gig immediately. Dimarco’s first projects for RSS will be filmed in the coming weeks.

“I very excited to join Raging Stallion Studios,“ Dimarco says. “I’ve been a great admirer of their work for many years and am very excited about the prospect of working as one. They are at the top of their game and I’m at the top of mine. I think this is the beginning of an exceptional team. The quality of their filmmaking is top-notch, and I’m honored to be a part of the team.“

Dimarco made a name for himself in the porn industry through his work with Lucas Entertainment in New York, winning the Best Picture prize two years in a row at the GAYVN Awards for his work on Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons and Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita. This year The Intern, which he wrote and directed, won Best Sex Comedy. Dimarco graduated from the School of Visual Art in New York with a BFA in graphic design. He worked as an art director at a major record label for 13 years before venturing into adult films. He left Lucas Entertainment last August.

“Tony is a great guy and a very talented filmmaker,” says Raging Stallion president Chris Ward. “I was very excited when Tony became available—it is rather rare in our small industry when both a position and a person capable of filling it are concurrently open. The recent retirement of Michael Brandon left vacant a top-level job at a top-tier studio—who better than Tony Dimarco to step in?”

For more information, visit www.ragingstallion.com.

April 24, 2008

New Release: The Porne Ultimatum

Dink Flamingo’s Dirty Bird Pictures releases its latest title, The Porne Ultimatum. New exclusive Kaden Saylor (top photo) makes his first appearance outside the Active Duty Line in his starring role as a spy on the run in this ambitious parody of the Bourne series from the Dirty Bird creative team of writer/director Mike Donner and producer Steve Jerome. Flamingo has also taken some of the popular models from his Active Duty pool of talent (straight military men) and given them an opportunity to flex their skills (and their cocks) outside the amateur genre.

Porne is an action thriller that follows the studio’s previous military, comedy, drama and horror satires. Kaden Saylor plays Chason Porne, a hot young spy with a past he can’t remember, and Brent Corrigan is the sweet med student who saves his life—and, of course, gets banged by him. Mason Wyler is a neighbor who gets involved in the plot by seducing superhung Barrett Long. In the end, Porne prevails! Starring Kaden Saylor, Brent Corrigan, Mason Wyler, Barrett Long, Brant Moore, Seth, Levi, Kasey and Colin. For more information, visit www.dirtybirdpictures.com.

April 23, 2008

Guy Candy: Bruno Debuts on LucasKazan.com

Director Lucas Kazan wrote to tell us about his latest discovery. According to GAYVN Hall of Famer Kazan, Bruno has “star written all over him. Tall, muscular, a tireless erection and seductive eyes, he is your quintessential narcissist, but also a graduate student, working two jobs to pay for his studies. Bruno’s been in a relationship for three years now, but who’s the lucky boyfriend?” Luca, who cares? Bruno, who is 25 years old and from Florence, is ready to share his talents with the world. That’s all we care about! He recently made his debut at LucasKazan.com and will also be featured in the studio’s 10th-anniversary production, which will shoot in late May…in Italy, of course. To see a trailer and more pics of newcomer Bruno, visit LucasKazan.com.

April 22, 2008

Web Watch: UndieTwinks.com Goes Live

Created for and by the ultimate underwear fetish fan, UndieTwinks.com is now online. To celebrate its launch, the new site gave away 3,000 free memberships to fans this past weekend at the White Party in Palm Springs, California. It also held a contest to offer one lucky winner an exclusive contract.

“This fetish is real, it’s profound and it’s something I’ve had all my life," says founder Tyler McCartney, who in the site’s welcome letter writes about a 33-year-old man who could not find his favorite kind of porn site so he created it on his own. “Every site I found that boasted the underwear fetish would feature boys in their underwear for a few pictures or a few minutes of video and then they’d take them off and get into the hard-core sex. If you really have an underwear fetish, you’ll understand my disappointment. I don’t want to see them without their underwear unless it’s to take one pair off and put another pair on!”

So McCartney created the site, which is updated weekly with high-quality and fully downloadable exclusive photo and video content. “It’s the underwear fetish done right!" he adds. “For the very first time.” For more information, visit www.UndieTwinks.com.

April 21, 2008

News: Brodie Sinclair Takes Bottom Honors

They said he was gonna do it, and now he’s gone and done it! Less than a month after Cockyboys.com announced that it had signed Brodie Sinclair as a Web exclusive and that he would be bottoming exclusively for the site for the first time, a scene featuring the straight stud has been released. Sinclair was recently topped by straight professional fighter RC Ryan (above, right).

“It was intense,” Sinclair says, “in a good way. RC is physically a lot like myself, so it was intimidating at first but it was hotter than I ever expected.”

Ryan says of the experience, “I fucked him good, and he took it like a champ. It was fun fucking him because we are similar and knowing he had never bottomed before made it that much hotter for me.”

Cockyboys founder Kyle Majors adds, “When RC fucked Brodie, there was some serious testosterone-fueled energy in that room. They are both fighters, they are both straight and they have similar bodies. It was like some deleted scene right out of the movie Fight Club or something…well almost.”

Sounds like the key words here are straight and similar. To see the scene and more of Brodie, visit www.Cockyboys.com.

April 18, 2008

Porn Star Interview: Carlo Masi & Adam Champ


Whatever differences porn star couple Carlo Masi and Adam Champ had with COLT have obviously been ironed out. The bodybuilding duo, who have appeared in films such as the beautiful Hawaii and Naked Muscles: The New Breed, recently reupped with the studio. They also took some time to catch up with VincentLambert.com about their relationship, home life and what drives the other crazy.

Congrats on the new contract, guys. Why did you end up re-signing with COLT?
Carlo Masi: More than any other studio, COLT represents me. After so many years, I am synonymous with COLT. Our images are so intimately joined that it was impossible for me to get myself a new image!
Adam Champ: Colt is a big family where every member is very important, but like in any other family, there are fights sometimes and discussions. Colt, Carlo and I realized we were made to be together so, we decided to re-sign.

How long have you each been working in the industry and how did you get your start?
CM: [COLT talent coordinator] Manfred Speer saw my profile on a gay Web site in 2003 and contacted me. A few months later, I was in San Francisco shooting my first movie for COLT. It was a big success and I have remained with COLT since than.
AC: Manfred contacted me in 2003 too, but I finally accepted his proposal to become a Colt Man in 2006. It was a wonderful experience, and I have no regrets. Actually I started by dancing at the Gaiety theater in New York City, but that was a long, long time ago! [laughs]

How did you meet and become a couple?
CM: We met during the shooting of Waterbucks 2. That was Adam’s first movie. The first time I saw him he was walking toward the camera totally unaware I was looking at him. I fell in love at once; he was so beautiful. At the beginning, he gave me an attitude and I was furious. I already was in porn for years, so I wanted to give him an attitude! [laughs]
AC: Yes, I was totally ignoring Carlo. It was funny seeing him get upset because I was not into him. After this production, we kept in contact and then decided to try being more than friends. We are together for two years now.

Do you enjoy working with each other? Or is it better to work with a model you’re not married to?
CM: I love working with Adam, and so far Waterbucks 2 is my favorite scene. At the end of the day we shot it, we decided to date. But I must admit on the other hand, I was very nervous and it was definitely not easy being involved with the model I was working with.
AC: Of course I really love working with Carlo. In fact, we always are together and enjoy every minute when we are performing together. I have a nice relationship with my colleagues at the company, but we are not close friends.

What are the benefits of being a couple in the porn industry? And what are the downsides, if any?
CM: We take care and support each other. We know how the other feels in each occasion as we are doing the same job. Plus we share the work. While one is answering an interview the other writes an e-mail to the promoter of a disco to finalize the agreement for a live event, for example. The bad part is that we are both jealous and we make the other’s life hell every time we shoot a scene.

What is your life like outside the business?
CM: Our life is very quiet. We are both lazy (Adam is lazier), we like to stay home, eat, watch a movie and have hard sex. We like opera, but we don't have the time (or money) to go a lot. We live in both Rome and San Francisco, but we travel and visit many new countries.

How do you stay in such great shape? Are you both Italian? Don’t you eat pasta!?
CM: I am Italian. Adam is Argentine. We love pasta and we get in shape when we have an important event—a movie, a photo shoot or a live appearance—but usually we eat a lot and we do not care for abs. I like my man a little beefy. Adam is so hot anyway.
AC: I am from Argentina. I am Evita Peron’s lost son! [laughs] Carlo has a gorgeous body, but he is a little lazy at workouts. I always have to drag him to the gym.

What has been your experience with your fans?
CM: Well, it was a very good experience at the beginning, but I must say that sometimes they are tough. They know everything you do and say, and they die for judging.
AC: They are not all alike; there are many who are supportive and whose love make us wish to keep working forever. But there are others who persecute you on every blog, forum, e-mail. Sometime it is stressful to see people talking so much about you. But I guess this is part of the game.

Carlo and Adam can be found performing live on cam on their Web sites, www.CarloMasi.com and www.AdamChamp.com. For more information on their films, visit www.coltstudiogroup.com.

April 17, 2008

News: Dylan Wood Makes Jet Set Debut Online

Jet Set Men has announced the signing of Dylan Wood to its roster of exclusive models. The newcomer makes his debut in the company’s upcoming release Hung Country for Young Men, in which he appears with Kyle York and Rocky Houston. The movie, directed by Chris Steele, is set for a June release, but members of jetsetmen.com will get a first look at this bright new talent when he performs a live sex show with Justin Wells (below) on Jet Set Live this Thursday, April 17, at 10 pm ET. Wood joins other exclusive models Sebastian Young, Jesse Santana and Aaron James in the Jet Set stable.

“It’s an honor to be a part of the Jet Set family,” says Wood, 25. “I look forward to meeting all of their fans with Justin on Jet Set Live this Thursday, answering their questions and taking their requests. Hopefully they’ll become fans of mine by the end of the show too!”

To see Dylan Wood’s online debut, visit www.jetsetmen.com tonight. And if you miss the live show, it will also be available later in the site’s archives.

April 16, 2008

Rewind: Manhattan Sex Party 1 and 2

We had the good fortune of being on the set of both Manhattan Sex Party 1 and 2 a few years back. These movies were filmed at an East Village sex club that doesn’t exist anymore, and you can read all about it here and here. Now, Titan Media, which bought the back catalog of MSR Video (which originally produced these titles) when it folded, has released the films in a two-disc set titled ManPlay Double Pack: Manhattan Sex Party 1 & 2. In the first movie, 20 sexy studs suck and fuck the night away in a Manhattan sex club. In part two, another crew of 14 hot guys bang one another senseless in the same space.

Looking at these pics by photographer Chuck of chuckpixxx.com brought back many memories of the shoots and guys who have left the industry (Max Grand, so hairy and handsome!) and some who have stuck around (Chad Hunt, hung as ever, Rick Gonzales and Carlos Morales, look at those abs!). Mario Ortiz, Diego Alvarez, Aaron Heights and Alex Leon also stand out in our minds—as does the lazy Susan fuck sequence with Alvarez taking a spin. You gotta see it to believe it! And then there was mystery guest Guy, who would only do the movie if he could hide his face. He was a dancer and wanted to have a legit career someday. Guy ended up moving away from New York, so we don’t know whether he ever “made it,” but if you can get past the dumb mask, he’s got a great body and sweet cock.

The late director Tony Alizzi worked hard on these two movies, so we’re glad to see them back on shelves where fans can watch ’em and get off. Tony would have liked that. For more information, visit www.titanmedia.com.

April 15, 2008

Dueling Divas: Brotherhood

The second installment of our “Dueling Divas” column, which runs in XBIZ magazine and is co-written by Vince with GLBT editor Jeremy Spencer, is now up at the XBIZ Web site. This month, we give it the old college try for director Jerry Douglas’s latest epic for Buckshot, Brotherhood. This story of a group of horny frat guys who attempt to blackmail one of their own when they discover he does gay porn is notable for many reasons, including the return of one of our all-time favorites, superstar Dean Phoenix (who shows off his secret talent for self-sucking!), and for leading man Danny Roddick, whose untimely passing when the movie was released shocked and saddened the industry. To read the review, click here. And let us know whether you agree with our dissection of this future classic.

April 14, 2008

New Release: Hollywood Sex Club


Jet Set Men is releasing Hollywood Sex Club, the first starring vehicle for exclusive Aaron James, who is currently featured on MTV’s True Life documentary series. The movie, directed by Andrew Rosen, also stars Jet Set exclusive Sebastian Young, Cam Kurtz, Jonathan Lowe, Luke Riley, Sean Preston, TJ Young and Tyler Saint. Sex Club tells the story of two drunk straight guys (James and co-star Jason Reddick) who stumble into a renowned gay L.A. sex club and end up in a steamy threeway while horny men all around them are hunting for dick. Rosen, with producer John Tegan, has been responsible for recent hits such as The F Word, Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2 and Workload. For more information, visit www.jetsetmen.com.

As for Aaron James, his True Life episode on MTV, titled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” has certainly helped put him on the map. He is one of three subjects profiled on the show as they make a living in the adult entertainment business (the others are a fuchsia-haired girl named Rebekah who scares off prospective dates by telling them that she “does porn” when she is actually just a secretary for a company in the valley; and radio sex show host Shawntelle, who is trying monogamy with her new boyfriend). James allowed an MTV crew to follow him around for months with the end goal of outing himself as a gay porn star to his conservative family.

Playing up a situation like this for all the drama it’s worth isn’t new for a network that has added such fake reality shows as The Hills, Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor to its current crap heap of programming (don’t even get us started on The Real World Awards and Tila Tequila!). All the events and stories here feel equally staged and contrived, but James’s situation comes off the worse. He maintains his heterosexuality throughout, though we see him in numerous homo situations—on the set having sex with men, touring for the Jet Set movie On Fire! and hanging with fellow porn stars Jesse Santana and Guy Parker. At least superstar Dean Phoenix shows up (and who can miss James making goo-goo eyes at him?) to brighten the proceedings, although he admits that he still hasn’t told his family about his porn career after 13 years!

Of course, James’s relatives responds negatively to his bombshell announcement. When he shows his sister his nude pictures online, she announces in her best Roseanne whine, “That’s freaking disgusting!” Later, his cousin stands him up after learning that he does porn and might be gay. James is understandably upset but makes it clear that he is doing gay porn “just for the money” and compares it to working at McDonald’s. He also says that he has to use “male enhancement pills” to get through his scenes, which he claims he gets paid $5,000 a pop for. Ultimately, he comes across as a lonely and conflicted person who is desperate for attention. Why else would he agree to do something so private in such a public way? In the end, a clueless James rationalizes, “Everybody has a price,” but he’s still “gay for pay all the way!” The credits say he’s going back to school to study law. Maybe then he’ll find a job he can feel good about—or there’s always McDonald’s.

In the meantime, he’ll be starring in another movie from Jet Set titled Ass Cruisin’ With Aaron James (remember, he’s straight), which is scheduled to be released in late May. And MTV is said to be so pleased with his segment in this anything-but True Life series that they have recently taped follow-up interviews with him to add to the existing program. Sounds like more crap for the heap.

April 11, 2008

Music Review: Mitch Branson: Groove Compass


Former porn star Colton Ford isn’t the only screen stud making music these days. COLT Man Mitch Branson doesn’t sing, but he has written and produced a new dance-oriented album titled Groove Compass. It features 10 tracks that mix exotic Middle Eastern sounds with a throbbing beat. In an exclusive interview with VincentLambert.com, Branson describes his work as “sensual electronic music infused with global influences.” After playing music for 10 years and studying digital audio for the past two, the 34-year-old hunk produced the album because “I wanted to challenge my skills.”

Branson, the star of films such as the gorgeous Hawaii and Tough, says that his musical influences include Madonna, Moby and Deep Forest, which is evident in the synth sound he has created. The opening cut, “India’s Dirty Secret,” bursts with Indian-flavored beats, while “Creature Returns” has a darker, more atmospheric feel. “Solid Ground,” featuring vocals by Jax, and “Hold On,” with singer Monique, have a more dance-pop feel, and both boast hummable melodies and catchy hooks. (Did we detect a bit of Britney’s “Toxic” on “Ground”?) These two tracks are ready for club play—or at least for one of Branson’s live striptease performances, for which he uses his original music. “Unheard Messages” borders on generic techno, but the final track, “Passion’s Thunder,” brings the album to a close with some epic dance-floor drama. Clocking in at more than seven minutes, the song is an exciting meld of chunky beats and operatic vocal flourishes.

Branson says that he made Groove Compass, which took about six months to record, to “celebrate the diversity of sound our world offers.” And he has truly succeeded. He admits that his music and porn careers are “both an expression of my personality. They’re both creative. Porn is a tool for me to fulfill all my sexual fantasies, and my music comes from the heart and is a way to share my soul with others.” Sexy men Ford and Branson are both proving that for some porn stars, talent is more than skin deep. (Tufo Productions)

To order, visit the store at www.mitchbranson.com, iTunes or www.cdbaby.com.

April 10, 2008

News: Cocky Boys Signs Bobby Clark

Cockyboys.com has announced the signing of model Bobby Clark to the site. “Bobby is the quintessential all-American straight hottie,” says online producer Kyle Majors. “Aside from being cocky, he’s boyish with bright blue eyes. He’s a surfer and it shows. His body is naturally fit and in shape with a golden tan from the all the time he spends at the beach wakeboarding.” And Clark apparently has no problem appearing in gay porn. “A lot of my friends happen to be gay, and I love going out to the local gay bars with them,” says Clark, whose past performances have been solo j/o scenes. But now cockyboys.com says that not only will he be performing exclusively for the site, but he will also be appearing as both a top and a bottom for the first time. “There isn’t another site that I would ever do this for,” Clark says. “I feel really comfortable and ready to experiment with fucking some of these boys and even trying taking one for the team every once in a while. I feel completely honored to be a part of cockyboys…It feels like a big family, as cheesy as it sounds, an incestuous family sure—but a family.” Clark’s scenes will appear on www.cockyboys.com starting next month.

Movie Review: Soldiers of Misfortune


Director: Daddy Zeus.
Cast: Derek Da Silva, Bryce Pierce, Tony Buff, Cullen Cable.

There should be a warning label on Soldiers of Misfortune that reads, “No Porn Stars Were Harmed in the Making of This Movie.” If only it were true—or so it appears. In the opening moments of this dismal Daddy Zeus–directed production, two hooded prisoners are tied to posts then tortured mercilessly. The tactics include spitting, punching, flogging and dripping candle wax. By the time the Taser gun came out, we were ready to hit the stop button. But then the sex scenes began. A now portly Bryce Pierce (2001 Zeus Man of the Year in his return to porn) whips out a knife and starts threatening the enormously inflated balls of newcomer Cullen Cable. Bryce still has his elaborately pierced nuts and shaft, but his dick looks like it has been pumped one too many times. Cable ends up in a sling, where Pierce fucks then jacks him to completion.

Far worse is the coupling of Derek Da Silva and Tony Buff, who engage in so much penis punching and ball torture that viewers will be reaching for their protective cups. These two do some 69, ass-eating and Buff eventually tops, but it’s how he uses his fists to jab at Da Silva’s hole as he shoots that will stick in your mind. There are sound, lighting and picture problems, and no such thing as continuity here. When this fearsome foursome finally climbed into a jeep and rode off into the Palm Springs desert at the end, we can’t say we were sorry to see them go. Sure, there’s an audience for this type of specialty product, but hard-core viewers might want to buckle up. (Can-Am Productions/Zeus Studios)

April 9, 2008

Guy Candy: Fratman Jayden

According to our friends at fratmen.tv, supercute Jayden is the strong, silent type who likes to relax in the sun. He also likes to get his dick sucked. Jayden looks like a Justin Timberlake type to us. Who knows what else he shares in common with Mr. JT. For more Jayden, visit www.fratmen.tv.

April 8, 2008

Event: Spike Gets In Trouble

It’s nice to know that porn superstar (and sometime artist) Spike is keeping busy. A press release crossed our desks this week announcing his upcoming appearance at a local New York City, er, club that just happens to have a mandatory clothing check.

Here’s what it said:

Get In Trouble With Spike!!!

Get off with NYC’s hottest men and one of porn’s hottest stars! Join us for a private party on Thursday, April 10, at 8 pm. Featuring a special hands-on appearance by mega-hung XXX video star Spike! See the huge hard tool, perfect round ass and legendary turbo-charged cum shots that made Spike a favorite with Falcon, Chi Chi LaRue and thousands of horny video fans! Trust us, Spike is veeeeery friendly! Condoms, lube and soft drinks are included. For more information, visit www.troubleparty.com.

Have fun, guys! Have fun, Spikey!

Press: Unzipped’s May Issue Hits Stands

The new issue of Unzipped magazine boasts a supercute Blake Riley cover. The Rascal Video exclusive and recent GAYVN Best Newcomer award winner reveals in an exclusive interview with writer Scott Roberts that he hopes to have a son someday and name him Colton Riley. Talk about passing the torch! Also in the issue, you’ll find Vincent Lambert’s review of the new Raging Stallion release Savage. Here’s an excerpt:

The final sequence offers a tag-team approach as Matthieu Paris plays with a big dildo while Ricky Sinz nonchalantly puffs on a cigarette and jerks. Matthieu mounts his rubber friend and sucks Ricky, who ends up topping the submissive stud. The gritty couple gets down and dirty, indulging in some pit licking and tit punching while they rut. Superhung Antonio Biaggi magically appears and joins the fun, offering Ricky his oversize rod. Ricky sucks and fucks then relieves himself of a large load all over Matthieu’s tattoo and gobbles up every one of his drops. With a full stomach, Ricky leaves Antonio to bugger his bud. But first they get into some ball torture and Antonio has Matthieu stand on his nuts to help him empty. Hey, whatever gets the job done!

To read the full review, pick up the May issue of Unzipped.

April 7, 2008

New Release: Wet Sex, Parts One and Two

Does anyone remember Wet Palms? That was Jet Set Men’s “gaytime drama” series a few years ago that ran for nine episodes and was sorta like a gay soap opera but with hot sex scenes. Well, the newly revitalized studio, which has recently set the sales charts On Fire!, has decided to edit out the story, dialogue and alleged acting and released Wet Sex, Part One and Wet Sex, Part Two. Everything is gone from these two new compilation discs except the 19 sex scenes from the show. Part One features coverman Gabriel Knight, Jason Ridge and Rob Romoni. Part Two features Jason Adonis, Rod Barry and Gus Maddox. Together, the two DVDs feature 25 of porn’s hottest stars in more than five hours of nothing but pure man sex. So who needs story line anyway? For more information, visit www.jetsetmen.com.