April 14, 2008

New Release: Hollywood Sex Club


Jet Set Men is releasing Hollywood Sex Club, the first starring vehicle for exclusive Aaron James, who is currently featured on MTV’s True Life documentary series. The movie, directed by Andrew Rosen, also stars Jet Set exclusive Sebastian Young, Cam Kurtz, Jonathan Lowe, Luke Riley, Sean Preston, TJ Young and Tyler Saint. Sex Club tells the story of two drunk straight guys (James and co-star Jason Reddick) who stumble into a renowned gay L.A. sex club and end up in a steamy threeway while horny men all around them are hunting for dick. Rosen, with producer John Tegan, has been responsible for recent hits such as The F Word, Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2 and Workload. For more information, visit www.jetsetmen.com.

As for Aaron James, his True Life episode on MTV, titled “I Work in the Sex Industry,” has certainly helped put him on the map. He is one of three subjects profiled on the show as they make a living in the adult entertainment business (the others are a fuchsia-haired girl named Rebekah who scares off prospective dates by telling them that she “does porn” when she is actually just a secretary for a company in the valley; and radio sex show host Shawntelle, who is trying monogamy with her new boyfriend). James allowed an MTV crew to follow him around for months with the end goal of outing himself as a gay porn star to his conservative family.

Playing up a situation like this for all the drama it’s worth isn’t new for a network that has added such fake reality shows as The Hills, Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor to its current crap heap of programming (don’t even get us started on The Real World Awards and Tila Tequila!). All the events and stories here feel equally staged and contrived, but James’s situation comes off the worse. He maintains his heterosexuality throughout, though we see him in numerous homo situations—on the set having sex with men, touring for the Jet Set movie On Fire! and hanging with fellow porn stars Jesse Santana and Guy Parker. At least superstar Dean Phoenix shows up (and who can miss James making goo-goo eyes at him?) to brighten the proceedings, although he admits that he still hasn’t told his family about his porn career after 13 years!

Of course, James’s relatives responds negatively to his bombshell announcement. When he shows his sister his nude pictures online, she announces in her best Roseanne whine, “That’s freaking disgusting!” Later, his cousin stands him up after learning that he does porn and might be gay. James is understandably upset but makes it clear that he is doing gay porn “just for the money” and compares it to working at McDonald’s. He also says that he has to use “male enhancement pills” to get through his scenes, which he claims he gets paid $5,000 a pop for. Ultimately, he comes across as a lonely and conflicted person who is desperate for attention. Why else would he agree to do something so private in such a public way? In the end, a clueless James rationalizes, “Everybody has a price,” but he’s still “gay for pay all the way!” The credits say he’s going back to school to study law. Maybe then he’ll find a job he can feel good about—or there’s always McDonald’s.

In the meantime, he’ll be starring in another movie from Jet Set titled Ass Cruisin’ With Aaron James (remember, he’s straight), which is scheduled to be released in late May. And MTV is said to be so pleased with his segment in this anything-but True Life series that they have recently taped follow-up interviews with him to add to the existing program. Sounds like more crap for the heap.

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