April 21, 2008

News: Brodie Sinclair Takes Bottom Honors

They said he was gonna do it, and now he’s gone and done it! Less than a month after Cockyboys.com announced that it had signed Brodie Sinclair as a Web exclusive and that he would be bottoming exclusively for the site for the first time, a scene featuring the straight stud has been released. Sinclair was recently topped by straight professional fighter RC Ryan (above, right).

“It was intense,” Sinclair says, “in a good way. RC is physically a lot like myself, so it was intimidating at first but it was hotter than I ever expected.”

Ryan says of the experience, “I fucked him good, and he took it like a champ. It was fun fucking him because we are similar and knowing he had never bottomed before made it that much hotter for me.”

Cockyboys founder Kyle Majors adds, “When RC fucked Brodie, there was some serious testosterone-fueled energy in that room. They are both fighters, they are both straight and they have similar bodies. It was like some deleted scene right out of the movie Fight Club or something…well almost.”

Sounds like the key words here are straight and similar. To see the scene and more of Brodie, visit www.Cockyboys.com.

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