April 4, 2008

News: We’re One!

Who can believe that it’s been a year since the launch of VincentLambert.com? In that time, our original concept (which was to create a sort of online archive of more than a decade’s worth of interviews, reviews, on-the-set reports and photos) has grown by leaps and bounds—and so has our traffic (with more than a quarter million hits so far). And what a premier year it’s been: The site has been featured in Cybersocket Web Magazine and was a pick for HX Site of the Week; our original “Should Do Porn” column spotlighting Rusty Joiner (above) landed us our biggest traffic day to that point; then our exclusive interview with Johnny Hanson on his bareback debut got picked up by numerous outlets, leading to our biggest traffic day ever! New superstar Johnny Castle granted us his only sitdown after being named Man of the Year by Men magazine, but our classic interviews with Jeff Stryker, Ryan Idol, Billy Herrington and Tom Katt proved to be just as popular. Our most read review? Caesar’s Hardhat Gang Bang! Who knew? We visited the set of Lucas Entertainment’s award-winning sex comedy The Intern and traveled to San Francisco for the GAYVN Awards. We were even invited to join a Blog Circle Jerk! And, of course, one good thing leads to another. Thanks to the site, Vince landed his own monthly column for XBIZ magazine (with old bud Jeremy Spencer) and continues to contribute to GAYVN, Unzipped and other magazines.

A special thanks must go to our Web mistress Sally Stover, for her expertise and advice, and to all the faithful readers who visit to read our daily updates. Even though we don’t get a lot of comments (yet!), we appreciate those regular contributors (you know who you are) who weigh in on their favorite movies and porn stars. So send an e-mail or leave a comment and let’s keep the dialogue going! In our second year, VincentLambert.com hopes to keep bringing you the very best the biz has to offer in a way that is exciting and new. And though we can’t cover every story that comes down the pike, we promise to pick the ones that interest us and hope that they interest you, too. Long live the Internets—and gay porn!


Anonymous said...

congratulations; lov the site and its intelligent touch

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Great site.

Anonymous said...

keep it going!

Anonymous said...

One of the best, many happy returns, fan from Europe

Ronnie Larsen said...

Who the fuck is Sally Stover??? Sounds like a pseudonym to me!

Congrats on a great year with tons of hits!

Is it true your starting a cooking blog called VincentInTheKitchen.com? I can't wait!

PS AssFreak is clearly your biggest fan! He must know what a hot ass you have! I prefer your hot legs, myself.

Anonymous said...

i love this site too

Vincent Lambert said...

Thanks, all! And stay tuned! :)