June 4, 2000

Movie Review: The Shaman


Directors: Andre Adair and Fay Dubois.
Cast: Carlos Casino, Vince Bandero, Max Grand, Mike Cesar, Xavier, J.V., Valentino Rey, Danny Pacheco, Harley, D’Angelo

As the desert winds swirl around him, the Shaman (Valentino Rey) does a freaky little dance for unseen spirits. Only moments into this arty new release from L.A. Brown Productions, we hear the sexy Shaman tell blondie Carlos Casino that he will have “five experiences in five moons,” and that only one can save him. So begins Casino’s journey of sexual exploration. And what a journey it is. First, he wanders around the house, nursing a hard-on and circling a black divan. While we don’t see anything much happening, Casino, like that kid in The Sixth Sense, sees people. But instead of dead people, he sees two gorgeous studs (Vince Bandero and Mike Cesar) sucking and fucking through dreamy gauze material. As Casino pulls on his own thick, beautifully veined cock from the sidelines, Cesar blows Bandero before being fucked by him. Bandero provides some hot sex talk in this scene, coaxing a major orgasm out of Cesar by asking, “Can I pump the cum out of you?” Anytime, Vince.

Next, Casino is lolling in the tub, thinking about superstud Max Grand, who also does a little dance in the desert with a black scarf. Before you can say “Ay, Carumba,” Grand is in the bathroom, offering a helping hand to our hero. But that’s not all he offers. Max feeds Casino his grand manmeat then returns the favor. Casino bends Grand over the tub and gives him a good pounding. Grand shows his appreciation by splashing water all over his glorious hairy chest and arms. Casino adds to the waterworks by delivering an amazing cum shot. This sizzling scene could wake the dead!

It’s too bad the same can’t be said for the following encounter, a threeway with Casino and newcomers Danny Pacheco and Harley. Casino again provides a tasty boner, but the three lack chemistry, and Harley’s plucked eyebrows are enough to turn off any potential lover.

Casino keeps having his visions, including a jerk-off sequence featuring D’Angelo (no, not the muscular R&B stud, unfortunately) and a campfire fuck between J.V. and Xavier. The Shaman even gets to blow a load on the desert sand, leaving poor Carlos high and dry with that damn black scarf!

We won’t give away the surprise ending, but know this: The Shaman is one of the most beautifully photographed porn films we have ever seen. Directors Andre Adair and Fay Dubois expertly build the erotic tension with flawless editing. The action is consistently hot, especially the first two scenes, and the cast will have Latin lovers drooling all over the place. The Shaman is an erotic adventure worth taking. (L.A. Brown Productions)

Reprinted from Latin Inches magazine (2000)