August 31, 2007

Should Do Porn: Jacob and Joshua

Jacob and Joshua Miller are the singing sibling’s from Logo’s Jacob and Joshua: Nemesis Rising. This lame reality show follows the gay identical twins (Montana boys who were raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses!) as they attempt to start a music career. Sure, the tone-deaf duo can’t sing a note, but after seeing this racy spread in England’s axm magazine, we can’t help but think of the early ’80s Jon King/William Higgins classic Brothers Should Do Itand they Should Do Porn, too!

August 30, 2007

New Release: Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2

Director Andrew Rosen returns with a sexy tale that takes on one of the ultimate gay male fantasies—a group of fraternity brothers sharing hot action. In Jet Set Fraternity Gangbang 2, the opening hazing scene hints at the fun to come as we watch the wannabes’ “pledge tasks” turn into a terrific no-holds-barred orgy. It all starts when the upper classmen of SEX (the Greek letters for Sigma Epsilon Chi) have pledges Jesse Santana (those lips!), Sebastian Rivers and Damon Phoenix (that ass!) strip to their jockstraps and get down on their knees. Soon they are slopping beer over their captives’ bodies, exposing their cocks and humiliating them. Santana is sent to swipe a tiki idol from former frat brother Tyler Saint but ends up sucking his first dick. Phoenix’s task is to join the nonexistent tennis team, but coach Scott Wild is happy to play ball with the newbie. These engaging scenes and the excellent orgy finale will have viewers wishing they were back in college! Starring Brandt Moore, Damon Phoenix, Jason Crew, Jesse Santana, Johnny Donavan, Scott Wild, Sebastian Rivers, Sebastian Young and Tyler Saint. For more information, visit

August 29, 2007

Movie Review: Hungry 4 Sex


Director: Gino Colbert.
Cast: Eric Hung, Marcos Pirelli, Justin Wells, Kris Anthony, Christian Owen, Damon Phoenix, Pete Hill, Antonio Rio, Erec Estrada, Park Wiley, Dominik Rider.

Award-winning director Gino Colbert returns with the impressive Hungry 4 Sex. In four tight vignettes, Colbert gathers an excellent cast and puts them through their paces like the pro he is. The first scene, “Head-Shots,” features Asian Sex Machine (and Colbert discovery) Eric Hung and hunky Marcos Pirelli, who are meeting for a photo shoot. Soon, they are shooting more than pictures. After sucking each other, the guys eventually flip-flop fuck. Colbert treats viewers to great close-ups of Hung’s thick prick in this scene, and Pirelli gets so turned on, he even shoots twice! Cuties Justin Wells and Kris Anthony meet up at “The Buddy Ranch,” where they do some nice toe sucking along with their cock sucking and fucking. Two big loads are their reward. In “Internal Affairs,” lean Pete Hill is a sexy chef preparing a salad for boss man Christian Owen. Rarely have we seen anyone get so turned on by chopping lettuce! Hill eventually jacks and pisses into the greens, while Owen charms visiting twink Damon Phoenix. The twosome trade blowjobs and Owen dives into Phoenix’s plush butt cheeks (see box cover above!). The salad scene is hysterical, and it’s surely Colbert at his twisted best as we watch the unwitting duo sit down to dine. Hung returns for the “Bukkake Boyz” finale, a sweaty orgy featuring Erec Estrada, Dominik Rider, Antonio Rio and Park Wiley that ends this feast with style. Fans of hot men and hard-core action will definitely get their fill with Hungry 4 Sex. (Gino Pictures/Pacific Sun)

To order, visit

August 28, 2007

New Release: Welcome to Paradise

Director Michael Lucas ventures to tropical Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to check in to the horniest resort in town. Managed by big-dicked bad boy Lucas exclusive Ray Star—who can’t help but sneak a peek at all the hard-core fucking and sucking of his clientele—the resort is a steamy cruising paradise for a hard-bodied cast including Lucas exclusives Jonathan Vargas and Luke Stevens, plus Brian Bodine, Matthew James, Justin Burkshire, Angelo DiMarco, Trey Rexx, and Todd Welch. Poolside threesomes, Jacuzzi fuckfests and wild jungle hook-ups await you…welcome to paradise! Director’s cut DVD features a bonus sex scene with Lucas and Colby Fender and two additional watersports scenes. For more information, visit

August 27, 2007

News: Damon Phoenix Signs Deal to Direct

Porn star Damon Phoenix has signed a one-year nonexclusive contract with Gentlemen’s Video Inc. Phoenix’s company, Phoenix Rising Productions, will release 12 movies within the next year in conjunction with Gentlemen’s Video. The first coproduction will be released in September.

The star of such films as Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2, Ari’s Place, Big Dick Club and Dante and a nominee for GAYVN’s 2006 Newcomer of the Year, Phoenix will produce and direct all the films. “I have met many studios in my life,” says Phoenix, “but I haven’t seen one that has more honor and integrity than Gentlemen’s Video.”

Michael Esposito of Gentlemen’s Video says, “We’re real excited about Damon coming on board and having him add to our line of gay and bisexual titles. We think this is a great opportunity for our company as well as for Damon.”

August 24, 2007

Seen: Jeff Stryker in Provincetown

Provincetown hosted its annual Carnival Week recently, and taking part was none other than porn icon Jeff Stryker, who spent part of his summer there appearing in his one-man show, A Sophisticated Evening With Jeff Stryker. The play, written by Bruce Vilanch, has been a hit there and in Los Angeles, where it premiered last year. At the Carnival Parade (where our friends at captured the magic), Stryker soaked up the adoration of longtime fans as he shimmered in gold glitter. So that’s what becomes a legend most!

August 23, 2007

Movie Review: Ass Rimming Roomies 3


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Neil Sams, Aaron Carpenter, Kelly Breeze, Others.

The underwhelming cast of Ass Rimming Roomies 3 takes the title quite literally. No sooner does each scene begin than the guys are diving into some butthole. In five dismal scenes, they lick ass and toss salad with little gusto. These models couldn’t look more bored, and viewers can’t help but feel the same. First up, a chubby youth with a bad dye job trades rimjobs with a much thinner twink who must be popular because he appears in almost every scene. The lackluster duo returns for the next scene with a gum-chewing buddy who is almost as unattractive and out of shape. He looks bored too, as he chomps away and fails to achieve an erection. Bubble Boy comes back for another scene—with gum in tact! Things only get worse from here, as the tedious ass-eating and provocative oral cum shots pile up. Also, the uncredited director forgot to tell these models that when filming a movie you aren’t supposed to stare into the camera. This makes their awkward moves even harder to watch as they display that infamous deer-in-the-headlights look. Tacky sets and inferior picture quality cap off this seedy production. These Roomies should be sent packing. (Phantom Pictures)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

August 22, 2007

News: Rocker Dave Navarro to Direct Porn

Adult production company Teravision has announced the directorial debut of rock star Dave Navarro. The former member of such bands as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction has directed a feature-length movie titled Dave Navarro: Broken. It features an all-star cast, including Sasha Grey, Jenna Haze, Victoria Sin, Audrey Bitoni, Kayla Page, Lisa Daniels, Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas, Mark Davis and Spyder Jonez.

“I got into this because I have a lot of friends in the business,” Navarro told “I’ve been around the music business for years and years, and I watched it spiral into absolute bullshit and nothingness and become the same old, safe regurgitated things that the corporate world is trying to shove down the public’s throat. But in terms of edge and the taboo factor, it doesn’t seem to exist anymore [in music]—and to me, this seems like the only art form out there that’s exciting, shocking and taboo, yet there’s a huge market for it,” he said.

“As far as what people think—there’s always been a skewed opinion of me anyway. People have accused me of being a sellout for doing certain things, and the fact of the matter is, if I didn’t do something I wanted to do because of what people think, that would make me a sellout,” Navarro added. “I do what I want to do because I want to do it. I’m not going to shy away from something like this because of what public opinion might be. That’s the bottom line.”

Navarro’s directorial debut is part of Teravision’s new “Celebrity Series” line that will feature a different celebrity director for each installment. Dave Navarro: Broken will be released on September 27.

August 21, 2007

Porn Star Interview: Ray Dragon


When porn veteran Ray Dragon got the call that he was being considered for induction into the GAYVN Hall of Fame at this year’s awards, he didn’t believe it was real. “I thought they were playing a joke on me,” Dragon recalls with a laugh. But a couple of months later, there he was, standing onstage at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, receiving his trophy from director Gino Colbert. “It’s nice when they come back and say thanks. It’s an honor.” It was also the culmination of many years of hard work.

Dragon’s porn career began in 1990 with what he refers to as “two visits to California.” That is when the former gymnast and dancer who hails from Detroit shot some pictures and filmed a couple of solo scenes for famed photographer Jim French and his COLT Studios. “It turned into a hell of a lot more than I ever imagined,” Dragon says of the response to his initial exposure. “It very quickly took on its own persona—the Ray Dragon persona.” When asked to define what that persona is, Dragon describes a man who exudes natural masculinity, wears no makeup and is “just very real. The pictures touched a nerve,” he says. “I was surprised, but it’s always good to know that someone is getting off to your pictures and movies. That is a huge compliment.”

But Dragon didn’t linger in the industry. While shooting porn he was also studying industrial and computer design and soon branched out into the fashion industry. “Making clothes is actually all about engineering,” Dragon says, and his pioneering work with stretch fabrics evolved into a successful line of menswear that spawned stores in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Fire Island and Paris and a staff of 20. “I was gay and sold to gay customers,” Dragon says. “Gay customers are the toughest. They have the money and can buy whatever they want. I was out and gay when it wasn’t fashionable. This was the early ’90s. I mean, Calvin Klein got married!”

After 12 years as a designer, Dragon felt that he had accomplished what he had set out to do. An article in The New York Times about the profitability of the porn industry eventually prompted his return to it. “I was tired of fashion,” he says, “and I read about how pornographers were making so much money and how the industry was becoming so niche oriented, so I decided to make a niche for myself—a niche for mature men.” In 2001, Dragon returned to the business with Titan Media’s Gorge in a scene with Jon Galt. He says that the film was “a bit of pressure,” partly due to the fact that he had never actually had sex on-screen before. “I had been good at playing with myself,” Dragon says with a laugh, “but this was different. It was so much more work! But I got through it.” He went back to COLT for Reload with director John Rutherford and filmed 110˚ in Tucson, Deep Water Beach Patrol #1 and LifeGuard! with director Joe Gage and Woodsmen for Titan.

He also launched his own production company, Dragon Media, and Web site around this time, having had experience with the Internet from his fashion business. This turned into another source of income, as Dragon filmed and edited original material for subscribers. “You have to employ a wider array of products to keep people interested,” he says, which is why members of get iPod downloads, a series of Webcam shows, streaming video, model galleries and plenty of sexy images of Dragon himself. He also designs and programs the sites and

Dragon also started hiring myself out as a cameraman, shooting for Lucas Entertainment and other top companies. “I really like doing camera work,” he says. “It’s easy. I just do as I’m told, hold the camera still and that’s it. And it’s also interesting to work with other directors and observe their styles.”

The New York¬–based star says that the thing he enjoys most about directing is the challenge of it. “There are so many factors involved,” he says. “There is always something going wrong, something happening—a model is canceling, a location is falling through. Getting all the elements to come together is really hard.”

But Dragon continues to do it, for his Web sites and for others. He recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Dark Alley Media, which will sell the entire Dragon Media catalog. The two companies co-released Jonny’s Place, starring Jonny Mack and Arpad Miklos, in February. Dragon also hopes to do more movies as a model and hints at some new business plans that will be announced later this year. But for now, he fondly recalls this year’s GAYVNs. “Kathy Griffin was amazing. I enjoyed it all. I got through my speech and even remembered to thank everyone I wanted to.” Of his long career in the public eye—through both porn and fashion—Dragon says, “I’ve touched a lot of souls.”

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

August 20, 2007

New Release: Rich Kid

Private Man’s summer blockbuster Rich Kid was shot on the beautiful Adriatic Coast and stars former Falcon exclusive Dean Monroe and Raging Stallion/Hot House favorite Tamas Eszterhazy, plus 12 hunky European studs. The film tells the story of spoiled Rich Kid (Monroe), who is preparing for his birthday party. At the top of his gift list is lots of group sex, and he blows out more than the candles on his birthday cake! Starring Dean Monroe, Tamas Eszterhazy, Antonio Moura, Derek Lyon, Devon Williams, Julio Carillo, Lucien Dickson, Mad Stefano, Manuel Martinez, Marco Sanchez, Mickey Cabalo, Rod Stevens, Sylvester Valentay and Thomas Vodnik. For more information, visit

August 17, 2007

Guy Candy: Jonathan Vargas

How cute is Jonathan Vargas? The adorable 22-year-old Lucas exclusive has made a big splash in films such as Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, Encounters 5 and Welcome to Paradise. He will also appear in the upcoming sex comedy The Intern. And now, the smooth Colombian newcomer is writing a blog that features tales and pics of his international travels, hot buddies, sexual adventures and more. Check it out at And for more information on Vargas, visit

August 16, 2007

News: Raging Stallion Signs Five New Exclusives

Raging Stallion Studios announced the signing of five new exclusives to its stable. They are Tober Brandt, RJ Danvers, Ricky Sinz, Luke Hass and Antonio Biaggi. The models will appear in both print and film over the next 12 months. Tober Brandt (pictured, top) joins Raging Stallion after a multi-year contract with another studio. His talents will be used primarily as the foundation for the upcoming expansion of JD Slater’s Centurion Pictures division of the company. RJ Danvers (pictured, bottom) is a hairy 18-year-old who won over RSS president Chris Ward when he admitted that his entire DVD collection was made up of Raging Stallion movies! “RJ is going to have a great career ahead of him,” Ward says. “He reminds me of a young Mark Evrett or Cliff Parker.” Danvers will make his porn debut in the upcoming big-budget military-themed Grunts. For information on the other new exclusives, vist

August 15, 2007

Movie Review: Bedroom Break-in


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Jack Samuelson, Kube Adams.

There’s no break-in in Bedroom Break-In—just two twinks in a bed. Following a brief exterior shot in which Jack Samuelson and Kube Adams meet in a European square, the cute couple waste no time in hitting the sheets. They trade oral for a while, showing off their good looks, uncut cocks and nubile shaved (seemingly from head to toe, including pits and even pubes on one) bodies. Fucking follows, leading to the usual jack to completion. Fans of foreign meat and twinks will be entertained, while others might be put off by the austerity here. The guys do the required moaning but bring little heat. And the slight 42-minute running time might leave viewers feeling that these guys are simply smooth operators. Average picture quality, sound and production values. Lock your doors! (Spring Break)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

August 14, 2007

New Release: The Muscle Pit

Veteran porn star and director Blue Blake embarks on the most ambitious film of his career with The Muscle Pit. In the movie, former Falcon exclusive Josh Weston performs his first on-screen double penetration with porn superstars Robert Van Damme and Brad Rock. The scene culminates with Weston downing both straight bodybuilders’ protein shake. “It’s literally one of the best scenes I have ever shot,” Weston says. “This is the reason I got into filming porn, to make films exactly like this.”

Shot entirely on location on Southern California’s famous Venice Beach, The Muscle Pit revolves around a playboy bodybuilder who uses his good looks and power to seduce innocent straight muscle guys. The cast also includes BamBam Micelli, Junior Teen bodybuilding champion in his first full-length feature, and young hunk Damon Phoenix, who gets pounded by manly Tyler Saint.

The Muscle Pit is the best film of my career,” Van Damme says. “Nothing has been better than this film. It’s beautiful and full of sexy men that I get to fuck. Everybody goes far in this film, making it very hot.”

Blake, who took more than a year off from the industry to finish writing his autobiography Out of the Blue: Confessions of an Unlikely Pornstar (due out in April 2008 from Avalon Press), says the film took months to cast. “We saw literally dozens and dozens of models for the roles. We knew that we were going to use Robert Van Damme and when you start with a model of his caliber, everybody else has to match.”

The Muscle Pit
stars Robert Van Damme, Brad Rock, Marco Paris, Damon Phoenix, Tyler Saint, BamBam Micelli and Josh Weston. Written, produced and directed by Blue Blake. For more information, visit To order, go to

August 13, 2007

News: Zach Rockwood Celebrates New Contract

Jet Set Men announced the signing of the newest member of its porn brat pack, model Zach Rockwood, who will perform in six films over the next year. He is best known for launching his career by being the first person to top Jet Set discovery Jason Adonis on-screen. Rockwood is currently appearing in Jet Set Men’s Proven Straight.

To promote his new deal, Rockwood will make a number of personal appearances this week, starting with a live sex show with Jet Set Man Braxton Bond on the Video Secrets VIP network on Wednesday, August 15, from 4 to 7 pm PST. (For more information, go to Immediately following the show, it’s on to FuBar in West Hollywood for Zach, where he will headline Chi Chi LaRue’s Dirty Deeds party at midnight.

On Thursday, August 16, the tour continues at Cocktails with the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood, where Rockwood and Bond will greet fans, sign autographs and give away copies of Proven Straight and Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2.

“Zach is a natural,” says director Chris Steele. “He has on-screen charisma, and that’s what makes him stand out. He’s exactly what we’re looking for here at Jet Set.”

For more on Zach and other Jet Set exclusives, visit

August 12, 2007

New Release: Forbidden Dreams

Cover model Tommy Blade (pictured, top) has had a lot of dick in his day. As he wakes up in an empty apartment, his mind wanders to his many sexual partners and their torrid affairs. In five scenes and one hot dildo solo, his Forbidden Dreams begin and end with big dicks and eager holes. Starring Tommy Blade, Carter Longway, JD Kollin, Nick Marino, Taurus Dean, Adam North, Ford Tuff, Lucas di Fubbiano, Sebastian Young, Trey Casteel. Directed by Ben Leon. For more information, visit

August 11, 2007

Movie Review: Jake Cruise: Personal Czechs


Director: Jake Cruise.
Cast: Ivan, Tanek, Frederico, Lubor.

Jake Cruise’s latest effort, Personal Czechs, features only four models, but what models they are! This new release from amateur maven Cruise offers gorgeous guys straight from Prague in three sexy scenes. First, Ivan and Tanek kiss and play in bed, actually enjoying their foreplay and conveying a sense of fun. How rare that is in porn! Both are built and beautiful, hunky and sweet (although the crimson Ivan appears to be suffering from a bad case of sunburn—or embarrassment). They proceed to some hot 69 action and more, until Ivan tops a moaning Tanek. This muscular bottom returns in Scene 2 with handsome Frederico, who boasts a stunning six-pack. These two also kiss and touch and take their time—the only difference is that they flip-flop fuck, and Frederico delivers a cum shot so amazing that director Cruise repeats it right away in slow motion. Then the guys hit the shower for a quick cleanup. Young and smooth Ivan comes back for the final scene to be paired with Lubor, a very tan example of prime foreign beef. These models both have great bodies and appear to be very comfortable with each other. Again, Ivan tops and they both shoot on Lubor, filling his belly button with copious cream. Picture quality is good, and Cruise’s camerawork is a good example of how amateur porn should look. Major props to Cruise and the men of Prague. Czech, please! (Jake Cruise)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2007)

August 10, 2007

Should Do Porn: Andy Samberg

Look at him. Look. At. Him. Nuff said. Should Do Porn!

August 9, 2007

News: Johnny Castle to Hit the Road

Talent agent David Forest has announced an upcoming tour for his newest superstar, Johnny Castle. A Jersey boy who now makes his home in Southern California, Castle will appear live at several gay nightclubs and on the radio in the next couple of months.

The 27-year-old model is currently featured in the new Falcon film Hustle and Cruise and in Rascal Video’s latest release, Sun Soaked. He is also in the August issue of Playgirl magazine and is a model for the FleshJack adult novelty line.

“This kid was meant to be a superstar,” Forest says. “He was literally one exam away from getting his master’s degree in psychology but decided, instead, that he wanted to use his looks/body to make a living. That’s my kind of star. The tour dates I’ve got booked are especially tailored for Johnny, all being places where they love gorgeous stallions with great personalities. That’s Johnny! With his incredible looks and being an exhibitionist at heart, Johnny will be adored everywhere.”

Here are some of Castle’s upcoming dates:

Friday, August 10: Play (Nashville, TN)
Saturday, August 11: Greg’s (Indianapolis, IN)
Wednesday, September 19: “Dirty Deed’s” at Fubar (Los Angeles)
Wednesday, September 26: Latin Night at Venu (Boston)
Thursday, September 27: “Derek & Romaine Show” on Sirius OutQ 109 Radio
Friday, September 28: Splash (New York City)
Saturday, September 29: Pittsburgh Eagle (Pittsburgh)
Saturday, October 27: Connection (Louisville)

Additional dates will be announced as confirmed. For more information, visit

August 8, 2007

Sneak Peek: Cumming Clean

Director Andrew Rosen shot a new film for Jet Set Men last week. Titled Cumming Clean, the movie stars Jet Set exclusive Jesse Santana, along with Matt Majors, Jason White, Braxton Bond, Andrew Justice, Josh Klearly, Christian Owen and Tyler Saint.

In an exclusive interview with, Rosen shared some news about the shoot. “It went great,” he said from his West Hollywood office. “I especially like Matt Majors’ acting. He’s like a young John Malkovich…with a huge cock! And I think the movie will be quite controversial.” When asked exactly what the controversy involves, Rosen would only say, “I don’t want to give away too much yet, but it’s a ripped-from-the-headlines theme.”

Shooting on Cumming Clean was done on location and in the studio. “Jet Set has perfected the short shoot,” said Mark Hovanec, executive in charge of production for Jet Set Men, “by doubling up crew to shoot expansive glamour material while action is being filmed in a separate location. This technique allows production values to remain high while reducing overall production cost."

In the tradition of such Rosen hits as Going Under and Doggie Style, Cumming Clean promises to feature a clever story line and witty dialogue. Another Rosen production, Jet Set Fraternity Gang Bang 2, also starring Jesse Santana, is due to be released in August.

For more information,