April 30, 2009

Seen: Dean Flynn at Splash Bar in NYC

Who should we spot in our travels last weekend but porn star Dean Flynn? There, hidden in the deep, dark recesses of Splash Bar on a sweaty Saturday night was the Titan Media exclusive. Flynn’s recent movies for the studio include Chainsaw and Warehouse, and you just know he’ll be sucking and fucking in a new production soon. Cute T-shirt, Dean, but if you ask us, you’d look better without it!

Web Watch: Bros TJ and Joner Jack With a Twist

Has the whole brothers-doing-it-next-to-each-other craze jumped the shark? With a rash of new scenes from Bobby and Seth Clark and these pairs of Fratmen (and don’t forget these two, not to mention the triplets), it’s certainly starting to look that way. But the guys over at straightfraternity.com have come up with a new way to keep it fresh. Somehow, somewhere, they found a pair of smooth bros who just happen to be deaf. So before TJ and Joner get down to pumping, they use sign language to chat about who has the bigger dick and how hot they are for chicks. Well, they are attractive in an odd, trailer-park kinda way—and it is definitely different. Guess Sondheim was right: You gotta have a gimmick! For more information, visit www.straightfraternity.com.

April 29, 2009

News: The Return of Jonathan Vargas…

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April 28, 2009

News: Rocky and Dean Coxx Go All the Way

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Event: Equality & Justice Day

Today’s the day that gay New Yorkers schlep to Albany to make their case to state representatives in the fight for marriage equality. Empire State Pride Agenda has launched a campaign called Equality & Justice Day to mark the occasion. The New York–based group is hoping to prove that actions taken on one day, like today, can change history. In a series of photos on the Pride Agenda site, revolutionaries throughout the ages are shown making a difference in the world. The half-naked guys pictured here are supposed to be Indians from the Boston Tea Party—or something like that. Who knows? It’s still an important day to let lawmakers know that equality is important to you and yours. Remember, kids, gay rights are human rights. For more information, visit onedayequals.com.

April 27, 2009

Short Takes: AMG Revamps Sites…and More

Athletic Model Guild (AMG) has announced the relaunch of the company’s two membership sites, AthleticModelGuild.com and AMGBrasil.com. The new sites will be updated multiple times weekly and include thousands of images, hundreds of video scenes (complete with HD and full-screen capabilities) and historical memorabilia from the studio’s past, including Bob Mizer’s magazine, Physique Pictorial. “The brand-new interface will allow us to showcase our 65 years of historical images and movies with the most up-to-date technology possible,” says AMG president Dennis Bell. “In addition to our hard-core Brazilian line, AMG Classics has a vintage library of 3,000 films, 2,500 videos and about a million gallery images.” That’s a lot of porn! The studio also provides access to a video-on-demand page; a blog; the AMG Web store; a podcast (downloadable in the iTunes store); and an AMG Twitter. “We realize that technology is constantly in flux, and we are ready to adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere of the Web,” Bell adds. “No one can say AMG is a relic of the past. AMG is a studio of the future.”…Porn star Kurt Wild has taken to his blog to let fans know that he has amicably parted ways with AngelSlutGarden.com and ASG Entertainment, which had recently signed him to star in and direct porn. “For me to continue as a team with ASG, in my opinion, would not help me with fulfilling my dreams as a model and director,” Wild says, “because I have always done better as a soloist. I am very much a people person, but when it comes to goals and working, I tend to be a real perfectionist.” The married father of three (anyone know whether his wife has popped out the fourth yet?) who made a splash on The Tyra Banks Show goes on to say that he will remain friends with company owners Angel Skye and Brad Star but will focus on building his own ClubKurtWild site. Meanwhile, the AngelSlutGarden site is down amid rumors that Skye has quit the business and that he and Star are no longer a couple. We smell some gay porn drama!…Is porn star Chad Manning (below) in or out? No, not of the closet—the porn biz! After announcing on his blog that he was retiring from the wonderful world of porn, the former Titan Media exclusive changed his mind and decided to stay—all on the same day. In an updated statement, Manning says, “I had some personal issues that led me to make a rash decision and things got out of hand.” It seems that working with director Steve Cruz on his new Green Door flick for Mustang had something to do with his choice. “I’m shooting for Steve Cruz right now and he has helped me realize that all porn isn’t bad! I’ve had an amazing time and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.” Okay, now we know about his career, but what about Manning’s supposed breakup with fellow screen stud Damian Rios?

April 24, 2009

News: Best of Decade Blog Event Announced

Last year, we were invited to a Blog Circle Jerk. Now we’ve been asked by a group of highly esteemed journalists to take part in an exciting new project. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, 12 top adult industry journalists, bloggers and Web sites (including VincentLambert.com) are preparing to launch a group blog that will discuss, dish and celebrate the past decade in gay porn.

The idea for a group blog sprang up during a conversation between journalists JC Adams (of GayPornTimes) and Onan the Vulgarian (of XXFactor) when Onan mentioned that he wanted to update his 1998 list of the all-time best gay porn films. As we approach the end of the 2000s, the guys felt that it was a good time to look back at the past 10 years in gay porn and commemorate the highlights—and maybe even some of the lowlights! So they asked us and several other top names in the big biz to weigh in with our faves.

“The adult industry is undergoing a period of retrenchment right now,” Adams says, “and at times like these it’s useful to examine the past as we try to [look into] the future.” Onan adds, “This blogging project will help to provide a cultural and erotic perspective on where we were and whence we’ve come in the past 10 years, written by the people who have been paying the most attention.”

Besides Adams, Onan (and us!), the other participants are Mark Adams of VidioView; the editors of Fleshbot, TheSword and GayPornBlog; Butch Harris of ManNet; Mark Kliem of Lavender Lounge; Jason Sechrest of JasonCurious; Mickey Skee of Adult Video News; and Nick Young of NickYoungXXX. Each blogger will use his own blog, Web site or other media outlet to present his list in his own way, shape or form. There is no predetermined format or content. Blogging is set to begin on Friday, May 1.

So, what films will make our list? Feel free to send us your suggestions, readers, and stay tuned. It’s going to be interesting!

Event: The Line of Fashion Exhibition

We indulged our artistic side again last week with a visit to the Society of Illustrators on the Upper East Side. That’s the current home of a fabulous exhibition we had seen in an earlier incarnation at the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation. The Line of Fashion celebrates the wonderful world of illustration by showcasing more than 100 years of amazing work.

Designer Yves Saint Laurent once bemoaned the loss of the medium, saying, “It is a pity but today there are no more fashion illustrators. For however much I admire photographers, I have to admit their work is done to the detriment of the design. It is often the background that takes pride of the place.” It was in the early 1960s that photography started taking the place of illustration in the country’s top fashion magazines. Now this show, curated by Robert W. Richards (who was also part of The Painted Boy exhibition we wrote about here), pays tribute to the numerous artists, including Kenneth Paul Block, René Bouché, Antonio, Eric, Joe Eula and many others, who made fashion illustration so relevant. The work of two of our favorites are shown here: Nick Backes (above) and Steven Broadway (below). This ain’t gay porn, guys, but these drawings are beautiful and hawt! The show runs through May 2. For more information, visit www.societyillustrators.org.

April 23, 2009

Event: Cocktails Returns to Micky’s in Weho

It seems like only yesterday that Micky’s burned to the ground, dashing a million gay porn dreams. Now, almost two years later, like a phoenix rising from its ashes (or Cher in Vegas), the popular West Hollywood club is back and better than ever. And along with the all-new-and-improved Micky’s, the long-running Cocktails With the Stars event will be returning too. Starting tonight, Thursday, April 23, at 6 pm, co-hosts Scotty B and Angel Benton will be welcoming the hottest gay porn stars and introduce them to fans and promote their latest films. Cockyboys.com exclusive Bobby Clark (also the star of Buckshot’s Boy Country) is slated to be their first guest. (Hmmm, wonder whether his bro Seth will show!) Studly Robert Van Damme follows next week.

“I’m ecstatic that Micky’s and Cocktails are returning,” Scotty B says. “The wait has seemed like forever! I can’t wait to start inviting the Internet studios and some of the new up-and-coming porn stars.”

The original show, which was famously hosted by both Will Clark and Jason Sechrest in years past, is being updated and will even have a Webcast tie-in now. Cocktails has teamed with NickYoungXXX.com to air the event online weekly for the first time. “Broadcasting the show has been a work in progress even while the bar was still in rubble,” Scotty B says, “we just needed a reliable company to help, and with me already interviewing/working for Nick Young, the choice was obvious.” For more information, visit mickys.com.

April 22, 2009

April 21, 2009

News: David Forest Announces New Column

Everybody wants to write about gay porn gossip these days! Veteran talent manager (now retired) David Forest is throwing his hat in the crowded ring with the Sunday Serenade, a new weekly Web column. “I couldn’t sit back any longer,” says Forest, who dropped out after a stint in rehab last year. Now at age 60, he runs the ForestMeetings service but finds himself with enough free time to share his personal news and views on the porn biz. “I’ll draw on my 40-plus years of relationships and experience in both mainstream and adult entertainment show business to offer up a fun, critical (sometimes cynical) weekly column,” Forest says. Hmmm, maybe that means he’ll share some of those great Stevie Nicks war stories from the ’70s. To read Forest’s musings, visit www.forestmeetings.com.

News: Bobby Clark and Bro Seth Pull Together

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April 20, 2009

Short Takes: Robbie Angel Is Back…and More

Another day, another porn star comeback. Last week, it was Jason Adonis, now former Channel 1 Releasing exclusive Robbie Angel is returning to the jizz biz and has signed with Jason Sechrest’s new DV8 Casting management firm for all print, video, online and live appearance bookings. Now 26, Angel appeared in just three movies (Starting Young, Little Big League and In the Can) when he was 19 before taking a powder. Guess he needs to buy a new couch!…When Phil ST John was inducted into the GAYVN Hall of Fame last month, he was seen in San Francisco with a camera crew in tow. Now we know that the famed director was filming what he is calling a “mock-u-doc-u-cock-u-mentary.” This will be a feature-length film that pokes fun at his oversize persona and celebrates his long porn career, including how he basically invented the double-penetration scene with Below the Belt in the ’80s and created the skateboard punk genre in the late ’90s. And Pacific Sun Entertainment is saying that ST John’s next project for the company will “stretch the physical limits” of his models and that his chosen star will be taking sex “beyond the limits of nature.” Hmmm, hot monkey love!?…Jack Wrangler just left the building, now another porn legend has passed away: Behind the Green Door star Marilyn Chambers was found dead in her home last week. The cause of death was not known. Chambers’ daughter, McKenna Taylor, has announced that a public memorial service will be held in Los Angeles this Wednesday, April 22, which would have been the actress’s 57th birthday.…Old Reliable photographer David Hurles was hospitalized last October after suffering a massive stroke. Now, a group of his friends and fans have launched the Old Reliable Fund to bring his iconic photographs of California street trade (prime example below—love the plaid!) to a new audience online. Hurles, 64, was a porn pioneer in the 1970s, and artist Rex in the book Speeding called his models “the detritus of the American dream: dropouts, drug addicts, ex-cons and schemers. Hurles documented their courage and bravado.” Recently, some of his classic pictures were resurrected in The Big Penis Book. “It’s really important that we get his work back out there,” says Christopher Trout, a partner in the Old Reliable Fund. “Not only is it some of the sexiest, most confrontational work I’ve ever seen, but it also carries some significant historical weight.” The Fund will operate a blog and Web store at www.OldReliableFund.blogspot.com.

April 17, 2009

Movie Review: Pedro


MTV took a break from its usual spate of crap programming on April 1 to air a surprisingly sensitive and touching movie about the life and death of Real World star Pedro Zamora. With an introduction by President Bill Clinton, who contended that Zamora gave a face to the AIDS epidemic in the early ’90s, the film follows him from his Cuban roots to making a life in Miami, where he eventually decided to try out for the fledging MTV reality show and become its first openly gay and HIV-positive roommate. Once cast, Zamora came up against adversity in the form of Puck, the gnarly bike messenger (played by a spot-on Matt Barr), but also found love with activist Sean Sasser (DaJuan Johnson). Milk Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black wrote the moving screenplay, and Richard Glatzer and Wash Westmoreland (who directed some of gay porn’s finest films before moving to the mainstream with The Fluffer and Quinceañera) produced.

First-time director Nick Oceano occasionally succumbs to TV-movie-of-the-week melodrama, but a mostly fine cast, especially Alex Loynaz as Pedro (whose only fault might be that he is too attractive, even in the deathbed sequences!) and Justina Machado (you’ll recognize her as Rico’s wife on Six Feet Under) as his devoted sister, Mily, elevates the material. There is a tenderness in the scenes they share that makes the inevitable finale all the more heart-wrenching. Pedro offers a sobering look at a young person (Zamora was diagnosed with HIV at age 17 and died in 1994 at 22) who stood up for himself in a long-ago time and place, but its safer-sex message is still frighteningly pertinent today. For more information, visit www.pedrothemovie.com.

April 15, 2009

Guy Candy: Two Sets of Twin Fratmen

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April 14, 2009

Seen: Blu Kennedy at Jet Set Men Offices

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News: Cockyboys Signs Skyler Caine

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April 13, 2009

News: Porn Star Steve Pierce Passes Away

Popular porn model Steve Pierce is dead. Gayporntimes.com was the first to report that the 44-year-old star of films such as The Chosen, Stick It In!, Flesh & Blood and Glory Holes of LA, was found in Palm Springs on Sunday. The cause of death was not immediately known. Industry veteran Gino Colbert, who directed Pierce in the 1997 classic movie Johnny Hormone, told VincentLambert.com, “Steve was a professional and a real trooper, the type any director would welcome on a set, because he took the business seriously and cared about giving his best.” Pierce worked for numerous studios, including Raging Stallion, Falcon and Titan Media. He appeared in several leather, bondage and fetish films and in total made about 40 movies from 1995 to 2004. Recently he was focusing on his writing career, penning his first novel, a sci-fi thriller titled World Without Winter. Pierce is survived by his partner of 20 years, Thomas Miller. For more on the book and his porn work, visit www.StevePierce.com.

Short Takes: Jason Adonis Returns…and More

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April 10, 2009

Press: Details Profiles Gay Porn Bandit Twins

The April issue of Details (with Alex Rodriguez on the cover and that bizarre ode-to-narcissism photo shoot in which he is making out with himself on the inside) features a revealing piece about porn star brothers Keyon and Taleon Goffney. In a story titled “The Curious Case of the Gay-Porn-Star Identical Twins,” writer Richard Rys takes an in-depth look at the siblings who were arrested last year. “Gorgeous twins partnering up for Mission: Impossible–style heists may sound like the premise of a Hollywood action thriller,” Rys writes, “but the Goffney brothers’ tale is more the stuff of David Lynch.” He goes on to recount how Keyon was about to get his big break as a legit model when he was arrested, along with his brother Taleon, for an alleged rooftop burglary in Philadelphia.

Originally from the mean streets of Camden, New Jersey, the brothers had previously worked in the porn industry before the supposed string of break-ins in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. Keyon got his start doing hard-core scenes for Flava Works in Chicago and eventually brought his brother (who identifies as straight) into the fold to work for a specialty Web site that caters to “Pure Black Male Beauty.” Together, they shot five scenes, including a threeway with Marc Williams in Las Vegas, which Rys reports was “just short of incest.” Keeping it all in the family, when Keyon was arrested for the Philly job, he also implicated the twins’ mother, Towana, saying she was in on the scheme (police reports indicate that she was seen leaving the crime scene).

The piece ends with Taleon (who declined to be interviewed by Details) in prison, having already been sentenced for up to eight years. Keyon is due to be tried this spring on burglary and other charges related to the break-in. Rys does a great job of weaving the brothers’ twisted tale, adding layers to a story that gets more and more complicated. He even envisions a future for Keyon, who admits to having cosmetic dental work and pec implants, in Los Angeles as a fluffy reality-TV star. But in the end, it is the brothers’ unique bond that makes this story so compelling: “The queer brother introduces the straight brother to gay pornography; the crooked twin shows his law-abiding brother a life of crime; yin follows yang.”

Hey, wasn’t that the premise of Brothers Should Do It?

Details magazine is on newsstands now.

April 9, 2009

Movie Review: Men Hard at Work, Volume 2


Jim Steel.
Cast: Rod Daily, Jason Talon, Dempsey Stearns, Jude Collin, Cort Donovan, Nickolas Lockwood, Kevin Gotti, Wolf Hudson, Antonio Madiera, JT Ross, Lucas Knowles.

The cast of Men Hard at Work certainly know how to make the best of another ho-hum day at the office. In five sexy scenes, a bunch of studs, handsomely attired in shirts and ties, get nasty on their desks and in the lunchroom. Klutzy Dempsey Stearns gets the fun started by spilling coffee on hot boss Jude Collin—must be all that shaggy hair in his eyes! Collin takes it well, especially when Stearns starts dabbing at his crotch. This leads to some intense deep-throating by Stearns and some even deeper topping by Collin, who wears a grin throughout. Nice work if you can get it! Cuties Rod Daily and Jason Talon meet at lunchtime and bemoan their lack of time off, so they decide to use their break by going at it right there on the table. Talon munches on Daily’s smooth butt before topping it. Cort Donovan and Nickolas Lockwood also find fun things to do in their cubicles besides filing. After some solid 69 action at their desks, Donovan fingers and fucks Lockwood, who moans, grits his teeth and maintains a dreamy faraway look in his eyes as he takes it all in. Donovan’s dramatic orgasm is a highlight here.

Kevin Gotti and Wolf Hudson do a run-of-the-mill mailboy scenario, but the final scene, in which Antonio Madiera and JT Ross cruise deliveryman Lucas Knowles, is the real standout. It starts with some innocent flirting, which leads to Madiera sucking both guys and taking their cocks in his sweet mouth. This double dicking incites such a strong reaction from Madiera—moaning, whimpering, cursing, crying, spitting, you name it—that by the time the fucking begins, viewers will be as primed as Antonio. And he doesn’t disappoint as a bottom either, screaming so loud that at one point Knowles sticks his cock in Madiera’s mouth just to shut him up! Production values are average, but this threeway will make you want to do some overtime with your DVD player. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

April 8, 2009

April 7, 2009

News: Screen Legend Jack Wrangler Dead

A porn legend is dead. Screen stud Jack Wrangler died today due to complications from lung disease. He was 62. Wrangler, who was recently the subject of the documentary Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon, which won a GAYVN Award last week for Best Alternative Release, appeared in more than 85 adult movies, including Kansas City Trucking Company, A Night at the Adonis and Heavy Equipment, both on the gay and straight side. He went on to have a successful career as an actor, writer, director and producer in the legit theater world, conceiving and co-producing the 1997 Broadway show Dream: The Johnny Mercer Musical. Wrangler is survived by his wife of 14 years, singer Margaret Whiting.

Sneak Peek: Jesse Santana in Tackle

Porn star Jesse Santana is returning to the Jet Set Men fold. The twink star, who flew the Jet Set coop last year to work exclusively online for Cockyboys.com, has been announced as one of the stars of director Chris Steele’s new film, Tackle. The football-themed movie, which centers around three college quarterbacks who are vying to start in the next game, also stars Benjamin Bradley, along with Jet Set exclusives Adam Campbell, David Dakota and Marcus Steele, Josh Griffin, Luke Cassidy, Conner O’Riley (making his first made-for-DVD appearance) and Blu Kennedy. “Benjamin Bradley is amazing from beginning to end,” Steele says, “starting off the movie by flip-fucking with Jesse Santana and ending it by topping Adam Campbell, who bottoms for the first time on DVD.” Tackle is expected to be released in September. For more info, visit jetsetmen.com. Now, how cute does little Jesse look in that uniform!? Discuss.

April 3, 2009

News: We’re Turning Two!

Why are they called the terrible twos? Yes, it’s been two years of gay porn news, gossip and information from VincentLambert.com. And don’t forget the movies reviews, new releases and porn star interviews! It’s hard to believe that we’ve written almost a thousand posts and are poised to welcome our millionth unique visitor (!). Time flies in gay porn land, and the past year has been one of transition and change for the industry. We did our best to cover it and bring you the stories that we thought were the most interesting and essential. Although we never know what will strike your fancy. When former porn star Jordan Young got a major promotion in the nonporn world, our decade-old interview with him got picked up by Defamer.com and other major outlets and became one of our most-read posts of the year. (Btw, we took that pic too!)

We also learned that we’re huge in Japan—or at least Billy Herrington is, thanks to a new action figure (below), so we got tons of traffic from Asia due to our coverage of that veteran bodybuilding stud. We branched out into music reviews (Mitch Branson and Colton Ford), reality TV (Big Brother, The Bachelorette, The Real World, True Life), books (The Great Cock Hunt) and documentaries (Wrangler). We covered parties about penis, erotic expos and alleged rapes (not on the same night). We ran into porn stars at signings and even rode on a boat with some. We interviewed a famous porn couple and visited the set of Lucas Entertainment’s Cock Stalker. And a bunch of dead porn stars inspired our first contest. Vince’s writing continued to appear in GAYVN, Unzipped, Freshmen and elsewhere. We even started tweeting the latest news updates on Twitter (follow us @ VinceLambertNYC)! As always, we’d love to get more comments (Ass Freak, you rock!) and feedback. Thanks to all the faithful readers who visit on a daily basis and tell us what you think. Personally, we still think Rusty Joiner (above) Should Do Porn. And we’re gonna keep writing until he does!

April 2, 2009