April 3, 2009

News: We’re Turning Two!

Why are they called the terrible twos? Yes, it’s been two years of gay porn news, gossip and information from VincentLambert.com. And don’t forget the movies reviews, new releases and porn star interviews! It’s hard to believe that we’ve written almost a thousand posts and are poised to welcome our millionth unique visitor (!). Time flies in gay porn land, and the past year has been one of transition and change for the industry. We did our best to cover it and bring you the stories that we thought were the most interesting and essential. Although we never know what will strike your fancy. When former porn star Jordan Young got a major promotion in the nonporn world, our decade-old interview with him got picked up by Defamer.com and other major outlets and became one of our most-read posts of the year. (Btw, we took that pic too!)

We also learned that we’re huge in Japan—or at least Billy Herrington is, thanks to a new action figure (below), so we got tons of traffic from Asia due to our coverage of that veteran bodybuilding stud. We branched out into music reviews (Mitch Branson and Colton Ford), reality TV (Big Brother, The Bachelorette, The Real World, True Life), books (The Great Cock Hunt) and documentaries (Wrangler). We covered parties about penis, erotic expos and alleged rapes (not on the same night). We ran into porn stars at signings and even rode on a boat with some. We interviewed a famous porn couple and visited the set of Lucas Entertainment’s Cock Stalker. And a bunch of dead porn stars inspired our first contest. Vince’s writing continued to appear in GAYVN, Unzipped, Freshmen and elsewhere. We even started tweeting the latest news updates on Twitter (follow us @ VinceLambertNYC)! As always, we’d love to get more comments (Ass Freak, you rock!) and feedback. Thanks to all the faithful readers who visit on a daily basis and tell us what you think. Personally, we still think Rusty Joiner (above) Should Do Porn. And we’re gonna keep writing until he does!


LeNair Xavier said...

Congratualtions, Vincent!!!!
It's well deserved, because you've done so much with so many men in so little time.

Donald said...

Congrats - this is a must read blog for me - Thanks

Vincent Lambert said...

Thanks, guys! And now look what Unzipped wrote about our little site:


Sweet! :)


JC Adams said...

Happy b-day, Mr. Lambert. Those days at "HX" reviewing porn seem like a lifetime ago, eh?

JC Adams

Anonymous said...

Rusty Joiner is truly a beautiful person. I was on a flight back from Chicago awhile back and he was on the plane. BTW: Rusty may be gay-friendly but he did get married to a woman last year. Oh what beautiful children he'll have.