December 8, 2000

Movie Review: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell!


Directors: Tony Alizzi and Jack Francis.
Cast: Cole Tucker, Jason Branch, Steve Cassidy, Thom Barron, Blake Harper, Chad Johnson, Tuck Johnson, Logan Reed, Matt Bradshaw, Anthony DeAngelo, Cameron Cruise.

MSR’s new release Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! tackles the big issue of gays in the military from the perspective of an insider. Cole Tucker (pictured, top) plays a colonel who is called before a grand jury to determine the effectiveness of President Clinton’s inane “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. In the course of the proceedings, Tucker reveals his personal experiences and, in a dramatic high point, is ultimately outed on the stand by attorney Jason Branch.

But the thrilling courtroom theatrics are nothing compared to the stunning sex scenes that play out as Tucker testifies. In flashbacks, we see buff Tuck Johnson performing a major knob job on the major knob of Thom Barron. Then there’s the amazing tearoom trio of veteran Chad Johnson (still beautifully hairy and built to last), Matt Bradshaw (also back and a bit beefier than before) and the cock-hungry Blake Harper. But this isn’t the only hot threeway. Branch’s own dirty deeds are exposed in a surprise video that Tucker screens in the courtroom. It it, Branch does his duty with Logan Reed and Steve Cassidy. All of which leads up to an epic barroom orgy, with Tucker in full glory, puffing on his cigar and talking trash as only he can. This is an eight-man free-for-all that is the perfect capper to an exceptional film that mixes the political and the personal to great effect.

From its gripping script by Tony Alizzi to the top-notch direction by Alizzi and Jack Francis, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! is about as good as gay porn gets. (MSR Video)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2000)

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