August 8, 2008

Movie Review: Chosen


Director: Doug Jeffries.
Cast: Tommy Blade, Blake Riley, Eddie Diaz, Jude Collin, David Daniels, Guy Parker, TJ Young, Kayden Pierce, Enrique Currero, Jason Michaels.

All Worlds exclusives Tommy Blade, Blake Riley and Eddie Diaz are invited to join a members-only sex club. In four scenes in Chosen, they and others check in and act out their wildest sexual desires. First, Jude Collin does a bit of self-sucking before Tommy Blade saves him from having to finish the job. But when Blade spins around and plants his butt in Collin’s face, the handsome model looks like he doesn’t know what to do. Sure, Collin kisses, licks and smacks it, but that’s as far as it goes. (He does no sucking either.) Oh well, he makes up for it by pounding Blade hard. This no-mercy ramming is a highlight of the movie. Next, unlikely top TJ Young takes on newcomer Jason Michaels, an 18-year-old from Ohio making his debut. Young and Michaels make out and TJ rips off the newbie’s tank top, but that’s all Michaels exposes until the very end of the scene. He blows Young and eats his ass while wearing his jockstrap and even keeps it on as Young throws him a listless fuck. Eventually, he gets hard and jacks. Still, the kid shows promise—he just needs to stop shaving his chest. All that stubble is gross!

Eddie Diaz starts his scene tied up while Enrique Currero and David Daniels perform oral. This doesn’t last though, and Diaz ends up bottoming for Currero in a sling while Daniels watches and jerks. His blank expression doesn’t give away much, but Daniels winds up in the sling next, taking Currero’s meat as well. The final scene starts with boys dancing in cages (Guy Parker and Kayden Pierce) until Blake Riley enters and sets them free. Soon, he and Parker are sharing Pierce’s cock. Pierce tops Parker and bottoms for Riley. They all jack in the end, with Riley winning the long-shot contest (and despite his bland porn name, Riley brings lots of ethnic hotness to this trio. We’d swear he’s Italian!).

Overall, Chosen is tightly edited and has great picture quality. The winning cast is shot with swirling smoke and moody (flattering) lighting. Fans will also enjoy the long behind-the-scenes extra, but they might want to watch it after viewing the movie because seeing the models get their eyebrows tweezed and Blade prance around in a red bra might be a hard-on killer. (All Worlds Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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Anonymous said...

ADORe both blade and Diaz but they weren't enough to save a rather, bland, boring movie.