April 5, 2004

Movie Review: Signature Series: Zeb Atlas


Director: Ron Lloyd.
Cast: Zeb Atlas.

Massive muscle hunk Zeb Atlas steps into the spotlight with a new solo feature from Body Image Productions. Divided into three segments (plus a slide show), the short (42 minutes) DVD showcases the stunning bodybuilder in all his glory. In “Take One,” he flexes, strikes poses and teases the viewer with his amazing physique. The lighting in this scene makes his eight-pack look even more pronounced and downright lickable. Next, while digging in the garden, Atlas doffs his shirt and takes a moment to cool down. What a lovely sight, watching this gorgeous stud touch himself in the sun. He jacks for a while on a bench, exposing his sizable (considering the rest of his measurements!) cock before moving inside. By the fire, again with great lighting, he plays with himself and wanks to a creamy climax. The picture clarity here is impressive as the goo gushes in sensual slow-motion. These two scenes make up the bulk of the DVD (about 30 minutes), but there is also a third segment, an interview with Atlas, who turns out to be a seemingly soft-spoken, down-to-earth kinda guy. He good-naturedly talks about being a skinny kid who played golf and started lifting weights at a young age. The discipline of bodybuilding made a difference in his life, he says. And we get to enjoy the results. Atlas also divulges that he recently let his body hair grow in for the first time in a long time. And for that, we are grateful! This episode in the Signature Series is a strong effort from both Atlas and director Ron Lloyd, but it only whets the appetite and serves as a first course for what we’d like to see this manly man eventually do. (Body Image Productions)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2004)

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What a beautifull man!