September 13, 2008

Movie Review: Pounding the Pavement


Michael Lucas.
Cast: Michael Lucas, Erik Grant, Claudio Martin, Rafael Alencar, Derrick Hanson, Wolf Hudson, Blu Kennedy, Arpad Miklos, Jake Starr, Costas Tinopolis, Jimmy Trips, Kurt Wild.

Lucas Entertainment is back with Pounding the Pavement, a group of New York stories that are similar in theme to the company’s Encounters series. In this version, guys meet on the streets, hook up on top of buildings, you get the idea. Not exactly groundbreaking, but it works. First, straight stud Wolf Hudson admits to stalking Jimmy Trips until they finally get together—and what great chemistry they have. Right from the start they are kissing, touching and licking each other from head to toe. Actually, the licking goes on for a bit too long, as does the scene in general, but the sucking and teabagging are high points, as are the simultaneous cum shots that wrap it up. Then Derrick Hanson and Blu Kennedy are a couple who experience love on a rooftop with big-dicked Rafael Alencar. This verbal trio gets down and dirty, sucking in all combinations and fucking one another too. There’s even a nice bit of docking, and as sirens wail in the background, everyone shoots on Kennedy’s perfect bod. That’s NYC for ya!

The next scene is much quieter as a beefy Arpad Miklos mixes it up with Costas Tinopolis. There’s a mellow vibe as the two do oral and anal, but Miklos ramps it up at the end with a nice facial for Tinopolis. Director Michael Lucas makes an appearance in the next scene, and his lips have never looked poutier as he explains in tight close-up that he and his movie lover Claudio Martin have picked up a twink (Kurt Wild) and plan to work him over. And that’s exactly what they do. Again, there is sucking and fucking in every possible combination, but Wild really does most of the heavy lifting. He takes a pounding from both Lucas and Claudio and keeps on ticking, eventually taking two oral pop shots and then jacking his own sweet meat. Give the guy an award already! This extended scene could also have benefited from a tighter edit, but when the action is this explosive, why not give fans more than less?

The final pairing takes place when Erik Grant and Jake Starr meet in a porn bookstore and retire to a nearby apartment where they can play. There are mutual blowjobs, and Starr ends up on top. There’s also shrimping, as there is in several of the scenes, and plenty of nasty dirty talk. Clocking in at almost three hours, Pavement offers lots of bang for its buck. The models meet Lucas’s usual high standards, and the New York exterior shots add a nice local flavor, although some of the sets have a cheesy quality that looks more like Minnesota than Manhattan. (Lucas Entertainment)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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