March 6, 2009

Movie Review: Hazzard Zone


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Vinnie D’Angelo, Josh West, Aron Ridge, Brodie Newport, Geoffrey Paine, Jason Longh, Vin Costes.

Handsome Johnny Hazzard returns from a brief layoff to prowl for sex in Hazzard Zone. Filmed on location at Los Angeles’ famed Zone sex club, the movie features the Rascal exclusive in two excellent scenes. First, hot Josh West and hotter Vin Costes go bump in the night as they wander the halls of the club. Soon their mating dance is consummated and Hazzard happily joins in. This scene is beautifully lit, with a gorgeous play of shadow and light as the trio do their thing. Hazzard performs major oral on both guys; in turn, they blow him and eat his perfect ass. In the end, Hazzard takes both in his end (not at the same time!) to great effect—and delivers a copious money shot. This fantastic (and long) scene is the centerpiece of the film and walks a perfect line between fine art and steamy sex. Bravo!

Hazzard is also paired with beefy Vinnie D’Angelo for another intense session that takes place on a staircase. The tattooed young Hazzard seems tentative at first as he and the manly D’Angelo make out, but slowly he turns up the heat for another great matchup. The duo trades oral and spit on each other before Johnny bends over to welcome Vinnie into his butt. There’s a great shot here of Hazzard as he is turned all the way over and delivers his cum shot upside down! D’Angelo pumps out a load and brings this unlikely pairing to a surprisingly hot close.

Two other scenes feature Geoffrey Paine (who has some seriously hairy nuts) getting together with Jason Longh and Brodie Newport taking on Aron Ridge, but it’s hard to compete with sexual dynamo Hazzard. His taut body and easygoing demeanor are a sight for sore eyes. When Hazzard is in the zone, few porn stars can compare—especially when director Chi Chi LaRue is at the helm. Together, they make a night of anonymous sex quite memorable. Extras include a look behind the scenes with superstar Chad Hunt interviewing superstar Hazzard. Now that would be a fun coupling! (Channel 1 Releasing/Rascal Video)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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