May 28, 2009

Seen: Newlyweds D’Macho and Crosse in Spain

The grooms cut the cake! How cute is that? Diesel Washington was telling truths when he announced at the Grabbys that two of his good buddies were busy tying the knot. Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse were indeed married in Spain last weekend. The porn star couple exchanged vows at a country house just outside Madrid before a small gathering of family and friends who came from all over the world. We hear that the ceremony was quite touching, and Francesco cried like a little girl when Damien was reading his promise. Awwww. See? Porn stars have feelings too! Good thing these Stag Homme Studios studs don’t live in California.


Bernard said...

of course they have feelings too but staying in the bizz while married or in a relationship eventually doesn't work

Ronnie Larsen said...

I want to marry Vincent Lambert!

boris said...

and i want to marry Tyler johnson and adopt Ajay and jonathan vargas