December 4, 2007

News: Raging Stallion Responds to Sinclair

Raging Stallion Studios, which is on the verge of its biggest release ever, the military epic Grunts, has been accused of mistreatment by model Brodie Sinclair. The former exclusive was fired, according to RSS president Chris Ward. But in a press release, Sinclair claims that he quit and endured poor working conditions on the Grunts set.

Today, Kent Taylor, head of publicity for the San Franciso–based studio, released the following statement: "We at Raging Stallion are deeply saddened by untrue statements made by Brodie Sinclair about the Grunts shoot. His statements are completely false. There were more than 20 actors and over a dozen other crew members and journalists on the Grunts shoot. We encourage all journalists to contact anyone who was on this shoot as part of responsible investigation when covering this story. Each and every one of them will confirm that Mr. Sinclair’s comments are completely untrue.”

Then, Chris Ward sent out his own e-mail stating: “There has been some controversy about the circumstances that led to Brodie’s departure and some hurt feelings all around. I want to make sure that all of Brodie’s fans know that his work for us was good—I very much enjoyed filming him for Grunts. Near the end of the Grunts shoot, when everyone was exhausted and tempers were as hot as the 100-plus degree weather, Brodie and I had a disagreement. We both decided that he would be let out of his contract. We wish Brodie well for the future and I personally look forward to seeing his work for other studios!”

Okay, everyone happy now!?

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