January 23, 2009

Scene Stealer: Zeb Atlas in Best Men

Falcon Studios is sure to snag its share of award nominations in major categories for Best Men. This two-part story of a gay groom (Tony Capucci) who heads to Las Vegas with a group of buddies for a wild bachelor party before he ties the knot with his studly boyfriend (Andrew Blue) is full of big-name stars (Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, the Jarics), hot sex and even a fun story line. But the mountain of muscle that is Zeb Atlas has garnered the most attention for his two scenes. Pre-release, his oral-only scene caused a stir when co-star Matthew Rush took to the Interwebs with his weepy tale of working with Atlas. (Rush was eventually replaced for the second, full-on fuck scene by newbie model Adam Killian.) Now that both scenes are available (and eligible for award consideration), do they live up to the hype?

The first scene finds bodybuilder Atlas looking as pumped as ever, as he and Rush meet for a hot tub rendezvous that is impressive if just for the sight of their big muscled bodies together in the same frame. Sure, there’s the usual cheesy setup dialogue, but when Rush gets down to business (he does most of the sucking and ass eating here), the scene isn’t half bad. Although Atlas remains distant for the most part, he does seem to get comfortable near the end when he jacks on Rush’s heaving chest (before he got his huge new tattoo).

The second scene seems to be a better match for Atlas as he showers and flirts with the videographer (Killian) for his bud’s wedding. The two end up bathing together and Killian gets to worship Atlas’s massive muscles (who wouldn’t?) before blowing him. Atlas does a bit of tentative sucking himself before bending Killian over to do his first on-screen fucking. Atlas does not disappoint as a top (must be all those years spent banging chicks), and the duo even moves out of the shower to rut in two more positions. It’s no wonder Killian has a smile plastered on his handsome face throughout!

Best Men: Part 1: The Bachelor Party
and Part 2: The Wedding Party have turned out to be huge sellers for Falcon, but it remains to be seen whether this will translate into nominations and awards for the big-budget film—and for fledgling man-fucker Atlas. For more information, visit www.falconstudios.com.


Anonymous said...

Steroid Zeb Atlas is the worst thing to have come to porn since a decade

Anonymous said...

ughhhhhh indeed