July 1, 2011

Interview Exclusive: Jason Adonis

Look who’s back! Though if you ask Jason Adonis, he’s never really been gone. “I’ve been here all along,” the 30-year-old porn superstar told VincentLambert.com in an exclusive interview this week. Hot on the heels of signing his exclusive contract with Raging Stallion last fall, Adonis appeared in the award-winning film Brutal for director Tony Dimarco. Now, he’s returned for two new movies for the studio: Dominus, which features him topping Race Cooper, and its sequel, Animus.

“I always wanted to do a leather/bondage-type scene,” Adonis says. “And I have also never done an interracial scene, so as part of my new deal with Raging Stallion, I figured I would try and do some things I haven’t done before.”

Although Adonis, who is married and has a 12-year-old daughter, has been plagued by gay-for-pay put-downs throughout his 10 years in the industry, he says that he has never understood the labels. “I have always found those names weird and kind of tacky,” he says. “I’m sexual. That’s all. I like getting attention from guys and girls.”

So when the scene with Cooper came up, Adonis saw it as a chance to prove he was no “gay-for-pay diva.” RSS president Chris Ward offered him the chance to ram muscle hunk Cooper and Adonis saw it as “the perfect opportunity to show what I can do. Plus, Race was easy to work with and has a huge dick.”

Besides broadening his range, Adonis seems to be happy with his new rough-and-tumble image. “Now I look more like a young man than an old boy,” he laughs. And that harder edge will be on display in two new scenes he will be filming for RSS this month—including one in which he will bottom. “Staying hard becomes so exhausting,” Adonis says of his usual role of top man. “Bottoming is going to be a welcome change. I want to start taking a more submissive role. I mean, as a bottom, all you have to do is get cleaned out and loosened up, and you’re good to go!” But is he nervous about taking it like a man on-screen? “I have a good selection of toys at home,” he admits. “No one is going to be as big as one of those!”

In addition to his latest film work, Adonis is also slated to co-host (with Scotty B) Cocktails With the Stars at Micky’s in West Hollywood on July 20. “I’m looking forward to that,” Adonis says. “I have never hosted before, and I am fairly quick-witted and like having fun with that. So it should be good.” He also doesn’t rule out other future live appearances. “I will take the right offers if they come along,” he adds.

But for now Adonis is content to ride out his contract with RSS. “It’s so much easier being an exclusive,” he says. “You don’t make as much money as when you’re a free agent, but the studio deals with all the politics and bullshit, so it’s worth it.” While he looks back fondly at some of the past 10 years of making porn (Falcon Studios’ Taking Flight was one of his favorite experiences because “I got to go to London and hang out and work with my friend Josh Weston”), Adonis isn’t sure exactly what his future holds. He owns a small business in the Midwest and prides himself on keeping his family together. “Balancing porn and a family is not easy to do,” he says. “But my family always comes first. People can call me flaky and unreliable, but the only times I have acted that way were when I had to make my family a priority.”

As he preps for his upcoming scenes with daily workouts and a strict diet regimen, Adonis seems resigned to the facts of his life. “I’m done trying to figure out why so much BS goes on in this industry,” he says with a sigh. “It’s just too stressful. From now on, I’m just going with the flow.”

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Anonymous said...

Erik Rhodes said that Jason wasn't very clean back there when he bottomed, I don't see how the top could stay hard after putting up with that!

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is that he was fine as Georgia wine back than to the point that I tried to meet up with him in chicago once he agreed to meet me but was a no show and did not answer his phone when I called. Anyways thats water under the bridge now he is no where as hot as he was back then. Personally I think the only reason he has agreed to bottom is because he is hard up for money

Anonymous said...

So how does he go from "It's difficult and being sick when I have to have sex with a man" to, "I've always wanted to do a bondage scene"? The guy is seriously fucked up in the head, and he isn't hot like he used to be anyway.

Anonymous said...

So how does he go from "It's hard and being sick when I has to have gay sex with a man" to "I've always wanted to do a leather boandage scene" in the span of a year? He's seriously fucked up in the head, and isn't hot like he was anyway.

Unknown said...

As for the two previous comments, I would take anything Erik Rhodes says with a huge grain of salt. And as to doing porn for money, why in the world do you think people do it - for fun?

Anonymous said...

Of course he dislikes sexual labels, since he's completely confused about HIS. And, sorry, but he's totally lost his looks!

Ron C said...

So pass him my way cause I think he looks hot as hell!!!

Anonymous said...

So Jason Adonis has retired again huh (lol) why do David Forest and those other idoits keeping trying to work with him. He looks nothing like he did back in the day. Hopefully all the big wigs in the industry have learned their lesson DONT WASTE YOU TIME WITH HIM HE IS BAD NEWS.