May 11, 2001

Movie Review: Berlin


Director: Hervé Handsome.
Cast: Stefan Karl, Magnus, Michael Kosma, Stefan Hammer, Derik Glenn, Karl Heinz, Alfredo Tobias, Heinze Carsten.

Reality TV takes a new turn with this talky yet original view of Berlin’s seamy underside. Hunky Stefan Karl drives all around the town, giving a twisted tour of the legendary German city. Along the way, he picks up guys and entices them into sexual situations. At a roadside rest stop he convinces cohort Magnus to seduce an innocent bystander and do him right there in the woods. Of course, Karl can’t help but join in. He also reminds Magnus to get the guy to sign a model release when the fun is over! Three other episodes follow, including the introduction of some of Germany’s finest hustlers and the initiation of a slave into Karl’s wacky world. A stunning fourway wraps up the tour and the film. While some may tire of the long driving sequences in which Karl talks to the camera on a variety of topics (in subtitles), patient viewers will be rewarded with some gritty sex that is the real thing. (High Octane 2)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

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