March 5, 2001

Movie Review: Steal the Night


Director: Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Matt Skyler, Joey Hart, Marco Antonio, Nino Bacci, Doug Jeffries, Lee Driver, Dale Summer, Patrick Allen.

In Steal the Night, Matt Skyler plays a horny houseboy who spies on his guests and even steals their used condoms and underwear. Director Chi Chi LaRue maintains the usual Jocks Studios high standards with good production values, lighting, sets and of course, hot guys. And while Skyler does his best to live up to his leading-man status (taking both a fist and a huge dildo up his butt), only a very verbal Doug Jeffries manages to make much of an impression. The rest of the buffed-and-fluffed cast seems to blend into one another. Only the feverish fourgy finale heats up the proceedings and saves this from being standard-issue porn.(Jocks)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2001)

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