October 23, 2009

Event: Van Damme at Midtowne Spa Tonight


Porn superstar Robert Van Damme is helping the Midtowne Spa celebrate its 37th anniversary at a party in Los Angeles tonight. The screen stud will give a special performance at 9 pm before a buffet and drinks are served at 10 pm. The Midtowne Spa is located at 615 Kohler Street. For more information, visit midtowne.com.

In other Van Damme news, the first of the six films produced by RVD Films has made its VOD debut. Private Party: The Mystery Begins is currently streaming at AEBN.com. It is the first in a three-part series that Van Damme co-directed with industry veteran Gino Colbert. The company’s latest film, which stars Van Damme and Matthew Rush, is titled Cocks in Paradise. For more information, visit RobertVanDamme.net.

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