October 28, 2009

Guy Candy: Daniele Montana

Director Lucas Kazan recently shared another of his amazing models with us. Sexy Daniele Montana has been a Lucas Kazan exclusive since last fall. He is 26 years old and has made a (porn) name for himself in films such as Italians and Other Strangers and the newly released Daniele and His Buddies. Luca tells us that fans can’t seem to get enough of this hot Italian stud and his sweet bubble butt, and we can see why! For more information, visit LucasKazan.com.

1 comment:

Pornus Addictus said...

GORGEOUS, DIVINE body and looks BUT Kazan isn't kazan anymore, most of his films nowadays avoid hot passionate kissing and some akward camera positions. Daniel and his buddies should have the same hotness as hotel italia, now that was kinky, hot, sensual, erotic and hot.