October 29, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Friday the Fuckteenth

Halloween is almost here, so today we’re taking a look behind the scenes of the new ASG Entertainment release, Halloweiner: Friday the Fuckteenth. As we recently reported, this is a gay porn horror movie that was shot in the wilds of New Jersey (horrors!). Angel Skye (who co-directs with Frank Fuder) is making his return with the new film, and he tells VincentLambert.com that the shoot got a bit too real when the model who plays the killer got way into character and nearly drowned one of the other models. “We all thought he was just playing,” Skye says, “but the poor kid was fighting for his life for real!” Skye also recalls that during the shoot then-boyfriend Brad Star (they are pictured below in happier times) had blood gushing all over when he was struck by an object. “I remember him saying that he wanted to be hit for real to add shock and authenticity to the scene,” Skye says. But overall, he adds, “this was an outstanding movie to make.”

You can view an unedited trailer at ASGEI.com, and there’s also a 10-minute making-of video on YouTube that shows some funny outtakes, such as Luke Riley admitting “I like to be naked!” (duh!) and Star shamelessly plugging his dildo. The cast (pictured above getting cheeky) also includes Kurt Wild (taking a break from the wife, kids and Tyra), Sean Preston, Dallas Reeves, Jarrod, Shane Frost and Roland Haye.

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