November 14, 2007

Movie Review: Mark Meets Zeb: Texas Two-Step


Director: Uncredited.
Cast: Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton.

Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step brings together two of porn’s biggest muscle hunks, so it’s no wonder the film has set sales records, zooming to number one on the TLA top 10 chart last summer and remaining there. And once you get a look at the physical perfection that both Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton have achieved, you’ll understand why.

From the opening scene, in which the two hotties meet and settle in as roommates, it becomes obvious what will happen next. When Atlas dozes off naked, Dalton can’t help but spy on his big beautiful body. Before you know it, Dalton is jacking out a thick load. The buff buds hit the gym to compare workout techniques. They spot each other, offer encouragement and also slyly check each other out. These gritty black-and-white gym scenes are juxtaposed with a dreamy fantasy in which the studs grope each other in living color. The rubbing of huge muscles and close-ups of well-oiled pecs will make fans sit up and take notice—and if there are any aspiring bodybuilders in the audience, this scene will not only turn you on, it will also give you some great weightlifting tips!

The men hit the shower, where Dalton shows off his stunning six-pack (and some new tattoos) and Zeb displays his enormous biceps. The water fun continues back at home when Mark showers and Zeb returns the favor by spying on him and rubbing one out. In the final scene, the bodybuilders (who both have the cutest Southern accents) finally hunker down to watch a porno and end up jerking side by side on the sofa.

Mark Meets Zeb lots of posing, flexing and preening, some touching and a big dose of sensuality throughout, but actual sex never occurs (which is hard to believe considering the totally fagged-out DVD extra scene in which the guys go shopping, pick out bathing suits for each other and then model them!). Even though this is a disappointment, with the level of hotness and physical beauty going on here, you will barely notice. The great picture quality and classy production values offer a first-class vehicle for these worthy screen studs. And who knows? Maybe next time they’ll get around to sucking. (Zeb Atlas Productions)

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