March 28, 2003

Movie Review: Defined


Directors: Chi Chi LaRue, Kris Weston, John Rutherford.
Cast: Matthew Rush, Joe Foster, Eric Leneau, Addison Scott, Arpad Miklos, Robert Balint, Jeremy Jordan, Jason Law, Austin Larsen, Jeremy Penn, Roland Dane.

Talk about high concept! In Defined, three of Falcon’s top directors give visual definitions of words from everyday life. For example, Chi Chi LaRue tackles “Thrust,” “Friction” and “Seduce.” Kris Weston takes on “Power,” and John Rutherford goes deep with “Penetrate.” Don’t worry, the video is better than the concept.

In LaRue’s first sequence, “Thrust,” Matthew Rush and Joe Foster perform in a definitive Falcon scene. It’s all there—the vibrant colors, gorgeous videography, fabulous lighting, smooth models bordering on perfection and that old beat-up pickup in the background. This scene is a stunner, and so is Rush, more beautiful than ever and displaying an energy and commitment that was lacking in some of his earlier work. LaRue also does nicely with Robert Balint and Jeremy Jordan in the “Friction” sequence, though these two are more the definition of opposites. The beefy Balint nearly overwhelms the tiny Jordan, but somehow their pairing works. Jason Law and Austin Larsen aren’t a great match either (the younger man/older man thing), but they do flip-flop nicely.

Weston’s “Power” scene features a great threeway as Addison Scott and Arpad Miklos take on Eric Leneau in a boxing ring at the gym. There is some sweaty, manly action here, and once again, the visuals are eye-popping. John Rutherford’s “Penetrate” scene is more ordinary, with Jeremy Penn and Roland Dane making it in a tasteful bedroom. Penn, looking more mature and surprisingly soft, starts off the scene stating that “nobody fucks me,” but that doesn’t last long as great Dane tops him for much of the scene. There are some intense penetration shots here, and Dane delivers a terrific pop shot, but those anticipating Penn as a bottom might be disappointed as he spends too much time telling Dane to take it “slow.”

Defined doesn’t bring any new meaning to these words, but the accomplished directors provide typically fine Falcon fare, and the first-rate models are certainly fun to watch. (Falcon Studios)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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