April 12, 2003

Movie Review: Sex Psycho


Director: Thor Stephans.
Cast: Derek Cameron, Jason McCain, Gregg Rockwell, Jon Ashe, Paul Johnson, Ben Archer, Sal Corelli, Robert Harvey.

If Alfred Hitchcock had been a gay porn director, Sex Psycho is the movie he might have made. From its opening moments—complete with swirling Hitchcockian music and a Vertigo-esque credit sequence—this video is a true treat for movie lovers. Ever-sexy Derek Cameron (pictured, top) plays a lost young man (as blond as a typical Hitchcock heroine) who is being stalked by a leather stud. In flashback, we learn that Derek has sexually induced blackouts, which might explain why he wakes up naked by the sea. Following a hot session with daddy Ben Archer, Derek decides to get help for his problem from shady Dr. McCain (Jason McCain, crossing over from the straight side, dressed in a silly bow tie and glasses). The good doctor puts Derek into a group-therapy session where a bunch of horny guys discuss their own sexual proclivities. Paul Johnson loves public sex and lapses into a steamy fantasy sequence about smoldering Jon Ashe. Gregg Rockwell has prolonged penile erections, which is perfect for his rooftop jack-off session leading to a nice encounter with photographer Robert Harvey. Sal Corelli compares his sex life to a “crazy acid trip,” which is exactly what he gets when the same leather stud that is stalking Derek gives him a good pounding. Coincidence? We won’t spoil the surprise ending, but you will have fun trying to figure it out. You will also be turned on, because director Thor Stephans has included some intense sex scenes along with the entertaining story. He has also gotten a great performance from Cameron, who after many years in the industry, is still stunningly handsome and sucks cock better than anyone. We even like his cute furry chest! As a gay porn star, McCain doesn’t fare as well, and as for his body, let’s just say that he has the physique of a straight porn star. Anyway, some of the scenes seem a bit dragged out, and the more than two-hour running time is excessive, but Rock Hard’s suspenseful score helps to keep things interesting. Sex Psycho will have you on edge in more ways than one. (Thor Productions/Arena Entertainment)

Reprinted from
Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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