May 10, 2003

On the Set Report: Top to Bottom


Michael Lucas is talking on the phone as much of the cast and crew of his latest film, Top to Bottom, gather at his West Village apartment. The onetime Falcon exclusive, now a New York–based producer/director, is preparing to shoot an orgy scene later that night. It will be the centerpiece of the film, his eighth produced in Manhattan, his adopted home since leaving Moscow four years ago. As Lucas gives the address of the location to a model on one phone, his cell phone rings and the doorbell chimes simultaneously. Such is the life of a busy multi-hyphenate.

As Lucas juggles the phones and the door, the models acquaint themselves and begin filling out release forms. After Lucas hangs up, he explains that tonight’s scene is one of the last in a five-day shoot. “Top to Bottom is about a top guy who is looking for a bottom,” he says in his still-thick accent. “Then he decides to give bottoming a try.” Looking sexy in a tank top, sandals and stubble, Lucas seems to have taken well to his new career as a director. “I like to control,” he says. “I like to do my own thing.”

And one thing he still likes to do is perform: Top to Bottom will feature a scene between the director and David Pierre. But Lucas doesn’t think of the role as a comeback. “My distributor [IMD] asked me if I would be in it,” he says sheepishly. “She says it helps sell tapes.” There is no arguing with the box office appeal of this full-lipped foreigner who learned from Jean Daniel Cadinot and Falcon’s finest. But he has made the most of his name, parlaying it into a thriving production company.

But the time for talk is over; it’s now time to make porn. The cast and crew head to an art gallery on the waterfront in Chelsea. Entering the building, they learn that the elevators are out and walk up six flights. Soon, there are seven models—including Lucas favorites Chad Hunt, Mitch Ryder and Erik Martins—milling about, waiting for instructions. As cell phones chirp occasionally in the background, the guys look at the exhibit of early-American paintings while videographer Michael Clift sets up the lights.

Lucas arrives on the set and immediately sends a production assistant out to buy water, juice, cups and paper towels. “Okay, guys, turn off your cell phones,” he says. It is 9pm, and they are finally ready to begin. Lucas asks the cast to line up as he and Clift plan the camera work and arrange the models: several guys sit and lie on a mattress, two others enter through a door. Let the cocksucking begin! Lucas directs from the sidelines, constantly reminding the models to be more verbal. He conducts their moans like an orchestra. “More noise!” he commands.

Clift hops onto a desk to get a shot from above. Lucas circles, surveying the scene with his arms folded. After a lengthy blowjob sequence, it’s time to move on to some ass-eating. The models are all sweaty but getting into the action. The next setup calls for them to climb a metal bookshelf and do more cocksucking and buttmunching in some less-than-comfortable positions.

At 10:30pm, they take a break, then Lucas asks the models to pair up. The crew breaks out the condoms and lube. They even clean the bottoms of the guys’ feet with paper towels. “Okay, everyone get hard,” says Lucas nonchalantly. Several minutes later, they are deep into the fucking. Occasionally, the production assistants give the guys water and mop their sweat. One PA holds a light for close-ups of the penetration shots. This goes on for nearly 40 minutes, then it’s time for the cum shots. All the guys line up and jerk off, touching and kissing, egging one another on to orgasm. One by one, they shoot. Clift captures every last drop.

As the guys begin dressing, Lucas writes the checks. “It was good,” he smiles, “very good.” The models have some more water and bid Lucas good-night. It’s just after midnight on a Sunday; they are tired but exhilarated as they hit the deserted streets and walk west, hailing cabs for home. The night’s work is done…it’s okay to turn their cell phones back on.

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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