March 24, 2003

Movie Review: Stiff Security


Director: Max Julien.
Cast: Edmundo Castro, Julio Vidal, Roberto Aguilar, Ivan de Morais, Hugo Toledo, Emerson Prata, Alfonso Ribeiro, Sidney Sampaio, Jorge Rios, Renato de Giorgio, Chang Ling.

Who said making porn is easy? As if undependable talent, big egos and a small budget aren’t bad enough, the fictional director in Stiff Security, the latest from Max Julien and Marcostudios, also has to deal with muggy weather, bugs and security problems. Shot entirely on location in Brazil, Stiff Security has the director (played with comedic skill by Chang Ling in a nonsexual role) solve one of these problems by hiring straight guards to patrol his locations. (Turns out that the gay ones caused too much trouble on his last film.) Little does he know that these guys are about as straight as Ricky Martin.

Anyway, throughout the video, the director offers his narrative in voice-over (there are also subtitles), telling exactly what he had to overcome to get the scene done. First, three hotties battle mosquitoes on the set, but luckily “an aggressive top and a hungry bottom” save the day. This scorching threeway sets the standard for the rest of the video. Julien has once again found the hottest men Brazil has to offer, and their sex together is gritty and realistic. There’s even a juicy cum facial.

In the second scene, the director confides that he decided to pair a newcomer with a veteran star, but unfortunately, the vet turned up in not the best shape. The guy looks fine to us—he’s a big, hairy bear type—and the scene winds up being fun and diverse as the models flip-flop and shoot nice loads. By scene three, the guards are getting turned on by all the sexcapades surrounding them. One guard slips off for a liaison with a couple of the models. Next, two depressed guards (one lost his job, the other his woman) need some release, so they decide to jack off together, but they are accosted by two men with a gun who force them to suck and fuck each other. The guards manage to turn the tables and force the interlopers to do the same. This is an entertaining scene with many big cocks and copious cum shots.

Finally, when the beleaguered director decides to throw in the towel on his film, the guards come to the rescue and star in the movie themselves—after hearing how much more money they will be making, of course. Stiff Security is a witty sex comedy that will appeal to those in search of hot ethnic men and a few laughs. The scenes move along at a brisk pace, and creative editing keeps things interesting. It offers a look behind behind-the-scenes hype. But more important, the sex and men are hot! (Marcostudio/IMD)

Reprinted from Adult Video News magazine (2003)

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