March 10, 2008

Seen: Jeremy Hall Marching on Washington

Porn star Jeremy Hall launched the affiliate program for his Club Jeremy Hall Web site last week. Powered by CCBill, Jock Bucks offers members a 50-percent lifetime revshare. Whatever that is! Okay, so fans won’t care about the program, but they will be interested to know that to celebrate the new deal, Hall donned a jockstrap and took to the streets of Washington, D.C., holding a tacky cardboard sign. Sort of like a homeless guy, but just with a superhot bod.

“I knew no one would pay much attention to the new site unless I did something to really catch their attention,” says Hall, who has appeared in films such as On Fire! and Lust Resorts. “What better way to show Web masters that I want their traffic than getting naked in freezing East Coast weather—not to mention I was almost arrested on several occasions and my photographer threatened to quit several times. Being a Canadian, I thought it would be funny to get naked on Capitol Hill. But don’t take offense—I love America, too!” Don’t worry, Jeremy, America loves you too!


Ronnie Larsen said...

i wanna see Vincent Lambert in a jock strap in Times Square promoting THIS web site! Now, that would be hot!!!!!

Anonymous said...

photoshopped nothing more nothing less : pretty fake