March 13, 2008

Movie Review: Rich Kid


Director: Csaba Borbely.
Cast: Dean Monroe, Tamas Eszterhazy, Marco Sanchez, Rod Stevens, Mad Stefano, Derek Lyon, Julio Carrillo, Manuel Martinez, Dewon Williams, Lucien Dickson, Sylvester Valentay, Thomas Vodnik, Antonio Moura, Mickey Cabalo.

The latest from director Csaba Borbely should be titled Rich Bitch as handsome Dean Monroe stars as a whiny playboy who is preparing for his birthday bash. All his friends secretly hate him, but they pal around with him so they can enjoy his gorgeous seaside house and perhaps land a place in his will. Monroe’s staff (Sylvester Valentay and Thomas Vodnik) can’t stand him either, and they show it by jacking into the eggs as they prepare his omelet. His buddies arrange a surprise b-day kidnapping for Monroe, and the thugs turn out to be studs (Dewon Williams and Derek Lyon). Monroe gets to take both their big uncut cocks from both ends. This scene is the highlight of the movie, and sexy Monroe acquits himself nicely, showing a more manly side than the overbearing queeniness he displays in the scenes with dialogue. The party finally happens and many of the guests celebrate with group sex, complete with hot tub and shower play (and that annoying looped moaning Borbely’s models are famous for). Monroe pops the cork on some champagne, and in the end, his pals toss him in the pool. The Adriatic coast makes a beautiful backdrop for the action. The models are all first-rate, as are the production values. Extras include a bonus scene with Monroe reuniting with his kidnappers and boyfriend (Tamas Eszterhazy). In this scene, as in most others, Monroe takes all three loads orally. Guess that’s because he’s the birthday boy. (Private Man)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2008)

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Anonymous said...

he's a great performer and always involved!! Tamas with the unspeakable and unreable name of Esterhazy or something is one of the greatest pron talents coming from europe: hot, sexy, involved, testosterone incarnate:)