June 22, 2006

Event: Lucas Virgin Megastore Signing


Michael Lucas is at it again—breaking down doors and taking New York’s gay-porn industry places it has never been. On Wednesday, June 21, 2006, Lucas, president and CEO of Lucas Entertainment, and 10 of his top models invaded Manhattan’s Virgin Megastore for a first-ever in-store signing and Q&A session. At the height of Manhattan’s Gay Pride week festivities, the group drew a crowd of more than 100 eager fans. “We are the first gay adult entertainment company to do something like this in New York,” Lucas said. “It is a breakthrough for the industry.”

The event, hosted by drag queen Hedda Lettuce, featured exclusives such as Chad Hunt (whose 11-year-old son, Aaron, cheered him on from the audience), Wilson Vasquez (pictured above), Ben Andrews, Jack MacCarthy, Tony Ryder, Corey Cade, J., Lorenzo, Jack Bond and Harold Pitt. The screen studs greeted the public and signed recent Lucas releases, including Encounters: The Point of No Return, Auditions Volume 9: Chad Hunt and GAYVN’s 2005 Best Picture winner, Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons.

Questions ranged from the predictable (How did you get into porn?) to the personal (Have you ever fallen in love with a costar?) to the serious (How has the Internet affected DVD sales?). Lucas chided J. into showing his chiseled abs, and one fan request prompted a few of the models to make out onstage. As usual, the controversial director caused the biggest commotion, initiating a cockfight between Hunt and Andrews over who is packing the most meat. With more than nine inches apiece, these guys have nothing to worry about!

“We are very happy with the turnout,” Lucas said. “I hear that when Tommy Lee was here he had only about 20 people show up! Virgin Megastore is very happy too; they told us that they sold hundreds of Lucas videos over the past few days.”

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2006)

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