September 15, 2005

Movie Review: Lust Counseling


Director: Mike Donner.
Cast: Kent Larson, Jason Branch, Brad Benton, Jack Ryan, Dante Foxx, Park Wiley, John Marcus, Josh Williams, Tyler Austinn, Andy Kirra.

Adonis Pictures enters the crowded field of porn production companies with this tale of four couples who attend a spiritual retreat to salvage their sex lives. The horny bunch is given guidance by hunky Kent Larson and Jason Branch (who has some good fun with a bad Ahnuld Schwarzeneger accent). Reluctant Jack Ryan (in need of a haircut) and gung-ho boyfriend Brad Benton (in need of a diet) arrive at the camp and stumble upon Adonis exclusive Andy Kirra and Park Wiley practicing their technique in the woods with counselor Larson. These are two of the whitest boys you will ever see—and the harsh outdoor lighting doesn’t help. This flip-flopping duo gets things started on a rocky note, but it’s onward and upward. Couples Dante Foxx and John Marcus (he of the hot hairy chest) and Tyler Austinn and Josh Williams (also pale as ghosts) learn their lessons by swapping mates. That is, after Branch strums his guitar in encouragement. Some nice overhead shots of the four models help this scene rise above the standard. Old pros Ryan and Benton return for the hottest scene. These two know how to have on-screen sex, though Ryan does appear the teensyest bit bored by the doings. Benton’s creative way of applying a condom seems to help. The final scene pulls out all the stops when the 10-man cast gathers on one blanket for a big ole orgy. This sequence brings the varied group together, so there’s something for everyone. Lust Counseling is a solid entry into the jizz biz for Adonis. There are some problems with inconsistent sound and hot lighting, but for the most part picture quality is fine and the scenery is lovely to look at. Director Mike Donner has some fun with the script and the mixed cast goes along for the ride. Extras include a look behind the scenes with Benton doing his best obnoxious-host shtick. (Adonis Pictures)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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