May 12, 1998

Movie Review: Man Watch


Gino Colbert.
Cast: Derek Cameron, Jake Taylor, Brenden Knight, Sean Dickson, Anthony Gallo, Tad Long, Eric Hamilton, Bobby Golden, Will Clark, Justin Side.

In the press material that accompanies his latest release, director Gino Colbert says that his intention was to capture “real men and raw sex.” Well, he has more than accomplished his goal. Man Watch follows the formula that Colbert has perfected over the past couple of years. First, in one-on-one interview segments, we get to know a bit about the hot studs he has tracked down. Then, we get to see them have sex. Brenden Knight and Sean Dickson start things off with a bang. Knight reminisces about how he got into the porn industry (following some escort work in Las Vegas), and Dickson admits that he gets off on being watched as he engages in sex. He picked the right job! These two are soon embroiled in a steam locker-room tryst, complete with jock-sniffing, sucking and fucking. There is also much loud slurping, which can be enjoyed to the utmost because Colbert doesn’t bother with annoying background music. He wants viewers to be able to hear the real sounds of sex. So listen up! The next scene provides a study in contrasts as leather daddy Anthony Gallo brings home major dork Tad Long, who says that he’s from Fargo, North Dakota. Long gives Gallo a killer blowjob, and then, for a surprise twist, he ends up playing top man. And the nerd never once removes his wire-rimmed glasses and polo shirt! But Colbert saves the best for third, this is when hairy Jake Taylor meets up with grease monkey Derek Cameron, who has been attempting to repair his car. When he doesn’t succeed, Taylor forces the supposed mechanic to blow him, then flips him over and fucks him. On-screen sex doesn’t get much hotter than this. These guys sweat and strain until they both deliver abundant loads on Cameron’s perfect chest. Whew! This scene and movie are keepers. As long as Colbert continues to deliver men this hot, we’ll be only too happy to watch. (New Age Pictures)

Reprinted from
HX magazine (1998)

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