March 4, 2007

News: Roman Ragazzi Signs With Collin O’Neal/Raging Stallion Studios


In a joint statement, model/director Collin O'Neal and Chris Ward, president of Raging Stallion Studios, announced that newcomer Roman Ragazzi will be the first in a series of exclusive models to be shared by their two production companies. Collin O'Neal Productions and Raging Stallion have worked together in the past, distributing films produced and directed by O'Neal, including the recent Lebanon.

Ragazzi was discovered by O'Neal as part of an ongoing worldwide talent search. He has known O’Neal for many years. “I was really confused when Roman started asking me about porn,” O’Neal recalls. “Roman is such a quiet and reserved guy that I just could not imagine him entering the porn world.”

Ward met with the muscular model and immediately agreed to sign him. "Roman is a god!” Ward says. “There is no other way to say it. I have dealt with some of the hottest men on earth, and this one is right up there with the best. Collin has really outdone himself with this one. We look forward to developing Roman's career over the next year.”

Ragazzi, who is a versatile bodybuilder with a furry chest, legs and ass, is excited about his new line of work. “I have always wanted to do this,” he says. “I have been working on my body for many years. I enjoy male beauty, and I want to share myself with other men around the world. Collin and Chris are two men that I trust with my image. If I am going to do porn, I only want to work with the best and be presented in the best way possible."

The new exclusive just filmed his first sex scenes for O'Neal on location in Serbia. He is already scheduled to shoot next month in both San Francisco and Miami. His first release is scheduled for May.

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