February 26, 2010

Guy Candy: Robert Gonzalez

We love our readers, especially when they look like this! Venezuelan bodybuilder Robert Gonzalez wrote to us recently to say that VincentLambert.com is one of his favorite sites and he’s our biggest fan. Honey, the feeling is mutual! The 35-year-old model has been featured in Australia’s DNA magazine and online at BeautifulMag. He is originally from South American but now resides in Chicago (with his beloved papi. Sorry, guys. We were disappointed too!). The compact (five-foot-seven) hunk started lifting weights at age 14 but didn’t take it seriously until he competed in the Gay Games in 2006, where he won a silver medal.

Robert tells us that he maintains a strict exercise routine and diet (duh! Just look at him!), but his workout is his “favorite part of the day.” He also loves his job as a floral designer (clients have included divas Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Hudson). So we couldn’t help wondering whether working with flowers and being open about his sexuality affects his standing in the big, bad world of bodybuilding. “When you’re good at it,” Gonzalez says, “it shouldn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.” Well said, stud. When we asked Robert about his future plans, he said that he’d like to use his image to “pursue charity causes that are dear to me, including AIDS and cancer.” And of course, we had to ask if he would ever consider doing gay porn. His answer: “I never say never. Who knows!” Well, at least he didn’t say no! For more of Robert, visit robertgonzalezmodel.com.

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