June 23, 2011

Seen: Wendy Williams at the Center in NYC


It’s Gay Pride in NYC, y’all, and while we won’t be marching (or dancing) in the streets until Sunday, we decided to support our local LGBT Community Center by attending a “Celebrating Our Family of Allies” event. The evening featured our favorite gay-friendly talk-show host Wendy Williams in conversation with essence.com editor Emil Wilbekin. The daytime diva, looking tall and gorgeous, dished on her very own hot topics, including how she went from having her own radio show to ruling TV screens nationwide (her hit show just got renewed for two more seasons). Williams, 47, also divulged the origins of her trademark “How you doing?!” slogan, her favorite gay icons (Liberace and Rock Hudson) and where she buys her size 12 (!) pumps. The young and hip (read: urban and gay) audience asked numerous questions, and Williams answered ’em all. She even gave her prognosis for the career chances of Tracy Morgan following his recent gay slur imbroglio (not good, according to Wendy. She says he will not recover, no matter how much he apologizes). In the end, Ms. Williams, who says her dream guest would be Michelle Obama, spouted more “believe in yourself and follow your dreams” jargon than Lady Gaga. But the kids ate it up with a spoon. Wendy, we believe in you! Happy Pride, gurl!

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