September 22, 2011

News: Ryan Idol Guilty of Attempted Murder

A porn superstar of yesteryear has a new gig: prisoner! A Sacramento Superior Court jury has found Ryan Idol guilty of attempted murder and three other felony charges related to an incident involving an ex-girlfriend. According to The Sacramento Bee, Idol, 47, was accused of “smashing his girlfriend over the head with a toilet tank lid.” Ouch! The altercation occurred in September 2009. Idol, who has starred in films such as Idol Eyes, Idol Country and Idol in the Sky, most recently worked on Broadway in a revival of The Ritz in 2007. His last live appearance was at the popular Cocktails With the Stars event at Micky’s in West Hollywood last May. He is scheduled for sentencing on December 9 in Sacramento County Courthouse. Here’s our exclusive interview with him from 1997!

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