January 27, 2012

Web Watch: Newbie Blake Savage Bottoms

When the fledgling AustinZane Web site signed cute (but straight) newbie Blake Savage last fall, founders Austin Andrews and Zane Michaels (of Straight College Men fame) promised great things. Well, after a slew of solo, mutual J/O, oral and even topping scenes, the 20-year-old Midwestern farm boy is ready to go bottoms up. And site owner Zane Michaels is taking top honors! “Fucking Blake was definitely one of the hottest scenes we’ve done on the site so far,” Michaels says. “It took a little while to get him used to it because he’d never been fucked off camera before either, but once we got into the swing of things, he was a real trooper and let me just go to town on his ass. He could barely walk around the house an entire day after.”

There was no comment from the limping Blake (or his girlfriend, who last we heard was considering her own girl-on-girl porn debut), but Austin put in his two cents: “It’s been something fans have written in about asking for since we debuted him,” Andrews says. “We like giving the fans exactly what they want, so hopefully you’ll see some more videos of him soon. It’s my turn to fuck him now, right?” Take a number. For more information, visit AustinZane.com

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