September 30, 2012

News: Ryan Idol Sentenced to Jail Time

In a sad turn of events, porn superstar Ryan Idol has gone from Broadway to behind bars. The attempted murder case (which was tried in September of last year) that has been pending for the past several months has been decided. Unfortunately, Idol, who has long been retired from the industry, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. According to his onetime agent David Forest, Idol appeared in Sacramento Superior Court last week where the judge denied his motion for a new trial and instead sentenced him. Idol was given a total of 466 days credit for the jail time he’s served in the past year. According to Forest, Idol’s attorney will file for an appeal. “I will get everyone Ryan’s prison address once he reaches the first stage of the journey,” Forest adds. “I’m sure he will appreciate some support.”


dvlaries said...

Yes, I read about it at queerty some weeks back, in a story that finally made clear that Idol's victim testified in court; earlier reports didn't leave you understanding whether or not the woman was left capable of speech.

Of course this is awful, but primary sympathy has to go to Idol's victim, with who knows how long a road to what degree of possible recovery ahead of her.

It's had me thinking lately, for instance, what of Idol's contemporaries like Cliff Parker, Jake Taylor, Mark Kroner and Rob Cryston, just to name a few? It seems, when they're done, our favorites fold back into whatever their real names are, and whatever anonymous lives they put on hold for their run of porn stardom. Then, unless they meet some spectacularly premature demise (Eric Rhodes and Adam Faust, just this year) or end up in jail (Idol, and just as lately, Jason "Addison" Andrews), they're never heard from again. Bizarrely, porn seems to be the one arm of show business where both sides know, going in, that whatever devotion is fostered will eventually be abandoned.

Idol is paying his debt, maybe he won't have to do the full 12, and maybe he'll come out a changed, better man. Here's hoping.

Boy Toy said...

Ryan Idol was a great actor and we will miss him dearly.