March 26, 2005

Movie Review: Hole Patrol


Chi Chi LaRue.
Cast: Eddie Stone, Johnny Hazzard, Jason Ridge, Fredrick Ford, Arpad Miklos, Owen Hawk, Nick Capra, Shane Rollins, Tommy Ritter.

New Rascal Video exclusive Tommy Ritter gets into a world of trouble, along with buds Owen Hawk and Shane Rollins, in the opening moments of Hole Patrol. The three cuties are stopped by small-town sheriffs Fredrick Ford and Jason Ridge and hauled off to jail. Luckily their cell mate is Rascal exclusive Johnny Hazzard. Together, the young studs formulate a plan to overthrow evil warden Eddie Stone (who wears an awful lot of makeup for a tough prison dude). In five excellent (and long) scenes, the first-rate cast gets down and dirty. First, a goateed Ridge takes Ritter in for questioning and ends up impaled on his own nightstick. This scene is slow and intense as director Chi Chi LaRue builds the erotic tension between the guys. There’s a sexy blowjob with handcuffs and eventually Ritter tops Ridge, nicely reversing the roles in this power struggle. The next scene is equally impressive as Rollins is sent to see Dr. Schmidt (Nick Capra) for an unidentified illness. Working his rubber glove with a vengeance, a very verbal Capra sucks, eats out and fucks his patient. Rollins delivers a sloppy BJ and shoots into his own mouth. Next, Hazzard puts on a show for guard Arpad Miklos while Hawk looks on and jacks. This pairing is a good study in contrasts as the hairy Miklos pounds smooth tattooed love boy Hazzard. Miklos also gets together with the other guards, Ridge and Ford. They perform some oral, then Ford bottoms for Ridge. In the end, they all beat off together. (We learn in the entertaining behind-the-scenes extras that this scene was supposed to be strictly oral, but Ford demanded to be fucked and Ridge was happy to comply.) But the final scene is the keeper: Warden Stone and guard Ford take on the three prisoners. Stone does a great job here, sucking and bottoming for all three. Hazzard also gets in on the fun, topping Stone as well and ultimately helping the boys escape. Superb picture quality and vibrant colors enhance the solid production values and fine videography. There is just enough story and script (by Doug Jeffries), and all the models give it up for diva LaRue. Clocking in at more than two and a half hours, Hole Patrol certainly gives viewers their money’s worth, but a bit of tightening wouldn’t have hurt. (Rascal Video/Channel 1 Releasing)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2005)

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Unknown said...

You gotta love Arpad Miklos. There's just something unbelievably masculine about him, without any effort on his part. So many other guys try so hard to be masculine, and it just doesn't come off with the same sincerity. I love is video at Mmmmm mmmm....