April 2, 2005

Movie Review: SpyBoy


Director: Max Lincoln.
Cast: Chris Cooke, Martin Konig, Ryan Williams, Tom Jordan, Ben Slater, Stefan Anderson, Daniel Leger, Connor Axon, Chris Young, Luca Valentino, James Alexander, Siegfried Kaufman.

Eurocreme returns with a witty and stylish homage to James Bond—or make that Bonk, James Bonk. SpyBoy takes on the classic 007 series and gives it a homo twist, complete with a kinky villain (Braunfinger!) and some of Bond’s trademark toys (a black dildo with a camera inside saves our hero at one point in the story). But instead of the omnipresent Bond girls, director Max Lincoln inhabits the world of this gay secret agent with nubile twinks who are more than happy to throw their legs in the air. Supercute Chris Cooke makes a dashing leading man as Bonk, who is hired to save the world from an evil drug called orgasmadrine. The plot takes him on a whirlwind adventure from England to Germany with a stop in Switzerland. Along the way, he beds a sexy receptionist (Ryan Williams), a sweaty desk clerk (Stefan Anderson) and the son (pierced Daniel Leger) of a professor (Siegfried Kaufman) who has invented the pleasure drug that kills. The models are all smooth, bright-eyed and energetic, and they give Bonk a run for his money. (And yes, this supersleuth is versatile—often in the same scene!) By the time competing agent Dick Veiney (Connor Axon) arrives, Bonk consents to a frenzied threeway with a go-go dancer (Chris Young) in order to make contact with his archenemy (Martin Konig). But Braunfinger’s henchmen (Luca Valentino and James Alexander) get more than they bargained for when they take Bonk and the professor hostage. This leads to another threeway (with some intense double fucking) until the plot is neatly tied up and Braunfinger winds up in a sticky situation.

There are nine sex scenes in SpyBoy, and they are all of the same high quality. Excellent videography, tight editing and clean transfer present them in the best possible light. But the acting is so good and the story line so engaging, it almost takes away from the heat of the sex. This is a truly entertaining tale that works as a gay spoof on the spy genre in addition to being an appealing skin flick. Extras include an interview with 19-year-old Chris Cooke, who is so young to be playing such an adult role, but he pulls off the sex and the acting without a hitch. Kudos all around! (Eurocreme)

Reprinted from
GAYVN magazine (2005)

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