December 18, 2008

Movie Review: My Brother’s Hot Friend


Director: Jim Steel.
Cast: Trevor Knight, Kurt Wild, Jude Collin, Lucas Knowles, Brant Moore, Dempsey Stearns, Jayden Holloway, Riley Burke, Sebastian Rivers, Braxton Bond, Enrique Currero.

Five scenes from veteran director Jim Steel center around the fantasy of guys lusting after their brother’s best friend. Jude Collin sends his bro on a wild goose chase so he can spy on Lucas Knowles as he showers. Soon they are jacking together and trading oral. This scene is short, but Collin is an impressive top. Brant Moore also hits the shower before a rehearsal dinner for his brother’s wedding with Dempsey Stearns, who gets a major blowjob. These two cuties never get around to anal, but they do share juicy cum shots on each other. The sibling theme gets stretched a bit for the threeway among Jayden Holloway, Riley Burke and Sebastian Rivers, but who cares? When the guys can’t pay their bar tab, their friendly bartender lets them take it out in trade. Rivers, sporting a sexy shaved head, gets his ass eaten big-time while Riley Burke bangs blond buddy Holloway (who needs to lose that red bandanna). Braxton Bond nurses buddy Enrique Currero after he gets injured during a game, and they both end up on the bottom when they flip-flop fuck. Bond and Currero have good chemistry and deliver splashy pop shots.

But cover models Trevor Knight and Kurt Wild steal the movie with their pairing. Knight is on the receiving end of a long, wet knob job from Wild, who looks just innocent enough to be surprised when Knight gets verbal with him and slaps his fine ass. The inspired dirty talk leads to Knight having Wild recite the alphabet with his dick in his mouth. Genius! There are some abrupt edits here, but the energetic sex makes up for it. The sight of Wild squirming as Knight rides his young butt is almost as hot as their nearly simultaneous cum shots. This scene is surely a keeper, and Knight and Wild deserve an award. (Suite 703)

Reprinted from GAYVN magazine (2008)

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