February 2, 2009

Short Takes: Blake Riley Renews…and More

Channel 1 Releasing has announced that exclusive model Blake Riley (above) has re-signed his contract with the company. Riley, who was discovered by director Chi Chi LaRue, has appeared in numerous films, including Chosen, Unknown and the controversial bi title Shifting Gears (which we still haven’t mustered the courage to watch!), and won Best Newcomer last year at both the GAYVN and Grabby awards. He has also had his perfect ass molded for the Rascal Toy Line. “Channel 1 is my home,” Riley says. “There’s no place else I’d rather be!”…Did anyone catch that very special (and especially lame) gay-for-pay episode of The Tyra Banks Show last week? When the judgmental hostess wasn’t pandering to her clueless audience (these ladies have never heard of gay-for-pay before?!), she asked ridiculous questions (“Do you give presents or receive them?” to find out whether fidgety guest Kurt Wild is a top or a bottom) and skated around the topic of homophobia when Jet Set star Aaron James brought it up. Overall, both models (not to mention straight guy Dean Coxx) came off less than great when speaking their so-called minds: Wild lost us with his “porn is porn” defense; James was a turnoff when insisting that “a man doesn’t turn me on”; and Coxx went for the obvious with “I’m just acting.” Uh-huhhh. So does that mean drag queen impersonator Tyra is more their speed? They can have her.…Porn star Ryan Raz (below) has revealed on his blog that he has been diagnosed with rectal cancer. The newcomer, who has most recently appeared in Lucas Entertainment’s Return to Fire Island and Cock Stalker, had surgery last week. He says that the cancer was caught early and he expects to make a full recovery. Get well soon, blue eyes!

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